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Top 10 Foods that Age You - Eat These Foods at Your Own Risk*

Top 10 foods that age you Cover

Are you aging right before your very own eyes? If so, the foods you are eating are part of the problem and aging you from the inside out. That is why I say eat these foods at your own risk.

Bottom line is there are foods that accelerate the aging process and make us look and feel old before our time. Because of that, we are going to focus on the Top 10 Foods That Age You.

OHH, say it ain't so!!

Yup, it is so.

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The good news is by eliminating from your diet the Top 10 Foods That Age You, you can actually turn back the clock on both how you look and how you feel!

In the article below I address the main culprits that make you look older. I also provide solutions and easy substitutions to help make the transition effortlessly.

So, before you go to the kitchen and grab your favorite low-fat turkey breast and low carb bagel sandwich, take a few moments and read the list of categories and favorite foods within each category below. It might change your mind on what snack you go for.

Lets get to it!

And, yes, be aware of the Top 10 Foods That Age You: Eat These Foods at Your Own Risk as these nutritional bad boys accelerate your aging process and make both you and me look old before our time.

1. Sugar

Kellie Olver top 10 foods that age you sugar

Even though that chocolate and peanut butter chip peanut butter chocolate brownie looks and tastes delicious, that tasty little morsel is not your friend. Why you ask? The obvious. SUGAR.

Sugar is NOT your friend.

And yet, sugar is everywhere: Frozen yoghurt, Croutons, Tonic water, Chewing gum, Spaghetti sauce, Wine, your favorite frothy barista concoctions and some of your low fat foods you think are so good for you.

There are many reasons why sugar is number 1 on the list of Top 10 Foods That Age You.


First of all, the thing about sugar is that if not used immediately in the body for energy, it breaks down and is stored as fat.

Now, let’s talk about the science of sugar and why consuming sugar makes you look older.

Excess sugar in the body attaches itself to collagen causing wrinkles and making your skin look inflexible and in some cases brittle. Once this cross-linking process has occurred, the new sugar proteins are called Advanced Glycation End Products, aka AGEs.

Hmmmm, AGE, how appropriate…I wonder if that is where the term AGING comes from…

The body does not recognize AGEs as normal, and will produce antibodies that cause inflammation in the skin. Once formed, AGEs tend to gravitate toward Dermal Collagen and Elastin which ultimately creates the wrinkles.

So, the next time you reach for that Jujube, Bowl of ice cream, or Ketchup for your French fries, think about it.

They all contain sugar. And sugar is number one on the Top 10 Foods That Age You.


In lieu of sugar, try dentist recommended Xylitol.

Photo from http://authoritynutrition.com/xylitol-101/

It looks and tastes like real sugar and is good for you. You can put it in coffee, cook with and bake with it.

And the good news is Xylitol is not on the list of foods that age you.

Check out the listings for Xylitol on Amazon here. I have tried just about every brand listed. You can't go wrong with any of them.

If you are looking for some of your all time favorites such as catchup, jellies and jams, BBQ sauce and even maple syrup made with Xylitol, check out Nature's Hollow here.

Nature's Hollow is a family owned business located in the beautiful Herber Valley of Utah. They pride themselves in creating both full sugar and sugar free condiments using Xylitol in recipes passed down from generation to generation.

The products are also made fresh batch and packaged weekly to ensure your satisfaction.

I am a huge fan and have tried just about every one of their products. My favorite? Peach and Mountain Berry Jam! NOM NOM! And the salsa is out of this world.

Check out Natures Hollow here on Amazon. You can also find Natures Hollow at whole food type markets and grocery stores.

Now, lets head off to number 2 on the list of Top 10 Foods That Age You.

2. Trans-Fat Foods

Kellie Olver top 10 foods that age you trans fats

* Prior to writing this revision, the FDA has since banned all trans-fats and has given manufacturers 3 years to comply. Check out the article here -- FDA Bans Trans-Fats

While gourmet potato chips, fried chicken and slice and bake cinnamon buns may satisfy your taste buds, they cause inflammation which is bad for every part of your body, including your collagen, making your skin look old and wrinkled. No wonder trans-fat foods are on the list of the Top 10 Foods That Age You.

