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ATTACK OF THE SKINNY JEANS!!!!! Is there Such a Thing as Death by Fashion?*


Have you ever worn your skinny jeans and joked about cutting off the circulation to your legs? I know I sure have. Nawwww, we thought. IMPOSSIBLE. There is no such thing as DEATH BY FASHION! Well, I would be remiss not to report that yours and my worst fears are definitely a reality! There is a medical reason WHY this happens. Keep reading. Check this out. A “fashion victim” from Australia was hospitalized for four days. – NBC News

Please don’t laugh, this could happen to you! Here is what happened:

A 35-year old woman wearing skinny jeans spent the day helping relatives move to a new home in Adelaide according to consultant neurologist Professor Thomas Kimber told radio station 891 ABC.

The “victim” said to have noticed that her jeans were somewhat tight and had spent the day cleaning out cupboards and squatting down. This caused her jeans to cut off the blood supply to her calf muscles and caused her to collapse. “Her feet became increasingly weak to the point where she fell,” Kimber added. She finally succeeded to crawl to the side of the road and hailed a taxi to the hospital. The medical staff that took care of her was forced to cut the tight jeans from her legs “because they couldn't remove them any other way." Dr. Kimber said that when the supply of blood was cut off from her calf muscles, it caused them to become “massively swollen.” This simultaneously resulted to a compression to two of the major nerves in her lower leg thus causing her legs to weaken.


Below is a little bit of science behind the attack of the Skinny Jeans:

A few proteins were released into the VICTIM’s blood stream as a result of "major calf muscle damage.” The woman needed to be on an intravenous drip to flush out the proteins from her blood stream to prevent kidney damage, Dr. Kimber added. Skinny Jeans causing kidney damage? The good news is our victim made a full recovery and was discharged after four days at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. So, if you are still interested in wearing skinny jeans, take precaution. Wear looser clothing, especially during exercise or strenuous activity. Stand Up! Walk around. Get the blood flowing to your leg muscles before you drop! Though rare, some experts like Dr. Roshini Raj said that the potential dangers of skinny jeans are very real.” She added that “fashion is wonderful, but you really need to listen to your body’s signals. If you feel pain and discomfort, you might want to limit it or to stop it altogether.” So ladies, next time you throw on those skinny jeans and take them for a day trip, remember what happened down under! The dingo didn’t get her, but her skinny jeans did!!

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