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What can I expect?

1. Skin Boost

2. Erase Wrinkles

3. More Energy

4. Crush Sugar Cravings

5. Tap Into Your Internal GPS

6. Cleanse and Detoxify

7. And Yes, Lose Weight!

What Do I Get?

The whole kit and kaboodle! A complete 7 day plan including full meal plan, recipes, do's and don't's and a whole lot more including collagen boosting grocery store checklist, pampering beauty hacks to treat yourself, and motivation to succeed!!!

NOTE: THIS is called a BOOT-CAMP for a reason. It's a get down get 'er done and get results. AND YOU WILL GET RESULTS. IF you follow the plan. SO JUST DO IT!


PS: One of the "whole lot more"  is one of my secret sauces, or secret drink--filled with natural pro-biotics, b-vitamins, enzymes and energy. I give you the recipe so you can make it yourself!


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Kellie at 58

Kellie at 25

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