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Look and Feel Younger As You Age – Motivation for a Healthy You*


Being healthy on the inside means looking and feeling younger on the outside: mind, body and spirit.

Getting on the right track to get there is not always easy.

Getting BACK on track, once you have gone off the wagon, is sometimes harder.

So, if you want to look and feel younger as you age, motivation for a healthy you is what is required to get on track and stay on track for the long haul.

Let’s face it. Some of the things you are doing right now just aren't working. Some of your actions and behaviors are not serving you. And yet you keep doing the same thing, the same behavior, over and over again.

And now that peanut butter chocolate chip cookie that was once a treat has now become your ally and an everyday habit.

Same thing with exercise.

Putting off your 30 minute walk till tomorrow has now become a habit of missing your 30 minute walk every single day. You are not alone as I am in this category with many of you right now as we speak.

Habits and knowing you have to break a bad habit is not enough.

Having the motivation to get to it and keep doing it is what is required now. Especially if you are planning on looking and feeling younger as you age.

Please read on for a few motivational tips to cement that healthy resolve.


Make time NOW.

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It’s the most important factor in everything! You can’t take on the journey to look and feel younger as you age if you don’t think you have the time to do what it takes to make the change. And, some of you may think it is too late to start on the path to looking and feeling younger because you think you can’t reverse aging once it’s happened. NOT TRUE!!

Look 5 Years Younger in Less than 5 Minutes!! by Kellie Olver

I understand. It is so easy to feel demotivated and give up if you feel it’s too late or that you are too busy to get healthy. I GET IT! I'VE BEEN THERE!

Or procrastinate in changing for the better...

Know this. The only thing that is real is time. And we never get it back. Truly embracing that time will never go back should be a big motivation to jump on the healthy lifestyle to look and feel younger as you age. I know it is for me. I want every second to count! List the benefits. It’s like a reward system for kids. Some parents motivate their kids by designating a prize for a certain achievement like getting good grades or doing household chores. Same thing goes with eating healthy or doing exercise —you do this so you can look and feel younger. Focus on the most motivating benefits to get on with a healthy you.

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Whatever that means to you. It could be fitting into your skinny jeans; WOW-ing everyone at your college reunion; believing you will live for another 30 years and you want to make sure you can keep up with your kids or your significant other. Some of you might want to include the consequences of NOT getting healthy in their list.

I understand that warning signs are also good motivation factors but I believe it is more powerful to have a positive mindset and positive thinking instead. Rewards get better results than consequences.

Make a plan and plan to succeed. You don’t necessarily need to make a big leap to start on a healthy lifestyle to make you look and feel younger as you age. After all, we all learned to walk from baby steps. So instead of being vague with your goals, get into the specifics.

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Break down your goal or goals into smaller parts so they are easy to accomplish. You can actually seek expert advice and they will certainly tell you that you won’t get to look and feel younger by changing lifestyles overnight.

Also bear in mind to keep a record of your progress no matter how minuscule. Every 1/4 inch or 1/8th of a pound is a milestone. As is being able to climb a flight of stairs without having to stop because you are breathing hard or hitting the mile mark on your walk instead of the half mile is something to do the happy dance for! A small achievement is an achievement and mentally and emotionally a very great motivation to push for more.

Keep believing in yourself. Doubt is a four letter word here. Erase that word from your vocabulary.

To quote international fitness expert, Tony Little, “YOU CAN DO IT”. There are literally millions of people in the world that have successfully crossed over to a healthier lifestyle in order to look and feel younger as they age.

Kellie Olver with Tony Little

Me and Tony Little. Shot during the "Amazing Discoveries" infomercial.

They are succeeding at turning new activities into healthy habits. They have proven that you can look and feel younger as you age. It’s only a matter of applying motivation for a healthy you. Remember, YOU CAN DO IT! LOL, thanks Tony!! Till next time, your mission, and I know you have decided to accept it, is to grow younger each and every day! Remember, we are all in this together! Let me know your thoughts by posting at the bottom of this article. You might have a few friends who can use a little motivation themselves to look and feel younger as they age. Please share with your friends. A little motivation goes a long way....


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