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Drug Free Pain Relief with PainMaster

Are you dreading shovelling the snow because of the back ache it brings that just won’t quit? Have you stopped climbing stairs because of that ache in your knee? Or you just tired of feeling pain all over your body, especially in your joints or muscles? The typical thing to do is to pop numerous pills till the pain goes away. And then repeat the process when the pain comes back again. And then suffer the consequences and side effects of the pain medication.

Is there a drug free solution out there that really works?

FINALLY, the answer is YES.

What is it you say and where do I get it?

Hold on to your elbows and knees everyone, because now I'm going to be reviewing your new best friend, called "Painmaster-- Microcurrent Therapy". In a nutshell, what Painmaster does is deliver energy to the source of pain in your body.


And what that means to you is NO DRUGS.

Painmaster is a revolutionary Micro Current Therapy (MCT) that is drug free, non invasive and proven to control pain and promote healing.

PROMOTE HEALING!! Something pain medication can’t do!

Painmaster is also patented and approved by the FDA.

And I will tell you this, getting anything approved by the FDA, especially when talking about pain, well, let’s just say it’s about as easy as Obama getting the government running again during the fall of 2013. It just doesn’t happen. Unless it works.

All of us at KellieOlver.com have tried this product and give it a "10 thumbs up" rating…because let’s face it, a drug free treatment that actually encourages your body to repair itself is exactly what I am all about.

What you will receive in the box is the instruction booklet, two patches and the electrode device system which is the source of the energy.

No batteries to change, nothing to plug into a wall. The electrodes are the source of the 250 hours of continuous energy, 24 hours a day if you chose. The pack is lightweight, can be worn under clothing, during exercise and even in the shower.

I myself have worn the Painmaster working out, underneath blue jeans, sleeping and I have even worn my Painmaster travelling…including going through customs and the machine where they take a naked picture of you. I told security at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Canada that I had the device on my lower back and that it was a pain relief instrument. I asked if I should take it off. They said, “nope, leave it on”. I was amazed at that one!

Painmaster is a drug-free pain relief system that fits into my lifestyle and probably fits into yours. It is a drug-free alternative to help alleviate the symptoms of pain that has been used and is used by physicians and physiotherapist to help relieve pain.

It is a home version of the professional unit (and as I like to say, as powerful as) where all you have to do is simply peel off the reusable pads from the clear sticky paper then snap on the electrodes to the sticky pads.

When you see the red light blinking, you will know its working. Then attach each sticky pad to the opposite side of where the pain is on your body. The micro-current technology sends energy into your body so that your body can start its own natural healing process. We all have the ability to heal ourselves. That was a gift that we were all given from the big Guy above. Sometimes all we need is a little bit of extra help and that's why I recommend Painmaster Micro-Current patches.


I would like to give you my testimonial. I was a weekend warrior one week-end. I bet you know what that is and I bet you have been one on at least one occasion yourself. So there I was, incapable of standing up straight.

So I pulled out my Painmaster, put it on in my back-- lower hip area actually, and started feeling results within the first couple of hours. The pain was gone within 12 hours. And that's why I am so excited about this. I did not need to take any pain medication.

Understand this; The Painmaster is not an INSTANT fix. It takes time. Painmaster works with your body so that your body can actually tap into and start working with its own natural healing process. If you want instant pain relief, there are numerous drugs out there which can be beneficial, none of which we offer or review on this site.

Currently, PainMaster can be purchased online at www.mctpatch.com and is expected to be sold on shopping channels across the globe.

I will keep you posted to the North American website as soon as it is up and running.

Until next time..


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