Breakthrough System for Beautiful Skin, Boundless Energy, and a Fit Mind and Body Without Wasting Time and Getting Real Results You Can See



Breakthrough System for Beautiful Skin, Boundless Energy, and Mind-Body
Make-Over Without Wasting Time and Getting Zero Results.

And get the life you know you deserve.



What if I told you, you could jump out of bed every morning looking and feeling decades younger with…..

Beautiful Skin

Boundless Energy

A clear, SHARP Mind and a Body that Moves like it did decades before


More happinessmore confidence and loving yourself  more than you have ever had in a long, long time…

And with this fabulous new you, able to attract and create the life you know you deserve

And live the rest of your life, as the best of your life? 

Sound like the Impossible Dream?

Well it’s not.  Because I turned the clock back on aging.  And if I can do it, so can you!

Hi, It’s Kellie Olver here, Reverse Aging Expert, internationally recognized motivator, creator of KellieOlver Skin Care and TripleK Collagen Restore.

 In the picture on the left, I am 25 years old.  Many people guessed me between 35 and 40, much older than my actual age.    

And this premature aging continued to get worse throughout the years...

A 25 year Veteran Home Shopping Network Television host working with some of the all-time celebrity favorites like Suzanne Summers, Ivana Trump, and Joan Rivers.

But I wanted to make a difference for other women. 

I dedicated the last 10 years sharing the power of my life transforming,  anti-aging techniques with people from all over the world via TV, the Internet, blogs, and speaking engagements.

Transforming the skin and lives of women all over the world.

Using my proven and innovative system, the exact one I use, and am about to show you,  to get beautiful skin, boundless energy, a fit mind and a body plus a happy life.

The Weight Flew Off

I am 64 and weight gain is a big problem at this age. I hate diets. After following Kellie's program for 6 weeks, I lost 15 pounds. The weight flew off. I am so happy. My daughter did the program as well and lost 20 pounds in 8 weeks... Thank you Kellie...

Holly and my daughter Rachel, Toronto

Love Your System

I reached out Kellie for help. I know I am only 30, but I want to make sure I keep looking and being young. I don't want to age like my parents are. I see Kellie at 60 an I know what is possible! Thanks Kellie, love your system, love the beauty tips, love the beauty builders! 

Jessica, St. Petersburg, FL

Skin Firmer and Lines Gone

I had to go back to work in my 60's.I work in the car business, which is mostly men. I was really insecure which is why I started Kellies system - I felt old. And was getting in my way. I have now  lost 60 pounds, love the recipes, my skin looks firmer and the lines around my mouth are so much better! More important,  I am more confident in me. Thank you, Kellie. You saved my life.

Sheryl, Edmonton

10 Years Younger

Kellie's system is a game-changer. I have tried everything and spent 1000's of dollars on products and retreats... with zero results. I followed Kellie's system religiously and got the kind of results only dreamed about - more energy, skin I am proud to show off with no make-up, and yes, I have to say I look and feel at least 10 years younger... Thank You Kellie!  

Pamela, Jupiter

How’d I get there?

A technique I re-discovered at the Healing Salt Caves in ……, Austria, I dubbed it the “Power-Up Promise”, AKA, the PUP Principle!

A little background.

As a teenager, weighed over 200 pounds with zero self esteem.  In addition, I was an emotional eater, Bulimic, and very unhappy.

I grew up. Got my dream job on television working with celebrities galore on a North American TV Shopping Channel….

Check out the picture of me at 29 years old with comedian Phyllis Diller, before we went on air to sell her skin care.

Fast forward, little did I know that all my excessive dieting plus poor food choices, stress, "stinkin thinkin" and all of life’s everyday pollution was aging me.  Inside and out.

One day at about 49 years old, I woke up, looked in the mirror and thought – what the heck happened?

I didn’t recognize the face nor the body in the mirror -   loose skin, saggy skin, lines, wrinkles and crepey skin.

