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Frequently Asked Questions

What is glycolic acid?
Glycolic Acid is the smallest of all the Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, the most powerful and safest.  Glycolic Acid is also the most studied of all Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which includes malic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, lactic acid.  It is derived from sugar cane.  To learn more about Glycolic Acid, click here.

What is crepey skin?
Crepey skin, also known as crepe paper skin, is a term used to describe the texture of the skin. Crepey skin looks like an accumulation of a web like appearance of wispy to a fine spider web appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  To learn more about what crepey skin is, click here

Can I use Crepey Skin FX even if I don't have crepey skin?
YES. Crepey Skin FX works on all skin types, young and old.  Crepey Skin FX is good for anyone who wants clean, fresh, young looking skin.

What does glycolic acid do?
Glycolic acid is a well known deep exfoliating agent which literally digests the outer layer of your dead skin, revealing new, fresh glowing, younger looking  skin.  Glycolic acids are also know to brighten up skin tone, smooth out lines and wrinkles, minimize appearance of crepey skin, erase dark spots and acne scarring.  Reports are in, and also indicate 10% or higher glycolic acid can trigger collagen synthesis.  Results vary depending upon percentage of glycolic acid.

Are these product cruelty free?

What can I expect to happen to my skin when I use Crepey Skin Products?
Younger, smoother, firmer, glowing skin.  Upon first application, your skin may experience a tingle.    Immediately, your skin will start to shed, or exfoliate the outer layer of dull, dry, dead skin.  Many people report overnight success as they wake up to firmer, brighter skin.   With continued use, your skin will smooth out, appear firmer, lines and wrinkles less apparent,  dark spots seem to disappear,  pore size appears to have shrunk, sun damage and any left over acne pitting is much less visible.  

Are there any parabens, phthalates, dyes, mineral oil or polypropylene glycol in the product?

How fast will I see results?
Many people report overnight success.   Most people report maximum benefits between 4 to 6 weeks.

Are the results permanent?
No.  However, with continued use, maintaining your results is possible.  

Will I get the same results as in the pictures?
No.  Every person is different and responds to the beauty corrective treatments in their own way. 

Do I need a moisturizer?
ReNuture Crepey Skin Corrective Beauty Treatments contain naturally moisturizing and hydrating properties.  However, since the ReNuture Crepey Skin FX collections contains glycolic acid which in turn causes the skin to exfoliate, some people may find they need more moisture.  Listen to your skin. If it feels dry, apply moisture.  

Why do I need to use sunscreen?
ReNuture Crepey Skin FX Corrective Beauty Treatments deeply exfoliate, revealing new, fresh young skin. This skin is brand new baby fresh skin, that has never seen the light of day.  It has no defenses. Would you let a brand new baby go out in the sun? Also, Crepey Skin FX uses a 10% glycolic acid in it's formulation.  The FDA has required a "sunburn alert" on all products containing this ingredient.
After a week or so of using the Crepey Skin Body FX, why does my bath water look dirty?
What you see is the layer upon layer of dead skin residue in the bathtub.  Old, dry, skin, that is being lifted up by the water and, in some cases, the use of a wash cloth, which is manually helping along with the exfoliation process. 
I noticed about after a week of use, if  I touch or rub my legs, arms or face,  there seems to be a residue.   Am I rubbing off the product?
NO!  You are helping the exfoliating process.  That is dead skin your are rubbing off with a slight amount of product.   I discovered this too!  I always help along my exfoliation to get quicker results because sometimes, the dead skin does not want to let go.  You may also try using a wash cloth in the bath tub. 

If a little is good, is using more better?  Will I get faster results?
No. Using more product and on a more frequent basis will not bring on more or faster results.   Nor is this recommended.

