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In Your 50s – Beauty Tips and Tricks*


50 is the new 35. That’s my story and I am sticking to it! Really? Yes. How do you make it happen? Without surgery. Check this out: 6 simple suggestions that won’t burn up your bank card bank but WILL jump start your transformation faster than Caitlyn Jenner! NUMBER 1: Under-Armor—Otherwise Known as Your Bra...

Still using that bra you love so much from 10 years ago? Let it go now! I will admit I am guilty of this. I never wanted to throw mine out. Old habits are hard to break. And you? How long do you hold on to your bra for? The problem with an old bra is that it no longer has support. So instead of the bust line residing on the upper torso, the “twins” end up sagging in the droopy bra towards the mid-section. And in some cases, can even hit the belly button.

Now you are looking 60 instead of 50! A lot of studies have shown that more than 50% of women wear the wrong bra size most of the time. (That was me!) A proper fitting bra can take away 10 years instantly. Also wearing a wrong bra size can injure the delicate ligaments of the breast and can also cause back and posture issues.

If you are unsure of what the perfect fit is for you, your best bet is to have a “fitting”. There are typically one to two trained “Bra Fitters” at every lingerie store and intimate apparel section in department stores. Good news is that this service is generally free at any store. Just look for a gal running around the store with a tape measure around her neck. Grab her! She is your gal! NUMBER 2! Outer-Armor – Meaning Your Clothes and Accessories.

Clothes and accessories can make you or break you. Now this is where it gets tricky. What is a 50ish woman supposed to dress like?

When you were growing up, what did 50 look like to you? OLD, right? Did you know that Jean Stapleton was only 42 when she appeared on All in The Family? Yet to me as a young girl watching the show, she looked ancient. Did Edith look old to you too? Thank goodness it is not the same today. REMEMBER: 50 is the new 35. So dress like it. A great pair of jeans, a white sweater or white button down shirt! Fresh and clean and youthful. Put on a great boot or a high heel. We are in our 50’s. We are not dead.


What I do recommend is to choose appropriate clothes for your body type as it will enhance your assets rather than flaunt your flaws. I also suggest you take a few chances with your wardrobe. I am not suggesting you dress like a 21 year old. I am suggesting you take notice of the 50 something celebrities and check out what they are wearing.

Now you might not love the whole outfit, but you could pick out the shoes, or the sweater or a pair of earrings they are wearing. Key thing is to wear what you feel comfortable in. If you don’t it will show in your face. Also, make sure you accessories rightly. Wearing a pink sparkly Hello Kitty hair tie will definitely not make you look any younger. Number 3! Minimize, Smooth and Flatten the Flab: SHAPE-WEAR.

I don’t know about you, but the older I get the less I want to work out and the more gravity seems to want to take over. Say it ain't so!!! If you are like me and you are still in the process of “wanting” to have the ideal body shape (or Ideal body weight), having a slimming garment is a good body shape booster when needed. Or, if necessary, instant weight loss when worn. For me, even though I am thin, I have loose skin from excessive yo yo dieting and being overweight. SO, I like to wear slimming garments because they keep my body skin tight—no juggles— and give me more confidence in clothes. NUMBER 4! HAIR COLOR

Keep it fresh. Keep it colored. If you have grey hair, I suggest NOT to let them shine through.

No matter what other people tell you, salt and pepper on your hair does not make you look younger.


Unfortunately, once we hit 45-50 hormone levels can drop to a low. And hormone replacement is a personal choice between you and your doctor and cover this more in another blog....

However, along with loss of estrogen usually is accompanied with dry, thin, and less elastic skin.

Proper cleansing, toning and extra action with moisture can help address these signs of aging.

I highly recommend collagen replenishment with collagen protein supplementation

Adding support from the inside can give you that beauty burst from within and help to plump and rebuild what has been lost. NUMBER 6! Blush, blush – Make up!

Make-up, like accessories can make or break your look. So now that you’ve got that collagen regimen going and your skin is plush and glowing, what’s next? You slather on tons of make-up mimicking the style you saw on YouTube by some teenage artist. There is only one ending to this —not happy. With makeup, less is generally more especially when you are in your 50s. But I will say, I still use that killer red lipstick and bright pink blush on occasion. Makes me feel good. Makes me feel 35 again. Remember we are 50, we are not dead. And 50 is the new 35. These beauty tips and tricks will not rewind time 30 years back. But these simple suggestions will help you to look and feel and be the best you can be for right now. Mind, body and spirit. 50 is the time when you embrace the real you and work on a healthier future. You cannot change the past but you can change your future by working on it now! That is my story and I am sticking to it! I hope you do too! Till next time Kellie Growing younger every day!

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