Nor did I recognize the anger, sadness and self hate I had towards myself and others. 


I went on an around the world quest and visited every premiere (and backwater) healing / wellness / anti-aging clinics, from Bora Bora to Baden Baden and everywhere in between, to find the “cure” to fix me.

To bring back my youthful skin, happy go lucky attitude, and a body I yearned to love that didn’t ache when I got out of bed.

And it was at my visit to the healing salt caves in Austria, where I re-discovered what I now call the PUP Principle!

It wasn’t until I really mastered the PUP that I really started to live my life, take more chances, and able to make long-lasting positive change in my life

Including, creating a complete system that has the ability to turn back the clock in how you look and how you feel

So, IF you want to turn back and HALT the aging clock, look, and feel decades younger than you really are, and start living your life with joy and happiness and get the life you know you deserve,

Pay close attention to what I have to share next...


Many women accept, as a FACT, that getting older means the best is over and stop caring about how they look or feeling healthy and strong….

…and sometimes give up on believing in the concept of “the rest of their life being the best of their life” ………. 

Because they think it’s too late to make a difference,  

or……It will take too long to see results……. 

or worse…….

won’t even make an attempt because they have tried so many products, systems or techniques and unfortunately wasted their time and got zero results

That is JUST WRONG! 

I am here to tell you:

You can live an extraordinary life now, instead of waiting or thinking it’s too late for you.

You can stop aging in its tracks without wasting time trying products that don’t work and getting zero results

You can shave as much as 10-20-even 25 years from your biological age and even your appearance without surgery or crazy gimmicks 

You can have more energy than most 30-year old’s without popping pills 

You can have a strong healthy youthful body without spending hours at the gym 

You can have a healthy fit mind without worry and fear. 

You can look forward to tomorrow without fearing what the future will bring 

You can walk into a room and have everyone staring at you, thinking “DANG!  SHE LOOKS GOOD, what’s her secret” rather than wondering if someone will even notice you 

You can find happiness and peace without sacrificing anything. 

And if you have tried other programs, products or techniques in the past to help you get your groove back, and failed?  …… 

……..I want you to know right now…… 

It’s not your fault and you are not alone 

You just didn’t get the right information, and at the right time in your life…..

And the right time is now, or you wouldn’t be reading this on your phone, smart device, or computer…. 

What you need is a proven step by step system to get MASSIVE anti-aging results now…

…..without spending years trying to do it on your own (with no results) 

.….or spending 10’s of thousands of dollars on programs…..and not getting the results you signed up for.

Sounds rather good doesn’t it? 

But let’s just say you haven’t had success using the other programs…and you are wondering and wishing and saying, ohhhh……..

………will this one work for me when all the others haven’t? 

Well, I’m living proof this system works.

And I have been able to maintain my results, and in fact, gain more positive results throughout the years I have been on my system 

I want to let you know getting life-changing results for the long haul, including halting the clock doesn’t just happen.  

It takes action for change to occur 

And I get it...  

We all have good intentions when we start.  

The problem is wishes and motivation alone is not enough.  

The success trick of any system or program is to make it a habit, a lifestyle – like brushing your teeth or turning on and off the light switch without thinking about it. 

Zero struggle, without sacrificing anything..  

And if you fall off your new lifestyle wagon, the trick is to get back on as soon  as you fall off without skipping a beat.

And this is where PUP comes in

PUP – the Power Up Principle is an emotional and mental system in itself that has had the biggest impact on my life…

…Once you Power Up this technique, everything falls into place.  

Here’s what makes it different…

The PUP allows you to take take charge of you, clear the mental clutter, enjoy a youthful mind and reawaken the child like joy that still exists inside you.  

Until you become a Champion of this one technique in your life, it will be nearly impossible to get what you want and have it stick for the long haul.

Once you understand and put the PUP to work,

you will feel clear, grounded and confident.

