The Ability To Reverse your Internal Aging Clock Starts With a Positive Mindset.   Believing It Can be Done is the First Step to Unleash the Beautiful Aging Within.  By Kellie Olver

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My Gift to You.   


People have asked me what Anti-Aging really means.   


And I have gotten into a lot of arguments over this.   

So, let’s see what The Free Dictionary has to say about anti-aging:

an·ti·ag·ing (ăn′tē-ā′jĭng, ăn′tī-) adj.

Delaying or lessening the effects of aging,especially

on the skin: An Anti-aging Cream.


A lot of people I have spoken with (er, argued with) also think anti-aging is just about keeping your skin, particularly the skin on your face, looking younger. 


I think anti-aging is so much more than that. And I have gotten into a lot of trouble over this one as well. As I believe we can grow younger each and every day. Reverse aging is possible.


To me, Anti-Aging (or Reverse Aging, as I like to call it) addresses how to prevent, slow or reverse the effects of aging and help people live longer, healthier, happier lives. 


What this means is being mentally sharp, nimble and strong in the body plus emotionally and spiritually available and active.     


How is that achieved?

Holistically, through the mind, body and spirit: believe in your mind reverse aging is possible, move your body and feed it right, connect and interact with a higher source or power.


The life you lead and the decisions you make every day are largely responsible for how you show up in the world in attitude, in physical ability and in appearance. Behavior such as a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and lack of sleep, too much sun and too much stress plays a big part in making you look and feel older before your time.


I also believe much of what we think of as “aging symptoms” such as brittle bones, memory loss, lack of energy, weight gain and wrinkles are a direct result of a flawed belief system about aging.


People “think” they are getting older and therefore expect and accept the symptoms that are associated with aging. Rather than taking action and being proactive about their “entire being” from an early age, many people accept illnesses of the elderly as a normal way of life.   


That doesn’t have to be.


I also think that a big part of aging is also about giving up on life: dreading the monotony of doing the same thing day in and day out and even feeling a sense of hopelessness that the best is over.   


Many of us have already defined ourselves (chronological age) as being on the back 9 (holes of a golf course for you non golfers) or, putting another way, in our second act of life or even worse, over the hill!


I say PSHAW to that attitude and PSHAW to our chronological age!!


I BELIEVE we can all grow younger every day. The best is yet to come. And knowing this, the second act can be as exciting as and even better than the first act.  


So, the next time someone asks you what’s going on in your life, smile broadly and say, “GROWING YOUNGER EVERY DAY!"


Till Next Time….