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Change Your Life: Inner and Outer Transformation through Building Your Charisma, the Kellie Olver W

Change Your Life:  Inner and Outer Transformation through Building Your Charisma, the Kellie Olver Way

How are you FEELING right now? Good? Good. But want to feel GREAT?

Or, do you feel pretty crappy, unhappy and or not feeling so good about lots of things?

Either way, there is a path forward, higher or to the life you deserve.

Embracing a new way to think and staying focused on your intentions plus the inner transformation of your mind will lead to an outer change in your appearance, a dramatic increase in your confidence and an amazing shift in how people respond to you.

Instead of being the wallflower that is overlooked and dismissed at school, parties or in the office, now you will be the center of attention where people will now look at you at you as someone they want to be around and be associated with.

And you have it all within you – here’s how to bring it out!

When some people walk into a room, conversation hushes, heads turn, and all of a sudden it feels like there is a new center of gravity. Imagine you were at a party ‘back in the day’ and an icon, a magnet, like a Marilyn Monroe, suddenly appeared.

Marilyn Monroe

Wow – imagine, think of the impact!

Or think perhaps of a huge personality, like a Bill Clinton, or a Donald Trump. They 'command' the room just by being who they are.

Why though? What’s so special? Well, you could say they are rich and famous so of course every pays attention to them. True – but they weren’t always so – they MADE THEMSELVES into who they became.

Even those who appear to have just been born with “it”, born with that “CHARISMA”, they either nurtured “it” instinctually, without even thinking about it or honed their natural ability because they knew the power it possesses.

The fact of the matter is it doesn’t matter if you think you have it or you don’t. Here is the secret. Just by being born, we are special. That is our birthright. We all have been gifted with many blessings, one of them is the gift of charisma. Some of us just don’t know it. And some of us know it, but don’t know how to access it.

A young girl was in and out of foster homes most of her life. She never knew her father, and her mother was mentally unstable – she became a ward of the state. Abused and mistreated, how can this girl possibly succeed?

Later in life she showed one of her secrets – how she could flick a switch on a subway platform from an innocuous woman – head down, shoulders drawn in, hair tied back – to a foot forward, hair loose, eyes sparkling, no-one-can-look-away, superstar. Indeed, from Norma Jean Baker to Marilyn Monroe, instantly and all through attitude. Of course she was pretty, even beautiful, but that’s not the secret! It’s having an inner glow, and letting it show! ANYONE CAN DO THIS!

You want, and need, to live a life of joy, confidence, self-love and achievement. Who doesn’t? The benefits of this are infinite – better job, better relationships, better friends and better sleep – and you will look better too, age more slowly, and build a life you will look back on with pleasure and look forward to with aspiration.

If you don’t feel that way now and don’t see how it can be done, don’t worry – it is a mindset and a process. You will get there, but you need a bridge – how can you get from feeling not so great to being an icon, a superstar, a magnet for positivity and success. Here’s a thought – you have to FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT!

Eyes on the prize - the life you want – and a bridge to that prize – the way to think, act and evolve your style.

Next time, we’ll start building that bridge.


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