Plus  have the motivation to start new projects, follow through, and finish what you have begun. 

Momentum will be on your side to keep you moving forward in your life.

Once you tap into the PUP mentality you will notice immediate improvements in your physical, emotional, and mental well-being plus access to unlimited energy, vitality and love. 

And finally start living the life you know you deserve.…and all the goodies that comes with that…happiness, love, peace, accomplishments.

But for so many women, things aren’t as easy…

And unlike you, they don’t have access to the PUP technique and are tired of struggling and never seeing a sliver of results….. 

The worst part is… most people will live their entire lives struggling….

The good news is that’s not you.  And you now have a clear and powerful solution to easily overcome the problem…  

Does that sound like something you’d want to do?

I will teach you everything I know about BRAIN TRAIN and the PUP Technique 

…which is part of and will support you through my simple, yet shockingly powerful program I call ABSOLUTELY AGELESS

Absolutely Ageless

Signature System

A total whole-body system designed to be used in sequence to get immediate as well as long-lasting results for anyone who practices this Absolutely Ageless Lifestyle.

It’s a step-by-step blueprint… one that takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what you need to do to get beautiful skin, boundless energy, look and feel 10-20 years younger, gain confidence and finally get the life you know you deserve.

Without wasting time and getting zero results. 

You’ll start to see real results faster than you ever dreamed possible without giving up chocolate, red wine, or spending hours at the gym 

When you enroll in Absolutely Ageless Academy today, here’s what you have to look forward to


"Absolutely Ageless Signature System"
($2997 Value)

Week 1: The “Absolutely Ageless” Mindset

  • The biggest myth about aging and why debunking it is crucial to
    having a youthful, happy life.
  • What to do first to flip your aging switch off and reach your full, Ageless, potential.
  • How to outsmart the hidden cause of aging and and tap into reverse aging opportunities

Week 2: The PUP Principle! Your Ultimate Beauty Tool
(It’s not what you think!)

  • How PUP turns back the effects of stress and time for better-looking skin, a happier healthier you and get the life you know you want and deserve
  • Learn how to go into your heart shift your vibrational fields & help attract your hearts desire
  • Learn how to use your emotions to get what you want rather than keep you stuck in a life you don’t deserve 
  • The 10 Second Reset that helps you overcome anything.
  • Stop saying WHY is this happening to me & start saying YES, things are finally changing now.

Week 3:  Eating Your Way Young

  • Kellie’s Absolutely Ageless Eating Plan.  Step by Step PERSONALIZED Blueprint on  How to Look and Feel Young Forever. 
  • Must have beauty foods, anti-aging herbs and spices that can
    age-proof your skin, including the #1 Superfood 95% of American’s
    do not get enough of.
  • Easy blood sugar trick that adds 10 years to your life and helps to keep skin looking youthful.
  • Total PANTRY Make-Over - Kellie takes you by the hand and teaches you about labels, what to keep, what to replace with, what to give away.
  • Total KITCHEN Make-Over! Know toxic kitchen tools and what to swap them out with.  
  • Best Beauty Supplement you can eat that blasts wrinkles, helps your hair, soothes joints, firmer tighter skin (great for no sag weight loss) leaves you glowing and completely transformed.

Week 4: Gotta Move to Groove!

  • Learn Kellie's Age Reversal Exercises
  • Why you need to stop doing this one exercise immediately and work out
    less to get the fast results you want.
  • Use this anti-aging, anti-gravity scientifically proven exercises to slow
    the aging process as much as 10 years, without training like an Olympic champion.  Even if you have never exercised before.
  • Do this one easy exercise to strengthen thinning skin and have the plump, firm skin of a 20-30-year-old.
  • Do 20 minutes of this exercise every day to keep you smiling and feeling good, upgrade your DNA, release growth hormones for beautiful skin and reduce your REAL age by 8 years.  With the science to back it up.
  • Got 15 minutes?  I can show you this ancient anti-aging exercise routine for improved strength and flexibility, better balance, sleep, and memory, plus a happier and healthier you.  

