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The Salmon are Running - The Benefits of Wild Salmon versus Farm Raised

The Salmon are Running - The Benefits of Wild Salmon versus Farm Raised

We know salmon is good for us, but have you ever considered the Benefits of Wild Salmon Versus Farm Raised?

We’re taught that farm-friendly foods are better for us and the environment, but this isn’t true when it comes to salmon. Salmon need to run wild to contain the maximum health benefits for consumers.

All that swimming upstream has a big pay-off for salmon lovers:

  • Wild salmon contains half the fat of farmed! In fact, farm-packed salmon can contain more than three times the saturated fat than our wild ocean dwelling friends.

  • Wild salmon packs a lot more potassium – vital for tissue and organ function.

  • The wild ones are naturally higher in zinc – to boost your immune system my dear!

  • Obviously, the sea salt is a natural baby!

There are even more benefits of wild salmon versus farm raised: Those coveted Omega 3's are more prominent in wild salmon. Omega 3's:

  • Soothe inflammation, aid in joint function, improve information transfer between cells, and sharpen brain capacity

  • Are associated with decreased risk of chronic dry eye and Macular Degeneration

  • Have proven cardiovascular benefits equating to decreased risk of cardiovascular issues (stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure)

There are even more health benefits to eating wild salmon: In addition to amino acid and protein benefits, wild salmon contains loads of bioactive peptides, which control digestive tract inflammation.

No self-respecting salmon can be happy on a fish farm. Fish farms can be gross. Feed and fish excrement cause pollution, especially if the salmon net pens are in a low-lying area. Pollution generated by salmon net pens can affect the habitat directly beneath pens.

Eww! Sea Lice!

Sea lice from farmed salmon can infect the native salmon populace. For this reason, U.S. and British Columbia regulate monthly monitoring of farmed salmon, to check for those pesky little parasites, and are required to notify authorities and treat the fish for sea lice if the count is more than three lice per fish.

It’s a no-brainer. Healthy, happy salmon are running – free in the open ocean where they should be.

So go wild! It’s better for you, and the salmon like it too!

How can you tell the difference between wild and farmed? Look for fat marbling in the fillet. Cuz ya gotta keep warm in the wild!

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