How I went from "girl least likely to succeed" to teaching women all over the world to look and feel decades younger and get the life they want.   


Before teaching moms & daughters,  9 to fivers,  plus CEO's and small business owners how to believe again

And how to get beautiful skin, tons of energy plus a fit, healthy mind and body, 

And before I started formulating results driven skin care & skin loving collagen products,

and selling them all over the world, 

And WAYYY before hosting and selling nearly a $ BILLION of  products on international TV Home Shopping networks,

There was a Frightened, Voiceless, Lost Little Soul

A teenager, weighing 200 pounds with zero self esteem...

YUP!  That was me, an emotional eater, alone and very unhappy.

Little did I know that all my excessive dieting plus poor food choices, stress, "stinkin thinkin" and all of life’s everyday pollution was aging me.  Inside and out.

Fast forward,  got my dream job on TV, travelled the world, drank bubbly, but I still wasn't happy.

Something was missing...

Rock Bottom


Suffering is the catalyst to change and necessary to create a happy, successful life. 



One day at about 49 years old, I woke up, looked in the mirror and thought – what the heck happened?

This wasn't the life I signed up for!

I didn’t recognize the face nor the body in the mirror -  loose skin, saggy skin, wrinkles and crepey skin.

Nor did I recognize the anger, sadness and self hate I kept inside.

Enough was enough.

That was when I decided to find the truth about the mind, skin, aging and what to do about it. 

After years of suffering, years of hunting for the answers, 

.....I discovered it's really not that difficult. 


As long as you have the right information

Take action and do things differently that you have done before

Things do change

Without suffering

Without feeling hungry and continuing the hunt for  more....

I learned it.  I live it.  I teach it. 


And I know this is the right information because it worked on me.




And if it worked on me, I believe it will work on you too.

I bet there are plenty of ladies, like you, who would love to know the techniques and systems I use and incorporate into your life.

And get the kind of positive life changes you dream about 

Look in the mirror and love when you see that energetic younger version of yourself  

With a healthy body you love 

Feeling tighter, firmer and stronger 

Loving yourself and the life you live more than ever before. 



Easy Technique to Stop "Skinkin Thinkin" in Your Brain Fast 



3 Day Kickstart to Get Red Carpet Ready Skin Everyday




Collagen for the Inside, 10% Glycolic Acid for the Outside 


Interesting Things About Me... 

I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up. 

I failed beginners swimming lessons 3 times.  

I'm a science geek with  4.0 GPA through university.  

I invented TripleK Collagen Restore and Crepey Skin FX


Yes, that's me sweatin to the oldies with Richard Simmons on TV at The Shopping Channel in Toronto, where I worked and  hung out with some awesome people like Joan Rivers, Susanne Somers and Ivana Trump.

Favorite vacation? Pyramids & barging down the Nile 

I still miss my boo bear Max who is up in puppy heaven 


Worthy, deserving and loveable.  Growing younger everyday.

Kellie Olver

Ready to Get Going with the Total Package?