Week 5: Celebrity and Make-Up Artist Beauty Tips and Tricks

  • 10 lifestyle and beauty hacks to look and feel 10 years younger without breaking the bank
  • Best Beauty Tools you can use at home for beautiful, flawless skin on your face and body
  • Insta-Fix Secrets to get the face and body of your dreams and feeling more confident than ever before
  • Insta-Make-up – Easy make-up tutorial on how to highlight, contour and apply the perfect eyebrow to look at least 7 years younger, and everyone wondering “what have you had done” without looking done.
  • Learn the truth about skin care and what ingredients you must have in your products  for youthful ageless skin.
  • Beauty Supplements - the only 6 you will ever need that get the job done
  • Learn the #1 Aesthetician's  facial massage technique so you can do at home any time any day.

Week 6:  Motivation to keep you going and glowing! 

  • The real reason behind self doubt and how to never doubt yourself again
  • Guided tutorial to Identify & overcome limiting beliefs, break old patterns and change your destiny
  • Silence your stinkin thinkin plus NEXT STEPS to fill the void.  
  • Kellie's 7 Point Blueprint for Success -  easy purposeful roadmap to get motivated (even when you don’t feel like it)  and increase your success rate by 42%
  • Powerful Stress Busting Technique to kick stress to the curb, heal emotional wounds & gain confidence 
  • Can’t Sleep?  Kellie's very own sleeping protocol system, apps and natural remedies that work without leaving you with a foggy dazed brain in the morning
  •  Lifestyle Tips to make the Ageless Lifestyle Journey Easy and Fun


The Jumpstart to Reverse Aging and Transition plan ($1997 Value)

In this bonus, you’ll have everything you need to KICKSTART beautiful skin, boundless energy, mental sharpness and concentration plus get yourself back on track for optimal health and wellness. 

This is the same system I have been using for the past 15 years, twice a year to keep me growing younger every day and setting me up for optimal success with the Absolutely Ageless Eating Plan

Looking and feeling absolutely ageless.


Kellie’s Absolutely Ageless Recipe Book ($97 Value)

With over 100 easy to make real food recipes, you’ll experience firsthand what it takes to always look absolutely ageless WITHOUT feeling deprived and de-motivated.

Enjoy sinfully delicious breakfasts, tasty lunches, easy to make full flavor dinners plus satisfying snacks, all of which will get your mouth watering and you going back for more.

The Anti-Aging Glow Getting Must-Haves (value $150)

List of Best Beauty Builders and Beauty Betrayers, plus Collagen Boosting and Skin Firming Grocery Store Shopping List

The Beauty Nutrient Check List – The easy way to access over 50 age defying nutrients, phytonutrients and phyto-chemicals that keep your skin young and you living a longer, healthier life, without taking supplements, shots and unnecessary pills

The #1 Superfood that 95 of American’s fail to eat.

Learn how to shrink your stomach, get rid of belly bloat, have a smooth move and feel better than ever.


Over 50 DIY Beauty Treatments You Can Make and Do at Home ($197 Value)

DIY Homemade  Beauty Treatment Recipes for the face, body, hands hair & feet  – to pamper, correct and ensure you look you best.  

Flat Belly H20 Recipe to Quickly Re-Fresh, De-tox and De-Bloat – this is how celebrities get red carpet ready

Plus, some of Kellie's favorite inside out beauty recipes including Collagen Boosting Pancakes and Smoothies plus her once a year go  to Liver Cleansing Smoothie. 


How to Get Confident in Seconds and Fix Me FAST ($197 Value)

Using Kellie's cheat sheets and prewritten scrips, this bonus will show you how to gain more confidence and love yourself more even if you are not feeling the love.

Learn POWER MOVES that give you confidence in SECONDS.

Technique  to quickly stop the "stinking thinking" and transform into positive thoughts almost instantly.

