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Pimp That Wild: How to keep your hair Instagram Ready at All Times!*


Instagram time is any time, 24-7, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Tough to keep looking your best all the time, isn’t it? Especially your hair. A bad hair day can ruin the best of pictures. And good hair can make any bad picture look better. No matter what you are wearing or how little or how bad your make-up job is. Naturally, since you’ve got great hair you’d think you don’t need to do much right? Uh, wrong. Just because you’ve got it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need some tender loving care. So I’m going to give you a short list of beauty tips and tricks to make your hair look more gorgeous any time and every time. Especially Instagram time! Take notes ladies! My all-time Instagram ready favorite is spray on dry shampoo. Just like PSSSSSST of yesteryear, which is what my momma and your grandmother used, today’s versions have come a long way. My favorite is called Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo. Dry shampoos freshen up your hair between shampoos, helps create volume and makes styling a breeze. Spray it on, style as usual and look out Instagram! Eventually, you need to let your hair breathe once in a while, especially if you are the kind of woman like me who uses hair products, like dry shampoo, on a daily basis. How do you get your hair to breathe? By freeing it from product residue with clarifying shampoos and treatments. Long time or frequent uses of hair products create build-ups and will cause more damage to hair in the long run. You can purchase clarifying shampoos practically everywhere and they range from chemical based to organic ones. Not only that but clarifying hair helps prevent flaky scalp conditions as well! Oily hair weighing you down? No biggie! Use this trick: Apply conditioner to the ends of your locks and not your hair’s roots. This will lessen the excess oil production in but will leave your hair feeling soft and smooth. While we’re on this topic, one quick question please: Do you like color? I like color. I suspect a lot of women like color. On their hair that is. Even more with older women who are battling with grey hair. Well, we need to get it done ALMOST religiously or else our roots will show. AND sometimes, some of us just can’t find the time. So the next best thing is to prolong hair color life. And one trick to hold on to that color for longer is to use a deep-conditioning treatment once a month. You should also use color-safe hair products to make hair color last. Another trick I use to hide the grey and go the distance between colorings is to use hair color sticks: Temporary hair color that applies like lipstick and compatible with all hair color. Check out Amazon for a complete selection of color sticks. Tween Time is one of my favorites.

Curly hair

Got curly hair? Adding some bounce to it is as easy as pie. NEVER brush or comb your curls! When you brush or comb them out, this tends to flatten hair. So, just run your fingers through them to loosen them and give your hair body. Speaking of body, give your hair a boost by using a volumizing spray to your roots BEFORE blow drying. The heat from the blow dry will seal in the product and give your hair that lasting volume. Now, if you are not so keen in using sprays or gels, you can get volumizing shampoos and conditioners. Although not as significantly effective as using a spray on product, it will still help give your hair that extra lift. Remember - make sure you test it out first before using ANY beauty product. You need to be careful and check if it is right for you, especially if you have allergies or sensitive skin. You never know what product ingredient may cause your allergies to flare up! Testing ensures you get that beauty treat you want and not tricked into getting harmed instead. Until next time Kellie

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