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Natural Sugar Free Toothpaste

Did you know that many types of toothpastes contain sugar? Imagine brushing your teeth with sugar, your dentist will love you for it.

Did you know many toothpastes contain ingredients that are toxic and harmful to your health? And that on many toothpaste boxes there is a warning sign that says “caution, do not swallow”? That's because of some of the ingredients that are put into the product such as Fluoride and SLS are harmful to your health.

Now, Imagine, a toothpaste that is actually good for you. So good you can even swallow it.

What is it you say? Earthpaste by Redmond.

First off, I will tell you right now what's not in it:

NO glycerin, NO foaming agents, NO SLS, NO fluoride, NO artificial coloring.

SLS is toxic and really not necessary in toothpaste. Fluoride is also toxic. That is why the FDA requires a Poison warning on every tube of fluoride toothpaste. I think that is why you are also warned NOT to swallow the toothpaste.

Are you brushing your teeth with poison right now?

AHHHUMMMMMMM…what toothpastes are you using? I am not going to get into all the other scary stuff you can find on the internet about these ingredients.

I think I have said enough. So, let’s focus on the solution.

An alternative. EARTHPASTE.

PROS: Earthpaste is clean and pure and tastes clean and fabulous. One of the things I love about it is that there are only six ingredients in this toothpaste. I'm going to tell you what they are and what they are they for.

Purified Water: Used to hydrate the clay.

Food Grade Redmond Clay®: A natural polisher and cleanser that is also mineral rich and alkaline.

Xylitol: Sweetener and also recommended by many for tooth health.

Tea Tree Oil: Anti-bacterial properties, promotes gum health, and bad breath fighter.

Other Essential Oils: Added for flavor and other health benefits. The current flavors of Earthpaste are Wintergreen, Peppermint, Cinnamon, and Lemon Twist.

Menthol: Only contained in the Wintergreen and Peppermint flavors. Leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Redmond Real Salt®: Enhances flavor and offers anti-bacterial properties associated with sea salt.

It may look like dirt—because of the clay, but tastes fabulous. On the box it says you can even swallow Earthpaste because each ingredient has been used to help support healthy systems.

Redmond Clay is a natural polishing agent for your teeth and it has a detoxifying property. The detoxifying starts in your mouth as does digestion. This is a good thing.

The non-GMO (YEAH) Xylitol in the Earthpaste gives it a nice natural sweet effect. Xylitol comes from birch trees or corn cobs and dentist recommend xylitol for healthy teeth.

Redmond Sea Salt is also used and has antibacterial properties and it's freshening for the breath. And the same is true for Tea tree oil.

What is really exciting is the toothpaste’s pH which is 9.6 to 9.7, which makes Earthpaste alkaline.

You want to make your body alkaline. Disease can’t live in an alkaline environment. So start the alkalizing process first thing in the morning and right before you go to bed by brushing your teeth with Earthpaste.

Earthpaste comes in four great flavors: Cinnamon, Lemon Twist, Wintergreen and Peppermint.

Imagine, a toothpaste that is actually good for you. So good you can even swallow it.

So if you want a healthy toothpaste that's good for you and your children, that helps to polish the teeth and gives you a wonderful fresh breath taste, you want Earthpaste.

If there was a con to the Earthpaste, it would be the cost. A tube of Earthpaste was approximately $5+ at the Whole Foods in Canada I shopped.

On the Redmondtrading.com site, the price is a little higher at $7.99. However, when comes to the health of you and your family, I highly recommend it is worth the investment.

You can also purchase Earthpaste Whole Foods or other natural markets or pharmacies. Or at www.redmondtrading.com as well as www.earthpaste.com

For more information go to www.earthpaste.com.

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