Fast fix to harness the power of your  feelings and use them as JET FUEL to reach your goal faster.

MSP STRUTT! How  to walk into a room and own it. Even when you are not feeling it.

And so much more!

6 Week “ReNewU” Daily Check In! ($99 Value)

Lifestyle and beauty hacks, words of wisdom and celebrity secrets to  reboot, recharge and keep you motivated throughout the master class,  delivered daily into your inbox.

This is where you can access Kellie direct, ask questions, and get Kellie's personal feedback within 24-48 hours.


Stay Motivated for Life Cheat Sheet and Soothe Your Soul Meditation Audio MP3 ($99 Value)

Motivation and Meditation!

The smart and easy way to stay on track and tap into the secrets of the successful.

Includes my exclusive twenty-minute “Soothe Your Soul Mediation” to calm your mind when you need it most or to get centered and feel ready to take on your day!


Interview of Christina Boves, inventor of the DermaWand, and user of the Absolutely Ageless System (Value - Priceless)

Get motivated through this Beauty Boss’s journey as she shares her story on creating a business from nothing to selling nearly 3 Million DermaWands around the world and changing the lives of women everywhere.


What to expect?

When you enroll in Absolutely Ageless - the Celebrity Insider Blueprint today, here’s what you have to look forward to…

Kellie’s Celebrity Insider Anti-Aging Secrets are designed to elicit both immediate and long term real-life results for anyone who uses it.

  • Say goodbye to wrinkles, sagging skin, and uneven skin tone. Say hello to tighter, firmer, smoother, and younger-looking skin.
  • A proven step-by-step confidence system… one that takes you by the hand and shows you how to quickly eliminate self-doubt and self-criticism so you can unlock your potential.
  • The best ways to see real results faster than you ever dreamed possible… without living in fear of looking older than you feel.
  • How to silence your inner critic and reach your full potential, and learn the no.1 confidence killer known to females and how to overcome it.
  • Easy steps you can take when you don’t feel your best, and proven beauty techniques to ensure you feel more beautiful in every way.
  • The secret to dressing that ensures you flatter your body and immediately transform your look.
  • Discover a celebrity approach to looking chic without breaking the bank.
  • Learn the truth about the ineffective beauty industry products,and why it is destroying your pocketbook. 
  • The secret to burning fat fast and getting the body you desire so you can feel more confident than ever before
  • And so much MORE! 

100% Iron-Clad TRIPLE Happiness Guarantee

If by the end of the program, you don’t see how this has helped you... and even if you don’t like my hairdo, simply let us know and we will refund 100% of your investment immediately if requested within 60 days of purchasing the program. I promise! I want to make your YES decision to attend this online program super easy. All you need to do is complete the course to be eligible for our guarantee. This will be the best investment in yourself that you will make your year.  Just let me know, if you aren’t happy for any reason within the 60 days and I’ll IMMEDIATELY give you a refund.

 You have my "100% Iron-Clad TRIPLE Happiness Guarantee."



$1997 USD

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  • "Absolutely Ageless Signature System " ($2997 Value)
  • Bonus #1: The Jumpstart to Reverse Aging and Transition plan ($1997 Value)
  • Bonus #2:  Kellie's Absolutely Ageless Recipe Book ($97 Value)
  • Bonus #3:  The Anti-Aging Glow Getting Must Haves ($299  Value)
  • Bonus #4: Beauty Treatments You Can Make & Do at Home ($197 Value)
  • Bonus #5: 30 Day “ReNuYou” ($99 Value)
  • Bonus #6: Stay Motivated for Life Cheat Sheet and Soothe Your Soul Meditation Audio MP3 ($99 Value)
  • Bonus #7: How to Fix Me FAST ($197 Value)
  • Bonus #8: Interview of Christina Boves, Inventor of the DermaWand, and user of the Absolutely Ageless System (Value - Priceless)


(Total Value $5982)