Triple K

Triple K 

Specifically designed to target weight management and skin beauty.

Triple K is the greatest beauty from within drink in the USA.

Triple K is a protein rich, guilt free beauty from within drink that helps you look and feel younger from the inside an out.


A healthier and younger looking and feeling you are sips away.

Triple K is a one of a kind high protein supplement you can drink. With significantly greater collagen boosting amino acids than whey soy or other plant proteins.   This is one reason it is good your skin inside and out.

Triple K is also your #1 drinkable choice for weight management One serving gives you over 20% of the recommended daily allowance of protein which allows you to:

  • Sip More.  Eat Less

  • Sip Away Cravings and Hunger

  • Sip your way into your little black dress


Full Size Face, Body and Eye Corrective Treatments

Quickly Conquer the Visible Signs of Aging including deep lines and wrinkles, loose, crepey skin and uneven skin tone and reveal a youthful, more vibrant looking you!  

Our  exclusive formulation contains a propitiatory blend of organic and all natural elements including essential oils, botanicals, skin loving and hydrating glycerin and 10% glocolic acids quickly banish the visible signs of aging including lines and wrinkles, loose saggy skin, sun spots and crepey skin.  

* results will vary

Gift Yourself and Your Friends A Vibrant More Youthful Look and Feel for 2017

* results will vary


* results will vary

Before I tried ReNuture, I was using a very  stupidly expensive product in hopes to erase lines, wrinkles and spots.  I got tired of no results and big bucks.  So, I started using Crepey Skin Face and Body FX Beauty Treatments.  I took pics.  I always take pics, cuz thats the only way you will know if something is working.  5 days later I took more pics.  I was stunned.  The appearance of crepey skin in my elbow and knees was off the charts.  My dark spots were less and so was the dry, rough skin.   It works.  I will post pics on FB to prove it.  Lisa, Oakville

24 Hours and I Saw Results... *

I am here to give you my testimonial about ReNuture Crepey Skin Face FX Beauty Treatment.  Bottom line:  It works.  Look, I am as skeptical as they come.  I don't believe in anything especially when it comes to cosmetics.  I saw results  overnight!  Not even 24 hours.  The lines on my forehead were less, the blotchy patch between my eyes was better and overall, I just looked brighter and softer.  I look forward to using this for a month to see the results. ReNuture!  It really works!  It really does!  lol....Sue, Mississauga

My skin was always blotchy, spotty, and I had some dark spots.  It was never smooth.  I used to cover up my skin with tons of foundation.  I finally tired ReNuture Face FX because my neighbors were talking about it.  I couldn't believe the changes. My skin became really smooth, the rough spots went away, and my complexion brightened up!  I know it's not a bleaching cream, but it has kinda the same effect on me without the harsh chemicals!  My complexion sparkles!  I don't want to cover up my skin any more!  I am proud of it!  Even my 12 year old son noticed a difference in my skin. I have my 20 year old cheerleader daughter using this product up in collage to help her pitting and sparkle her complexion as well!  Please, don't ever stop making this product.  Diana, West Palm Beach

Lost Weight, in Shape, Perfect Skin! *

WOW, Wow, Wow is all I can Say.  I use both Triple K and ReNuture Crepey Skin Treatments.  I have been using them for almost a year now and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!  First of all my skin, it absolutely glows and is perfectly flawless.  I get stopped on the street because people want to know what I am using!  Look, I am on the other side of 50 and I don't want to look it or feel it!  I am doing everything I can to stay looking and feeling young!  My body has never felt better.  I have lost the final 5 and for the first time in my life the tops of my thighs don't rub together!     Ladies you will love these products!   Just don't stop using them!  Charlene, Oakville..

No More Yoyo Dieting *

Palm Beach

There are so many things to love about Triple K! When I drink it in the morning, I feel full for hours and don't have craving throughout the day. I find my weight has stabilized. No more yo yo dieting for me! Since I have been drinking my Triple K, I feel satisfied, and don't have the need to go hunting for something tasty and typically full of bad sugar carbs to eat. I am 56 years young and I wish I had Triple K in my 20's and 30's! Thank you Triple K!  Kellie, Palm Beach

Perfect Yoga Power Boost *

Palm Beach Gardens

I am a Hot yoga enthusiast. You burn a lot of calories. I’m always starving right before my class and especially after. Heard about Triple K, loved the idea and concept. So, I tried it about an hour before my class. Was full during the workout and my hunger pangs were non existent after. Oh, I have doubled up the serving size too. HUGE difference. I love this product.  Lisa

40 Pounds Down and Skin is Firmer! *

UPDATE:  40 pounds lost, cravings are gone, I am never hungry I love this product. It fills me up. It is really helping me because I am on a diet and trying to lose weight. Being hungry is the worst and being hungry is what keeps me falling off the wagon and cheating. The good news is Triple K tastes great! AND FILLS ME UP. But I have a confession to make. I have a sweet tooth. Actually I have a mouthful of sweet teeth, which means I like sugar. So, sometimes I add a little honey to my Triple K! This way it feels like I am having a rich decadent desert! I get my cheat in without cheating!   Being overweight my whole life means I have loose skin.  I have just started ReNuture Crepey Skin  Beauty Treatments to help me restore the condition of my skin.  So far, my skin looks and feels firmer.  And the dark spots and crepey skin appear to be much better.  Will keep you posted.  Sheryl, Edmonton.

More Energy Than I Have Ever Had! *

I love my Triple K! As a serious exerciser, in my upper 50’s (but you would never know it and I plan to make sure you never will!) I am always looking for an edge to get more out of every workout. Here’s what I do – before my morning workout, I add Triple K to some 1% milk. Not only is it delicious and tasty but I really like it has no added sugars at all. Then I do my workout or class – just today I rocked my Advanced Spin class – amazing energy! And I am still not hungry afterwards. Wow – keep that Triple K coming!  Angela, Toronto.

So Smooth and Delicious, A Snack that Really IS Healthy! *


Hi Kellie, I received my Triple K and I love it. The taste is smooth, full bodied with hints of chocolate and cinnamon. I used it as a substitute for a late morning snack and wasn't hungry until dinner.  I'm so grateful that I now have a healthy choice for my afternoon pick me up. I thought you should know. Sandi, Etobicoke

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