Introducing: The Most Delicious All Natural

Creamy Cocoa Superfood Combo with Grass Fed Collagen Goodness from the Pampas of Argentina

Sweetness without the Sugar!

Indulge everyday ....and look and feel better everyday too!

Get your daily cocoa creamy fix - without the guilt! Lose weight, increase your energy, boost your metabolism and make your skin look great - with organic fair trade cocoa, all natural ingredients and the world's finest grass fed collagen protein! 

Lose weight - with dessert?  CHECK

Enjoy creamy chocolatey taste for breakfast..or lunch...or dinner?  CHECK

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Triple K Dark Cocoa Spice is an exclusive blend of the best South American collagen and the highest quality organic fair trade cocoa plus 5 simple, beautiful foods, engineered to keep you full while improving your energy and your appearance! With only 60 calories, TK Dark Cocoa Spice is a daily treat that is so good for you!

Here's why you will love it:

TK Works on The Root of Aging – Collagen Loss

With every sip of TK, you are providing your body with the RITE amino acids to restore lost collagen, enhance the health of your cells, ease cranky joints and send you into deep restorative sleep…all of which make you a happy, younger feeling and looking you! So, sip away to a younger looking and feeling you!

Feel Great Every Day!

Our unique cocoa collagen blend brings you a full satisfied feeling to start your day - plus you know it is doing you good!

You can drink or eat TK any time of the day to get that all over positive feeling, without any guilt!

  • More Energy

  • Feel Full and Satisfied

  • Wake up Feeling Refreshed

  • Feel Less Stress and anxiety

  • Boost your metabolism

  • Watch your hair and nails grow

  • Firmer, Plumper Skin

  • Enjoy tennis, walking and jogging again

Beats Food Cravings

Ever wanted to eat really healthy and enjoy decadent flavor, all at the same time? TK Dark Cocoa Spice lets you do just that with our scientifically designed and tested luscious formulation.   When your body gets the right nutrition, your cravings seem to go away.

Best Appetite Suppressant

Tired of being hungry all the time?  Enjoy a serving of TK!  TK contains collagen protein derived from gelatin which is one of your best friends to suppress your appetite. In fact up to 44% reduction in appetite. That shows how amazing gelatin is in suppressing appetite.

Zero Sugar Added - Diabetic Friendly

Sugar is the enemy and causes insulin spikes, belly fat, and wrinkles!  Not to mention sugar is more addictive than cocaine.  Which is why we did not add one bit.  Not even an all-natural sweetener.  The unique blend of all-natural ingredients blended with the cocoa and cinnamon gives TK a hint of sweetness without the sweet.  

Trans Fat Free, Cholesterol Free,

Fat Free, Low Sodium, Soy Free

With TK, you get all the flavor without the fat and the crap! Only real ingredients providing real results and real true velvety flavor!

One-of-a-Kind Cocoa Collagen Blend You Cannot Get Anywhere Else...!

We have combined the best most natural and effective ingredients to make you feel and look great...all while indulging in delicious chocolatey cocoa taste....

Inside TK Dark Cocoa Spice, you are getting Pasture Raised Collagen and so much more!  

Lets start off with benefits of Collagen.....

Pasture Raised Protein

We use South American Cattle, raised on small free-range farms. Our cattle are Non GMO, hormone free, grass fed, pasture raised, Halal and Kosher Certified.  All collagen is traceable back to the source and certified Mad Cow Disease Free.

Plumper, firmer, smoother skin is just a few weeks away

Drinking or eating collagen Protein provides unique amino acids that plant protein lacks  - including the amino acids necessary to make more collagen.  More collagen under the skin means firmer, tighter, more youthful skin on the outside.  


A recent study says taking collagen daily reduces crows feet by 20% in 8 weeks!   

Rejuvenation while you sleep!  

Collagen Protein derived from gelatin is filled to the brim with Glycine, an amino acid that calms the body and soul, bringing on relaxation, deep sleep and body rejuvenation.

End Cranky Joints 

Collagen derived from gelatin is known to ease painful inflammation and protect joints from every day use plus wear and tear.

Hair, skin, nails and gut health soar from taking collagen

Weight Management and weight loss comes easy with collagen protein

Studies show people who supplemented with collagen lost 43% more fat than those who did not

The BEST tasting way to get the health giving collagen protein you need every day- without any added sugar!

When we created TK Dark Cocoa Spice, we agreed - it had to be the very best tasting - all natural - way to get the collagen protein we need to look and feel we added....