FAQ TK Collagen Dark Cocoa Spice
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Triple K Drink?
Triple K drink is a delicious, guilt free,  one of a kind beauty from within drink that helps you look and feel younger from the inside out.  As an all natural, high protein dietary supplement you can drink,  Triple K powder is enriched with Non GMO collagen protein combined with organic fair trade cocoa, organic cinnamon, roasted barley plus a blend of other all natural ingredients.  No added sugar; no cholesterol; no trans fat; no sugar alcohols; no dairy; no nuts; no chemicals.  All natural.   Triple K is a great way to start your day and a perfect mid-afternoon high protein snack.
What does Triple K do?
Triple K is specifically formulated to target skin health plus weight management.
Triple K  provides collagen boosting elements that replenish, rebuild and reinforce the internal scaffolding that holds everything in place, both inside and out. This results in healthier skin, bones and joints.
Triple K's formulation boosts metabolism and  is designed to encourage a healthy weight. When it comes to weight management, Triple K address the root:  hunger, cravings, appetite and satisfaction.  
With Triple K, you can sip more and eat less, all the while feeding your body an abundance of critical collagen reboot elements for healthy hair, skin, nails and joints.
How does Triple K drink do this?
Once you drink Triple K, Triple K introduces nutrients to replenish what has been lost through years of dieting and poor nutritional choices. Triple K provides an over abundance of collagen boosting amino acids necessary for collagen synthesis that other protein choices lack..  Triple K provides over 20% of recommended daily allowance of protein in one serving which helps you sip away hunger, cravings and appetite.
What is Triple K's  collagen protein source?  Plant or animal?
Animal.  Hormone free, South American, Non GMO, grass fed, pasture raised bovine hides. Every batch traceable back to the source.
Why animal protein and not plant or dairy protein?
Bovine contains significantly more collagen boosting amino acids than other protein.
What do amino acids do?
Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein.  Amino Acids are responsible for practically every function in your body, including, but not limited to, synthesis of collagen, hormones, emotional well being (mental stabilization), fat loss and muscle building and recovery.
Are the cattle grass fed?
Are the cattle pasture raised?  
Is your protein Kosher?
Is your protein  Halal?
Is your protein Non GMO?
Is your Cocoa organic and fair trade?
Is your cinnamon organic?
Is Triple K a meal replacement?
No. Even though Triple K contains 11g of protein, the caloric count of Triple K drink is 60 calories, not enough to be considered a meal.
Will I lose weight if I take Triple K?
Drinking Triple K alone will not make you lose weight. Triple K will however provide high quality protein that can fill you up, reduce hunger, minimize appetite and keep you feeling fuller longer. Feeling full may enable you to eat less and crave fewer calories, which can lead to weight loss.
Triple K along with a lower calorie, balanced, healthy eating plan, plus exercise, plenty of rest and lots of water are part of a healthy lifestyle that can help to encourage a total transformation of mind, body and spirit.
When should I drink my Triple K?
We recommend starting your day with Triple K to kick-start your metabolism.   Studies show that protein in the morning is one of your best weight management tools and Triple K is formulated to fill you up, keep you fuller longer, and keep cravings at bay.
What are weight management tools?
Weight management tools are various techniques an  individual uses to achieve their healthy weight. They include exercise, water consumption, adequate sleep, stress reduction, social support plus eating  healthy and balanced foods which includes eating protein.  Consuming protein is one of your greatest weight management tools.  Numerous scientific evidence supports high amounts of protein vs low amounts of protein leads to eating less, feeling fuller, burning fat and increased weight loss.
How many servings a day may I have?
The recommended servings are two per day. Always check with your physician before starting any new dietary supplementation.
How does Triple K fill me up?
Triple K contains 11 g of collagen protein. Protein is known to induce satiety, crush cravings and satisfy hunger. Plus, Triple K has a unique property as the protein naturally blooms, or swells, which can lead to an additional feeling of fullness and satisfaction.
Can I make my Triple K with anything besides water?
Yes! You can!  Coffee, soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, flax milk, cashew milk, coffee, moo milk, and even your protein shake are great choices.  For a decadent treat, mix with hot water and add organic cream to taste!
How do I make my Triple K for best results?  
Start off by shaking your bag of Triple K. Shake as if you were shaking a bottle of salad dressing. Then take out one heaping tablespoon of the powder mixture. Put  powder in a dry cup. Then stir the mixture continuously while you are adding hot water. Keep stirring until the ingredients are completely dissolved.
Sometimes I am left with a layer of gelatin at the bottom of my cup. What do I do with it?
Please do not throw away.  That is the collagen protein.  Similar to the gelatinous  goop you find on the top of bone broth.   You may eat as jello, or, reconstitute it with hot water and drink.
Sometimes I am left with a hard substance on my spoon and inside my cup.  What is that and how do I get rid of it?
That hard substance is collagen protein.  Collagen by nature is sticky.  Thoroughly mixing your Triple K drink while adding water will eliminate this. To remove this hard substance on either the inside of cup or on utensils,  soak in hot water.  Once the substance has become soft, wipe away with paper towel or wash cloth. 
How many calories in Triple K?
How many grams of protein in Triple K?
Is Triple K safe for children to drink?
Yes.  However, first, check with your child's pediatrician.
Is there anyone who can't drink Triple K?
We believe everyone can drink Triple K.  As always, we recommend before taking any supplement, check with your physician, particularly,  pregnant and or nursing mothers plus individuals on dialysis or experiencing kidney health concerns.
How do I order?  
Simply click here
What if I don't like it?
We offer a 30 day bottom of the pouch guarantee. Please refer to our return policy here.
What is Collagen?
Collagen is very important for the skin. It is the principal structural protein holding the skin together. The quantity and quality of our skin’s collagen has a major role in our appearance. You have heard the saying, "collagen is the glue that holds the skin together". Know this: collagen is not an actual glue which bonds the skin together. Collagen is like scaffolding that holds your skin up. Collagen together with elastin is responsible for the strength and flexibility of the skin; this provides support for other elements of skin.

What are Amino Acids? 
Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein. They are necessary for just about everything that goes on in your body from muscle recovery, strength training and more. You can find out more about amino acids by clicking here.
Benefits of Cinnamon
Cinnamon is a wonderful spice known to have many health benefits. Cinnamon is also known for supporting weight loss and weight management. For a detailed report on how cinnamon supports weight loss, you can read all about it by clicking on the words cinnamon for weight loss.
What is the difference between gelatin and collagen protein and collagen hydrolysate?
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Science behind weight loss and collagen protein derived from gelatin.  
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