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Especially about how Triple K  floods your body with an overabundance of collagen boosting amino acids (10-20 times more) which replenish, restore and rebuild you internal scaffolding. These amino acids are necessary for collagen synthesis. Plus Triple K and it's 11 grams of Protein and only 60 Calories helps to whittle your waistline and keeps it whittled all at the same time!


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Because a year ago I did the very same thing and we ran out of 500 samples so fast (about 2 days) that a lot of people went away empty handed! And I get asked from people just like you wanting to know what it tastes like.  I figured it was high time I did the samples again and give a whole bunch of people the same chance to taste and experience it again this year!

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What People are Saying About Triple K  

There are a number of reasons I recommend Triple K. As an MD and Nutritionist, I know the importance of Amino Acids. Triple K has an impressive amount compared to most other proteins. It is safe for all ages, a great snack for Diabetics, low in calories so perfect for a calories controlled diet.  Rich in Non GMO protein, no artificial ingredients, free of side effects - which means no allergens or any ingredients that could be a source of allergies, sensitivities or other side effects. I highly recommend Triple K to anyone who is interested in  healthy aging, joint pains, better hair and nail health, appetite suppression, accelerated weight loss and superior metabolism. A healthy drink with a great taste is a rare combination, especially for a collagen supplement. Which is another reason I recommend to my patients and clients.  

Dr. Muhammad Usman. MD, B.Sc., Certified Nutritionist, micro-nutrition

*Results will vary

Charlene *


I am a nurse, a medical esthetician,   food junkie and fitness fanatic!  You can say health, wellness and beauty are my business.  That is why I drink Triple K!  Not only does it taste good, but it gives me the protein I need.  AND, I get results.  My skin is firm and glowing plus I have finally lost the last 10 pounds. And I am keeping it off. I owe this to Triple K!  Everyone should try this!

Dianna *

Palm Beach

All I can say is that I have now lost 40 pounds.  I am not hungry and don't have any cravings.  I was skeptical at first, but thought I would try after reading so many testimonials.  Start now!  It really works and it tastes good too!

Sandi *


Triple K really does fill you up and keep you fuller longer.  I work long hours and was looking for a healthy snack I could take with me on the road, rather than eating protein bars or fast food.  Best thing is I get health benefits at the same time.  l highly recommend Triple K drink!

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What's Inside

Besides Hormone Free Grass Fed South American Non GMO Collagen Protein
Organic Fair Trade
Organic Vietnamese Cinnamon
Roasted Barley
Roasted Rye
Roasted Chicory
Roasted Sugar Beet

Sounds good, huh?

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