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Is Sugar Bad for You?*

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Secret Enemy Number 1? SUGAR. And hiding in practically every food we eat including catchup, bread, cereal, yoghurt and even some protein bars. The side effects of eating too much sugar range from diabetes, cancer, weight gain and wrinkles.

It is not sugars fault. (Remember, anything in moderation. Yes?)

The love affair with sugar started a long time ago (8000BC) when sugar was one of mans most coveted commodities.

In 510 BC the Emperor Darius of Persia invaded India where he found "the reed which gives honey without bees". It was love at first bite.

During the 18th century, sugar’s consumption and popularity grew even greater as sugar was introduced into jams, cocoa and the 18th century equivalent of processed foods.

It was during this time that Marie Antoinette discovered a new use for sugar. Seems like sugar had some peculiar side effects if you consumed enough of it. Fact was Marie and her hearty partiers’ used to consume sugar with the same fervor as today's cocaine addicts consume their drug du jour.

And no wonder.

Sugar is addictive

Source: http://www.onlinenursingprograms.com

Scientific studies have determined SUGAR more addictive than COCAINE. I have heard as high as 8 to 10 times as much.

I am guessing Marie LOVED her sugar!

I also guess the stories I heard about Marie and her lavish parties from the tour guides at Palace De Versailles were true. Like the one about when Marie and her guests all dressed up like sheep and did some serious frolicking in the gardens.

And you? How much are you loving sugar?

Americans consume sugar

Source: http://www.onlinenursingprograms.com

The American Heart Association reports that the average adult eats 22 teaspoons per day while children consume 32 teaspoons of sugar per day. (The recommended dose is 9.5 teaspoons per day.)

How can that be you say?

As I said, sugar is everywhere, hiding in the most innocuous place. Today even the healthiest of foods resembles a candy bar. Even some health drinks are riddled with sugar.

This means that today, we consume a lot of sugar more than we used to —WAY MORE THAN we used to!

In 1882, the average American consumed 45g of sugar, the amount found in one of today’s 12 ounce sodas.

In 2012, we consumed 765g of sugar EVERY 5 DAYS!

Sugar consumption chart

Source: www.onlinenursingprograms.com

Now, why should we concern ourselves with high sugar intake?

It’s unhealthy for the body inside and out.

Source: www.onlinenursingprograms.com

We all know how sugar causes weight gain and health conditions like diabetes, cancer, and so on. How about depression, fatigue, headaches, nervous tension and violent behavior.

NOTE: Most of these health conditions are internal. We can’t see them or know they even exist until we end up in a hospital. Because of this, it is quite difficult for most of us to be wary of eating sugar.

For many of us, unless we can see a problem on the outside, well, it doesn’t exist.

So what are the visible outward signs of eating way too much sugar that can give us a heads up or warning to possible internal damage?

BOOM! Wrinkles, acne, a big stomach and crepey skin. JUST TO NAME A FEW.

Bet you never thought of that, did you? I didn’t either until I learned that sugar affects the skin that way.

So how does sugar affect us negatively in terms of skin health?

Well, sugar gets converted to glucose in the blood which then attack collagen fibers. And you and I both know how important collagen is to the elasticity of the skin, right? When we lose that elasticity, we get wrinkles —among other things. This process also weakens the body’s capability to produce and utilize antioxidants. Antioxidants basically defend us against premature aging inside and outside the body.

Okay, you might ask “How do I prevent myself from eating unnecessary sugar?”

Simple. 3 easy steps.

First and foremost, READ THE LABELS of everything you eat and drink. Your eyes are the best tool. Use them. Unless you read the nutritional facts diligently, you would never even know about the added sugar and keep wondering why you haven’t lost any weight.

Look at the chart below and identity some of your favorite treats and the percentage of sugar each contains.

Source: www.onlinenursingprograms.com

Scary isn’t it?

Secondly, find alternatives for sugar laden foods.

There are countless of health alternatives for soda pop, cakes and cookies, ice cream and snacks in the market that you will not find lacking.

For a soda pop alternative, my favorite is GT Enlightened Synergy Organic & Raw Kombucha http://synergydrinks.com. With plenty of flavors to choose from the end result is fizzy, bubbly and invigorating. Better yet it is good for you. The drink contains living enzymes and works from the inside out. If you prefer a more traditional soda, try Boylan’s Soda https://www.boylanbottling.com/.

For cookies, go to my all-time favorite Chunkie Dunkies www.chunkiedunkies.com. Raw, organic and vegan. My favorites are the chocolate chunk, the chocolate mint and the brownie.

Check out my review here: http://www.purezing.com/food/food_baking_chocolate_chip_cookies.html

And for Ice Cream, try a dairy free, sugar free decadent treat. One of my favorites is Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge (yum Yum NOM NOM) agave sweetened frozen delight!! http://coconutbliss.com/coconut-bliss-products

Lastly, avoid any and all packaged or processed foods.

Even some of the healthy choices have sugar and un-necessary ingredients. Again, read the labels. Or, choose healthier options like fresh fruits and vegetables. Munch on foods that can give you the best anti-aging benefits.

(TIP: Did you know that the more you “hurt” and “abuse” a carrot, the more “powered” its antioxidant qualities are? It’s true! Shredded carrots are so much better than carrot sticks. You might want to try that! )

To satisfy that sweet tooth?

Try 70-85% organic dark chocolate. Or use cinnamon to sweeten up your favorite cereals and morning coffee; fresh berries with some no sugar home-made heavy whipping cream is also a tasty treat and another one of my favorites!

Remember, the cleaner you eat, the less you crave the sweet! And what that means to you is when you reduce or eliminate sugar from your diet, you no longer desire it.

It’s time to put a break on that sugary journey and rethink your course. As we grow older, it is wise to take the healthier path. Make your entire being healthy. Sugar affects every part of you, mind body and spirit. It’s time for you to let it glow!

Till Next Time.


* Disclaimer:

I have given you a ton of “FOOD FOR THOUGHT” in this article.

I am not a doctor nor is my intention meant to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. My comments are based on my personal first-hand experience and years of research. Use your own intelligence, intuition and investigative skills for yourself and do what is in your best interest: mind, body and spirit.

And always check with your doctor.

Through exercise, proper nutrition, rest and a healthy mindset, may we all start looking and feeling 10 pounds lighter and 10 years younger.

Stay tuned for more amazing skin anti-aging miracles God has given us to eat, drink and bathe with in my future articles!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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