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Fearful to Fearless in 30 Days or Less Part 1*

Fearful to Fearless – in 30 Days or Less – Part 1

Do you jump out of bed and say with vim and vigor “Good Morning Lord” or do you crawl out of bed and say “good Lord, its morning” as you wipe the sleep out of your eyes, yell at your kids and kick the dog.

How is your spirit? Are you eager to face the world, meet new people and conquer new challenges? Or are you down, depressed, and most of all, fearful of what the day might bring?

If you answered the latter, that is JUST WRONG and I do not want you to feel that way. And I suspect you don’t either. Wouldn’t you rather go from fearful to fearless?

If you live a life driven by fear, you cannot really enjoy all the world has to offer. For one thing, you aren’t really living in the present but rather, regretting the past or worrying about what tomorrow will bring.

Stop this. Change your life. You can do it now, in 30 days or less.

How so you say? How can you go from fearful to fearless in 30 days or less?

First, identify your fears and then face them head on and defeat them.

There are many types of fear:

  • Financial security

  • Loss of emotional well being

  • Health related concerns

  • Loss of the affection of those close to us

  • Facing your own inner demons

Much of what we fear is grounded in our past experiences, most of which we had no control over. Something or someone hurt us badly and we live in fear that something like that will happen again. Or something such as a smell, a song, or situation triggers a feeling that subconsciously reminds us of an experience that happened a long time ago that we don’t remember. All we know is that we feel yucky (a good scientific term here) and for some strange reason, we start to feel fearful and anxious for what appears to be no reason at all.

Sometimes it feels impossible and scary to go from Fearful to Fearless, especially in 30 days or less.

I guess this is where the word fear comes from. F-E-A-R: FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING AS REAL


Just know – the past can only hurt us if we give it power. If we let it control us. Otherwise, the past is over and done. If we keep looking in our rear view mirror (behind us), all we see, remember and feel is what happened before and how it affected us. This leaves no room to see the beauty of the present nor the freedom to start imaging the wonders of tomorrow.

Some of our fears are fears of what might be, a hypothetical future that may not, and probably won’t, ever be. And that future may be something we can never control — so there is no value in focusing on it.

Or it may be something within our control. But to exercise that control we need to have the power and the confidence to do what it takes.

Our fears can take away our inner strength and make the things we fear most —most likely to happen because our focus is on what we are afraid of— of what we don’t want to happen. And it usually arrives in the form of a direct hit by a stealth missile.

Fears also cause a type of paralysis, mentally and/or physically, rendering us virtually frozen stiff and unable to do what it takes to shift the energy to get moving in a better direction.


And that is one way to go from Fearful to Fearless in 30 days or less.

The past and future will lose their power to create the fear that is controlling your life. So whatever your fears are, making yourself better in all aspects can cause those fears to fade and your inner strength to shine through.

Below are a few things I recommend you take a look at as they are things you can control and first steps to shift the balance from Fearful to Fearless within 30 days.

Inventory your appearance and self-presentation

- Create a plan and make a commitment to get healthy such as eating balanced meals, start an exercise program for mental and physical well-being and make sure to drink plenty of water and get ample rest;

- Up your game on personal appearance including a flattering hair style, bright-white teeth for that high voltage first impression smile, plus fingers manicured and hands moisturized. (everyone looks at your hands, you should too)

- Always dress to impress. Wear fashion that is flattering to your shape and appropriate to your industry. Shoes always shined with heels in perfect order. Clothes always clean and pressed to perfection.

Review your eating plan

Many things we consume are depressants —like a vodka martini— and trade a short term comfort boost —like a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie— for a long term negative affect on our physical and emotional well-being

Evaluate your career goals

Are you where you want to be? What do you have to do to move forward? Perhaps a career change?

List your key relationships

Are they everything you want them to be? Do you feel good around these people? Do they support you? You might want to consider cleaning house with those who are a negative influence and bring you down rather than lift you up.

Notice how I didn’t say —list all your fears so you can fix them.

Fears are intangibles and they are hard to tackle ‘head on’. But also, they are often actually symptoms of something else, such as a lack of confidence in ourselves.

So the very best way to go from Fearful to Fearless— in 30 days or less— is to know that where you are right now is perfect for you in this moment. That you are doing the best you can today. And tomorrow is another day.

Next time, we will discuss how to go from a Plan to Results and to cement your transition from Fear to Freedom.

Until Next Time


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