• Kellie Olver

Dermawand and How to Get Luscious Lips

Hey girls its Kellie Olver again and it’s time for one of my beauty tips.

Today, it’s the lips.

All right, we all know that full voluminous luscious lips is something most of us aspire to and we also know that full lips are a sign of youth.

But something happens as we get older: our lips start to recede inside our mouth, and how I know that to be true because that is what happened to me - and I went to and asked my doctor about it and that’s what he said.

So I thought to myself "what can I do to make these lips full and voluminous again?"

As always, Dermawand to the rescue!

I thought if Dermawand can work on my face and hands so well, it must be able to do wonders with its stimulating effect for my lips. And guess what? It works!

So I am going to show you right now the system I use to create those full, voluminous, pillow type lips.

Step number 1: Starts with a little bit of moisturiser. Moisturize your top lip and your bottom lip and carry the moisturizer just a little bit over the top of your lip line.

Turn your Dermawand up to about half way. And start on the upper lip going in a circular motion for about 45 seconds to a minute, then go over the lip line in the same circular motion for about 35 – 45 seconds.

Then start on the bottom lip with the same circular motion going around and around in circles on the lip line and just below the lip line.

Then if you want that extra little pout all you have to do is crank it up all the way and put it right there on the centre of your lip and hold it hold it hold it for about 40 seconds. That’s going to give you that little extra pout.

Now we are going to take this one step further. I am going to give you a double tip right now.

If you want to have that rolled lip look, you want to actually lift that lip line a little bit more and bring that receding lip line forward to create more volume - take your Dermawand put it underneath the lip just a little bit and hold it there and push up, push up, push up. What that is going to do is help to raise that upper lip to give you that beautiful full, pouty, pillow type lips.

Already Using A Lip Plumper Gloss?

You might say "I am already using a lip pumper". Thats good too. So, you know that stimulation, the stimulation you get with those lip pumpers? Think of the feeling right now. Remember it? OK.

Well, when you use the Dermawand, it’s like a thousand times the feeling of that stimulation you get from the plumping gloss.

So girls, if you want those kissable pouty, pillow type lips, its Dermawand to the rescue!

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