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Anti-Aging Care For Your Hands - A Must!*

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Question: What are the first things people look at when they want to guess your age?

If you answered FACE—that’s a yes. And the other?

Look at your hands on your keyboard right now or, look at your hand holding your smart phone.


Yup. Hands. Hands are the second thing a person looks at when they want to guess your age.

That is why this article, anti-aging care for you hands —a must, is a must read for you!

Everyone mostly focuses on anti-aging care for the face. Who wouldn’t? It’s basically the first thing you see when you look in the mirror every morning. And it is the first part of you that other people’s eyes would lay upon too.

But it’s your hands that are a dead give-away and very much tell people your true age! And that is why you must also focus on anti-aging care for your hands! Just look at the picture below. What do you see?

I can tell you what I see: a young hand and an old hand. One represents youth; the other represents an aging individual.

Do you understand what I mean about the hands being a dead give-away to looking old or young?

Now, to answer your question "Is anti-aging care for your hands a must?" Yes. Anti-aging care for your hands is an absolute must.

No matter the season, your hands are exposed to the eyes of many. It is often the neglected part when it comes to skin care.

It doesn’t do much for your face to look fresh. glowing and line free while your hands are covered in wrinkled, crepey and flaky skin.

If your hands are showing signs of ageing, do some anti-aging care for your hands now.

First thing’s first – protection.

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Anti-aging care for your hands starts with protection. To me that means sunscreen.

Click here to obtain my list of what I consider to be the Top 7 Natural Sunscreens in the market.

For protection of your hands, use your sunscreen the same way you would use sunscreen on your face in both the summer and winter months.

In the summer months, we are more inclined to wear less clothing than the rest of the year. Therefore the risk of sun damage is higher. When you apply sun protection to your arms, go a little lower and cover your hands as well.

In the winter, we forget about the sun and our sunscreen. Don't underestimate the full out aging power of the sun even in the deep freeze of January. Use sunscreen on your hands 12 months of the year.

It is very much proven that as we get older our hands reveal more conspicuous veins because the skin thins out.

Another reason to invest in anti-aging care for your hands.

Sun exposure rapidly accelerates the aging of the skin on your hands and arms as unprotected sun encourages the loss of collagen which we all know helps keep your skin smooth and supple.

Anti-aging care for your hands means more moisture. Constantly be applying moisturizer to your hands.

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More moisture will not reverse the effect of existing signs of aging but it will help to restore hydration in your hands and also help in preventing further aging damage.

There are all kinds of “hand moisturizers” out there. Be sure to choose one that best suits your skin type.

Products that contain Glycerin are great for any skin type.

Shea butter or any thick face cream will do the trick to severely dry hands.

These products will prevent moisture from seeping out of your skin by creating an impermeable barrier.

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I suggest you try Perlier Shea Butter, 2.3oz for $29.50, Perlier Shea Butter is 99% pure Shea and one of my favorites. I use it day and night. I love the feeling, I love the results.

Another one of my favorites is The Garden Spa’T LAVENDER Body Butter. 4oz for $18.95, this body butter is a fine Shea butter blend unlike other Shea butters that can be sticky, waxy and just downright impossible to use.

Garden Spa’T's rich buttery blend melts right into your skin simultaneously providing antioxidants, vitamins and moisture. A feast for dry, chapped skin.

The Body Butter is available online at www.thegardenspat.com. Or if you live in the L.A. area, you can visit Tanis and her team in their Eagle Rock location at:


Don’t forget to apply after every hand washing as well.

Cosmetic procedures are another form of anti-aging care for your hands. A must do if you want to keep your age a secret.

Two popular cosmetic procedures include fat injections and laser.

The upsides? They work.

The downside? These procedures can be costly, there is a little bit of downtime and, like any surgical procedure, complications may occur.

Choosing great products such as sunscreen and Shea butter with glycerine hand creams plus advanced techniques such as fat injections and laser are number one choices for anti-aging treatments to keep your hands looking young.

A must for keeping aging at bay and keeping your age a secret that not even your hairdresser will know!

You see, we can grow younger each and every day

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