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Although raw foods and eating RAW has been around since the time homo sapiens took his first step, this “diet” is one of the major diet trends to hit the health scene many years back. And it is here to stay. First, let’s get a couple things straight. DIET is a 4 letter word. A word I chose not to use and a technique I rarely employ.


Well, what are the first 3 letters of diet? DIE. YUP..DIE.

And another big reason NOT to go on a D-I-E-T is that diets tend to lower your metabolism, set up unrealistic expectations for success and have you on a short term plan of which you have no intentions of keeping up afterword’s. Which means, typically, all the weight you have lost is put back on as you return to your usual way of eating. So, from here on, let’s use the words “eating plan” when talking about a specific plan, protocol, or system used to shed a few unwanted pounds or to enhance our overall health and well-being. OK? OK. Now, back to RAW. Rather than think of eating RAW as a “diet”, let’s think of eating RAW as a lifestyle. Once you experience and enjoy all the pleasures from eating this way, you will be hooked for life! First and foremost, Hypocrates, the Father of Medicine, had it right: "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food". For the past several years, there has been a big push for you and me to eat our vitamins from fresh, natural foods as opposed to eating processed foods that are devoid of nutrients. In today’s traditional eating, most people eat cooked food. Now, it is basic knowledge that a lot of nutrients in food, including enzymes, are destroyed once it is cooked or processed with high temperatures, basically rendering the food dead and nearly void of nutrition. And because you are what you eat, whatever nutrients you take in, or don’t, reflects on your outer appearance. In a RAW lifestyle, you will hear the words “living foods”.

RAW comprises eating foods that are not processed, cooked or heated110 degrees or more. Anything over 110 degrees starts to denature or destroy the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals within the food. Rawists eat living food. And in so doing, get a better dose of naturally occurring nutrients found in fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.


Is that the reason why RAWISTS generally look younger, have more energy and feel healthier than the rest of us? Yes, one of them. And another reason is passing over all the packaged, processed foods so readily available. From a different perspective, if you are looking to shed a few unwanted pounds, eating raw is a very effective way to accomplish your goal. A balanced menu of fresh fruits, vegetables and protein is already on the accepted list as part of a healthy weight loss program so jump right in When it comes to sickness, eating RAW can help to shut the door to unwanted health concerns. One good example is eating raw broccoli – it revs up your liver’s ability to detoxify carcinogens. Another is eating raw garlic which produces Allicin, a DNA protecting compound.

Kale, with its anti-inflammatory properties, helps to boost the immune system with its naturally occurring Carotenoid and Flavonoid antioxidants. Plus, Juice up red cabbage, asparagus, parsley and cucumber and watch your waist line whittle away. The list goes on and on. Overall, when you eat raw, you get the benefit of fresh vitamins, minerals and enzymes, all of which play a part in you looking 10 pounds younger and feeling 10 years lighter. Your taste buds will go into positive sensory overload with real flavor inspired by real foods! So say good bye to fried foods, packaged foods and fast foods. Say hello to feeling good, looking good, saving money (unhealthy eating and health bills) and hearing yourself say, "I didn’t know food could taste so good". Bon appetite!

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