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Graceful Beauty: Women in Their 50s*


Renee Russo, Christie Brinkley and Michelle Pheiffer. Women in their 50’s and all the definition of Graceful Beauty. There is nothing more spectacular.

How do we get there? The you’s and me’s of the world? Are there simple strategies for us to consider to keep our graceful glow glowing? The answer is yes.

I’m very excited to talk about beauty tips and tricks for us women in our 50s. Lord knows I have a few of them tucked up my sleeve. So, today, I’m going to share some of my favorites on how to look good in your 50s without going under the knife.


I know it’s not the land of fairy tales but it is so very true — beauty comes from within. In your case, this comes in the form of healthy eating: organic fruits and veggies, juicing, raw foods, clean proteins such as grass fed beef and organic chicken and the like. I’ve said this again and again. What’s good on the inside of your body will always shine through.

If you haven’t been taking care of your body from within, you might want to start now. Get on a healthy eating plan and regular exercise. Water. Plenty of it. And sleep. Also, introduce collagen supplements to your vitamin regiment to achieve the “beauty from within” that is waiting to be revealed. That natural glow you get from these will surely change your persona both physically and mentally.


Be one of those women who aren’t ashamed of their imperfections. It is our imperfections that make us unique. And even more beautiful. Just look at the models of today. You don’t have to be what society calls beautiful to be a model. Just BE A UNIQUE. I remember just recently a fellow came up and spoke to my friend and I at a restaurant. He described her to be a dead ringer for Sophia Loren. Sophia?

Sophia Loren

Now she is a classic beauty. And me, well, he described me as a dead ringer for Sarah Jessica Parker. My interpretation of Sarah? Well, I think of her as a UNIQUE. So, I embraced my uniqueness and decided to feel like a million bucks!

There will always be someone who will try and make you feel bad about your uniqueness. Just smile politely when they do and let it go. All they were doing was showing their uniqueness in the form of insecurity.

According to experts, the more you strive for perfection, the harder it is for beauty to keep you in its arms. Accepting your imperfections makes you somehow noticeable, more accessible, and more real.


No matter how many tubs of beauty products or plastic surgeries you go through, you will never look 18 again. Aspiring for an unrealistic age will only cause you disappointment and heartache in the end. Set a goal for yourself that is reachable. Why not try working on erasing the wrinkles on your face and see how that goes? You might be surprised how incorporating a few anti-aging products and protocols can make a big difference.


Don’t worry. I am not asking you to cut your hair. I think you should keep you hair a little longer at 50. This is about make-up. Younger women tend to spend a very long time on their make-up routines. Some get up 2 hours before the day starts so they can start putting their hair and face in place. That’s another hour and a half of nurturing sleep if you ask me.

For us women in our 50s (and older), the less time we spend on make-up, the less stress we start our day with. Plus, I think the motto, the less make-up you wear at 50, the younger you look, is true.

Learn to cut your time in half (or less) when it comes to your daily make-up routine (I spend 10-15 min on my make-up these days). Making it short means you don’t pile a lot of junk on your skin therefore taking into practice another advice when it comes to make-up —less is more.

So you see from the above points, not all beauty comes from surgical masterpieces. Nor is beauty always from manufactured products. Sometimes you have to inject some personal development into your routine to make everything work!

Till Next Time.


Growing Younger Everyday

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