Cocoa is a powerful anti-oxidant ranked in the top 20 out of the top 100 anti-oxidants with an orac value* of 80,983.  Cocoa and its anti-oxidants are known to provide wrinkle free skin, protect your heart, your brain and even lower cholesterol as well as help you lose weight.
orac values vary depending upon year and processing

Chicory has been known as a coffee substitute for years as well as a natural solution for constipation and diabetes.  Chicory is also a known anti-inflammatory as it supports the gut and aids the liver.

Cinnamon is a known anti-oxidant, with one of the highest Orac Values of 261,536*.  Cinnamon from Vietnam is widely known for its flavor, health giving powers and is called the “skinny spice.”  It is the cinnamon that gives Triple K it's sweet taste without the sugar!   Studies show cinnamon can assist your body process glucose more efficiently. Cinnamon also helps your body store less sugar as fat, helping to reduce your desire to eat sugary treats.

Beets are high in vitamin c, vitamin b and minerals like potassium and manganese. Beets are good for your blood, your heart and your liver.  

Barley has been traditionally used to improve digestion, is a known detoxifier and a weight loss aid.  
Filled with vitamins minerals and antioxidants, studies have reported roasted barley possess health benefits including blood sugar balancer, heart support.

Rye is known to improve digestion, boost metabolism and lower blood pressure. Some say Rye can prevents Cancer as well as asthma.  

TK Dark Cocoa Spice is.....

The BEST Collagen!
No Sugar Added!
All Natural/No GMOs
Very Low Calorie
100% Healthy!

4 Delicious Daily Uses...

Decadent Desserts & Snacks
Fantastic Smoothies
Luscious Drinks
Beautiful Breakfasts

A Closer Look....

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What is Triple K Drink?

Triple K drink is a delicious, guilt free,  one of a kind beauty from within drink that helps you look and feel younger from the inside out.  As an all natural, high protein dietary supplement you can drink,  Triple K powder is enriched with Non GMO collagen protein combined with organic fair trade cocoa, organic cinnamon, roasted barley plus a blend of other all natural ingredients.  No added sugar; no cholesterol; no trans fat; no sugar alcohols; no dairy; no nuts; no chemicals.  All natural.    Triple K is a great way to start your day and a perfect mid-afternoon high protein snack.



What does Triple K do?

Triple K is specifically formulated to target skin health plus weight management.

Triple K  provides collagen boosting elements that replenish, rebuild and reinforce the internal scaffolding that holds everything in place, both inside and out. This results in healthier skin, bones and joints.

Triple K's formulation boosts metabolism and  is designed to encourage a healthy weight. When it comes to weight management, Triple K address the root:  hunger, cravings, appetite and satisfaction.  

With Triple K, you can sip more and eat less, all the while feeding your body an abundance of critical collagen reboot elements for healthy hair, skin, nails and joints.

What is Triple K's  collagen protein source?  Plant or animal?

Animal.  Hormone free, South American, Non GMO, grass fed, pasture raised bovine hides. Every batch traceable back to the source.

Why animal protein and not plant or dairy protein?

Bovine contains significantly more collagen boosting amino acids than other protein.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is very important for the skin. It is the principal structural protein holding the skin together. The quantity and quality of our skin’s collagen has a major role in our appearance. You have heard the saying, "collagen is the glue that holds the skin together". Know this: collagen is not an actual glue which bonds the skin together. Collagen is like scaffolding that holds your skin up. Collagen together with elastin is responsible for the strength and flexibility of the skin; this provides support for other elements of skin.

What are Amino Acids? 

Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein. They are necessary for just about everything that goes on in your body from muscle recovery, strength training and more. You can find out more about amino acids by clicking here.


Are the cattle grass fed and pasture raised?



Is your protein Kosher/Halal/Non GMO?



Are your Cocoa and Cinnamon organic?


Will I lose weight if I take Triple K?

Drinking Triple K alone will not make you lose weight. Triple K will however provide high quality protein that can fill you up, reduce hunger, minimize appetite and keep you feeling fuller longer. Feeling full may enable you to eat less and crave fewer calories, which can lead to weight loss.

Triple K along with a lower calorie, balanced, healthy eating plan, plus exercise, plenty of rest and lots of water are part of a healthy lifestyle that can help to encourage a total transformation of mind, body and spirit.


How many servings a day may I have?

The recommended servings are two per day. Always check with your physician before starting any new dietary supplementation.

How many calories in Triple K?

60 calories per Serving.


How many grams of protein in Triple K?

11 grams per Serving.


Is Triple K safe for children to drink?

Yes.  However, first, check with your child's pediatrician.


Is there anyone who can't drink Triple K?

We believe everyone can drink Triple K.  As always, we recommend before taking any supplement, check with your physician, particularly,  pregnant and or nursing mothers plus individuals on dialysis or experiencing kidney health concerns.


What if I don't like it?

We offer a 30 day bottom of the pouch guarantee. Please refer to our return policy here.