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Nutricosmetics: Beauty is More Than Skin Deep*

Nutricosmetics: Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

Nutricosmetics are consumable in the form of beverages, bars and beauty supplements (tablets and powders) that focus strictly on the beauty of the skin. I like to think of nutricosmetics as ingestible goodness delivering skin beauty benefits from the inside out.

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Oh how things have changed. Hundreds of years ago beauty was achieved by external manipulation of the physique. And it stared way before Scarlet O’Hara with her lace up corset trying to create the illusion of having an 18 inch waist.

Time marched on as did beauty advancements and that meant slathering something on or having something taken off. Slapping on the cold cream was meant to be the Promised Land for overnight success. Alas, the only success measured was getting the cold cream out of the pillow case.

A trip to the plastic surgeon was the anticipated yellow brick road to the fountain of youth. Unfortunately most women ended up skipping away like they had just visited a wind tunnel.

Now, my #1 Beauty Hack leaves your skin looking flawless overnight! No surgery required! If you would like to try it, just click on the box below. Best of all you probably have everything you need to perform the hack in your bathroom right now!

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Fast forward to diamond peels, whirling, twirling facial brushes, and the self-proclaimed belle of the ball, the $500 anti-aging wrinkle removing day and night cream that promised to do everything. Including finding the purchaser a new husband. We have been introduced to the newest of new surgical procedures to make us look younger like invisible face lifts, lifestyle lifts, radio frequency liposuction, butt implants, freeze your fat off and so on. We have tried non surgical procedures as an alternative to going under the knife.

During this time cosmeceuticals made their mark professing to be cosmetic products, some with biologically active ingredients purporting to have medical or drug-like benefits. I don’t know if they worked. I was too afraid to try something biologically active in case I ended up with 2 noses and green glowing skin. So where do we go from here?

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How about we go back to the essentials, so to speak, with real products that nourish from the inside out. A beauty from within strategy to satisfy our thirst for the elusive mind, body and spirit fountain of youth. Enter Nutricosmetics Nutricosmetics are packed with all the goodness that the skin needs to help it look and feel its best. Although some food critics and earthy type naturalists believe that beautiful skin still comes from good ole veggies and water (as do I), a lot of medical experts support the benefits of Nutricosmetics and actually use them. As do I.

I drink Triple K for my skin beauty. A collagen protein dietary supplement, loaded with 11 grams of collagen protein, only 60 calories, and tastes sinfully delisc! Of course, I am a firm believer in balanced nutrition including plant and animal proteins, good fats, good carbs and yes, plenty of water and sleep to help keep aging at bay.

21 Anti-Aging foods to make you look younger by Kellie Olver

However with today’s technology and scientific advancements, why not get a little extra help especially if your goal is to look and be the best you can. How Nutricosmetics work. One of the major ingredients for these Nutricosmetics is protein. Protein in the form of collagen. Collagen peptides are derived from collagen which comes from gelatin.

Collagen peptides are the by-product of breaking down the long amino acid chains (building blocks of protein) into smaller individual chains or for easier absorption. Note: Not all collagen peptides are created equal. Be on the lookout for “collagen peptides" that have been scientifically proven to be a powerful anti-aging ingredient, promoting skin elasticity, suppleness and hydration.

Research suggests that ingestion of certain collagen peptides triggers the synthesis of new collagen fibers, supporting skin tissue structure and mechanical strength.*


Now, that’s a wow! Collagen peptides are easily absorbed by the body whereas collagen found in topical products are often times too big for the skin to absorb. And those that can’t be absorbed are just mostly washed away. Don’t get me wrong. Topical skin care is important and can hydrate the skin and in some cases, given the right ingredients, can even stimulate the production of collagen. It is a proven fact.

I am not saying to forget about moisturizers. You need them. However, basic moisturizers do nothing to the veracity and strength of the skin. They can and however keep the surface of your skin soft and supple. Now if having amazing, youthful skin is not enough for you how about additional whole body benefits that come along for the ride? Yup, I get it. You, like me, like everyone else are demanding customers and want it all. You and me understand that in today’s world we are closer to the reality of "beam me up Scotty" and the scientific advancements that come along with it. All being made at lighting speed making virtually everything possible. Especially in the realm of anti-aging. Since Collagen Peptides and or Gelatin are ingestible, there are other benefits one could reap from such protein. Bone and joint health is one. Yet, most people wouldn’t know that. Through media and marketing, Collagen is very much stereo typed as a skin enhancer/repairer. But studies have shown that ingestion of these peptides have beneficial effects on bone metabolism. Since collagen makes up for most of our connective tissues, joint health becomes better as it counteracts the cartilage degeneration process. Weight Management is another. Protein in general supports satiety, helps to diminish cravings and keeps us feeling fuller longer. Protein in the form of straight gelatin or collagen peptides is a concentrated way to wage war and help win the battle of the bulge. Muscle Support For all you runners, gym rats and week-end warriors, how about muscle support. Recovery after a hard work-out is key to success and necessary to help prevent injury. Adequate protein is your new best friend. You can find studies conducted from France to Japan regarding Nutricosmetics and collagen peptides that support the various health benefits we are talking about and even more. As you have read, the results look VERY promising. Like always, please consult with your physician before putting anything into your body. After all, you are what you eat. Keep on shining. Until Next Time


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