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10 Reasons Why YOU Will Love Mineral Foundation*

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Are you looking for that “no make-up Make-UP look” that leaves you looking fresh and glowing and absolutely flawless? Well look no further.

Besides the 10 reasons you will love mineral foundation, one of my all time favorite reasons is looking and feeling younger. The lines and wrinkles disappear before your eyes!

My very first experience with mineral foundation was with famous Hollywood make-up artist Michael Maron and his Mojave Magic. Michael applied the mineral foundation on me LIVE on TSC and VOILA! I saw a difference immediately. I have been in love with mineral foundations ever since!

Below are my 10 Reasons Why You Will Love Mineral Foundation.

The number one reason I love mineral foundation is because if feels like your skin is naked, or better yet, if feels like you have a brand new skin on. And that is just a start!

So let’s keep going!

2. Easy to Apply

For starters, since mineral foundation is mostly made out of small nano sized pigmented particles, it is really easy to apply. And blends beautifully…no lines of demarcation. Simply swirl your brush into the powder and continue the swirling motion over your entire face: eyelids, lips and under eye included.

3. Great for Sensitive Skin

Most mineral make-ups are chemical free, fragrance free and paraben free. Most ladies who have sensitive skin say mineral make-up is the first make-up they can wear without any adverse effects.

4. Natural sunblock

A few ingredients found naturally in the minerals actually have sunblock properties. Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide are natural sunscreens and help protect your skin —unlike the harmful chemical sunscreens that are found in many foundations.


Although not as strong or long lasting as your typical sunblock, mineral foundation would be enough to protect your skin against harmful UV lights when going on short errands. For longer sun exposure though, it is advised to pair the mineral foundation with the sunblock of your choice.

5. Total coverage yet sheer natural finish

Please don’t be doubtful of the word “sheer". Since mineral foundation come in a finer, smoother form, a little goes a long way. You can always layer up if you want to get that opaque foundation look. This means you can adjust the amount of foundation you want to put one.

6. Concealer for skin blemishes

Some days we just can’t help but get different skin blemishes all at once. Mineral foundation will neutralize and balance the look of blemishes. Paired with the right concealer, it can erase those dark circles under your eyes with a smooth finish.

Myself, I need not wear a concealer with my mineral foundation. The mineral foundation gives me a smooth look blending with my face’s natural contours giving me a sculpted look which I absolutely adore.

7. Helps in acne and skin redness

Most mineral make-up contains Zinc Oxide, which is an FDA skin protectant known to soothe irritated skin. Plus Zinc Oxide contains anti-inflammatory properties, which is one reason dermatologists love mineral make-up so much.

8. Mineral foundation does not contain any oil

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Which makes mineral foundation perfect for anyone with acne as oils have been known to aggravate an acne condition.

9. Air brushed look

Mineral foundation gives you an airbrush look, leaving your skin young looking and glowing.

10. Let’s your skin breathe!

This makes for a healthier skin. In turn, having healthier skin will make you look younger. If you have that close to perfect skin, you all but need minimal amount of make-up. In some way, this is cost effective and less hassle to your daily make-up routine.

If you want to try out mineral foundation, you can find it almost everywhere nowadays and comes in many forms: loose, pressed, compact, tub. You can even find mineral make-up eye-shadow and blush!

I recommend Mojave Magic, available on Amazon as well as www.mojavemagic.com.

I am also quite fond of Jane Iredale, also found on Amazon, estheticians, and her own website: www.janeiredale.com.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYg18KkSFn4

Jane focuses on mineral make-up for after any type of cosmetic procedure and especially for every day wear.

As always, consult with your doctor or skin care practitioner to be sure to get the right product for your skin and get the one that’s not harmful to your health.

Till next time…


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