OH, and did I mention weight gain?

Trans-fats make you heavier than other foods you are eating even though you are eating the same amount of calories.

So, if you are wondering why you can't lose weight, it could be your body is polluted with a build-up of these nasty chemicals.

More importantly, trans-fats are considered the worst types of fat and a double whammy by doctors because it raises your bad cholesterol and lowers your good cholesterol. Easy to now understand why trans-fat foods are considered foods that age you and a heart attack waiting to happen.

So what is a trans-fat anyway?

Trans-Fats are considered a manufactured fat, where hydrogen is added to vegetable oil which causes the oil to become solid at room temperature. Think stick margarine or canned cooking oil.

What are examples of trans-fat foods?

Well, to start off, the cheese puffs the smiling gal is eating in the picture above.

Photo from Galeri Ari Kurniawan at https://www.flickr.com/

Baked goods such as cookies and crackers. Plus ready-made frosting that goes on tops of cakes; snacks such as potato chips and microwave popcorn; refrigerator dough including slice and bake cookies, biscuits, cinnamon buns and frozen pizzas.

Plus fried foods including French fries, stir fried Chinese food, donuts and fried chicken; non-dairy creamer and stick margarine.

Hummmph. Top 10 foods that age you? Eat these foods at your own risk? To many people, the above mentioned foods are the bane of their existence!

It is time to extricate yourself and your loved ones from trans-fat foods!


Read labels, monitor the quantities you eat or avoid trans-fats completely.

I suggest avoiding all packaged foods and eat fresh food only.

However if convenience is one of your biggest reasons for buying and eating packaged foods, help has arrived.

All of us from kellieolver.com attended Natural Product Expo West 2015 in Anaheim and discovered great strides being made to fill this gap with a strong push towards healthy packaged fresh and frozen foods.

Check out the video here for reviews on several of the products.

3. Heated Oil

Photo by Matthew Murdoch at https://www.flickr.com/

All-time favorite foods such as fried eggs, French fries, deep fried chicken wings, stir fry beef and broccoli, scrambled eggs and even French toast fried in oils at high temperatures are on the list of Top 10 Foods That Age You. Eat these foods at your own risk.

Heated oils and the foods prepared in them can wreak havoc in your body and make you look older.

Using high temperatures while cooking with oil cause oxidation in the oil making the oil unstable if not toxic causing inflammation within the body.


Use coconut or grape seed oil to fry your foods at high temperatures.

I use organic, virgin coconut oil from Trader Joe's.

photo from http://www.thekitchn.com/

Use Olive oil to sauté foods at low to medium heat.

Use your Almond oil and Omega 3 rich Olive oil to enhance the flavor or your fresh, steamed or lightly grilled vegetables.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also a perfect alternative to butter for your sprouted grain bread and for dipping tasty snacks.

4. Dairy Products

Strawberry Ice cream-Photo by Joy at https://www.flickr.com/

It is unfortunate that dairy is considered in the Top 10 Foods That Age You. Ice Cream and yoghurt are two of my favorites.

Did you know that 60% of "grown-ups" can't digest or break down milk? This leads to several health conditions many of which may trigger an inflammatory response. Which leads to aging.

Studies of aging skin have shown an association between milk and milk products with acne, which may lead to scarring and age spots.

Dairy products contain a certain type of protein that causes irritation around the joints contributes to inflammation —which by the by, may be the trigger for the acne and arthritis.


I know it is tough to give up your fruit flavored yoghurts, ice cream sundaes, cream for coffee and all the wonderful brie’s, cheddars and ooie gooie burratas, even though you know they are on the Top 10 Foods That Age You.

Remember, moderation is always best.

If you are looking for an alternative to ice cream I have found what I think to be the closest thing to heaven.

Luna and Larry's Organic Coconut Bliss dairy free, soy free, gluten free, cream free ice cream ROCKS! Or shall I say COCO-NUT-ROCKS!!

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