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Putting Yourself First!*

Putting Yourself First

You are job #1. This might not be something you are good at – I know I wasn’t. Does it sound selfish? Unfeeling? Aren’t there people who need help more than you do?

Yes, there probably are. And there are always friends with problems, real and imagined, folks who want a friendly shoulder to cry on or to lend them a few dollars. And I am sure you want to be that ‘friend in need’ and that you want to help those around you with whatever their concerns.

But if you sometimes (or often) feel that for all your efforts, they are not reciprocated and that your own needs seem to be no one else’s concern, you need to take a step back. You are likely doing something wrong. And you know what? – YOU need to Put Yourself First.

Sometime we immerse ourselves in solving other people’s problems in order to avoid addressing our own. We hope by being a good person, this goodness will be reflected back on us and we will earn the love and support of the people we help. And that is the way it should be – but often is not.

Why? Because they all have their own issues. And it is easier to take than to give. So guess what? That is the likely outcome. Plus we are putting on a great show of having it all together and not needing THEIR support.

At the end of the day, this is all going to make us feel bad – we give more and more and don’t get back what WE need.

Why is putting yourself first the best thing you can do for yourself and for those you care most about?

When your own needs (psychological, material, spiritual) are met, you have peace of mind and the freedom to focus on others without concern for yourself. When your needs are not met, you just cannot give 100% to anyone else.

You know, imagine you feel safe, fulfilled, confident –wow, now you can really go the extra mile to help those you care about. You need to get to that space!

To truly put yourself first, you need to love yourself first. Do you? If not, you need to examine that aspect of your life.


"You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." - Buddha

How does that quote sound to you? Does it sound ‘right’? Well, it is –the Buddha is a pretty good authority! You deserve it– loving yourself is essential to loving your life – how can you if you don’t!

When you put yourself first, you let your inner light, your beauty, your essence, shine! You will be more successful at everything you do because you will create a glow that everyone is attracted to. Who doesn’t want to be around someone whose calm self-assurance allows them to exude their inner strength and surrounds them with an aura of confidence.

Put yourself first – shine your light!

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