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Beauty Tips and Tricks: 15 Amazing Uses for Coconut Oil*


It’s not at all unusual for us to find products that are tagged as “all in one” nowadays. But not all products live up to their name. Coconut oil however, is pretty close to a total cure-all.

What I have here for you is a compiled list of beauty uses for coconut oil. So read on below for awesome Beauty Tips and Tricks: 15 Amazing Uses for Coconut Oil. And please read on to the bonus tip at the bottom of the blog..I thought I would be bold and provocative and all grown up and discuss something that is a bit taboo....even though everyone does it!

These beauty hacks will turn you into a believer of the multiple beauty benefits found naturally in coconuts if you are not already!

1. Eye creams can be expensive. If you are on a budget and you want to remedy those eye bags and fine lines, coconut oil is the answer. Don’t worry; coconut oil is very light on the skin. 2. When you’re done with under eye treatment at night, why not go ahead and apply coconut oil to your face as a night-time treatment. Since coconut oil is a great antioxidant, it will smooth wrinkles and fine lines while you sleep. I use coconut oil nightly on my face and love it.


3. Remove make-up easily with coconut oil. You can apply it directly to your face as a cleanser and make-up will melt away. Even water proof mascara won’t stand a chance.

4. Ever heard of “oil pulling”? It’s when you gargle with coconut oil first thing in the morning to pull out germs and bacteria. Yes, coconut oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal effect. There even have claims that regular oil pulling for 20 minutes every day can help regenerate decayed teeth. 5. I think this is one of the best beauty tip and tricks out there, use coconut oil as body oil. No need to purchase separate body oil. Slather on wet skin and pat dry to lock moisture in. I like to use organic virgin coconut oil after shower or bath. It really works! 6. If you are the DIY inclined, you can use coconut oil as body lotion base. It is actually the ingredient you would commonly find in organic body moisturizers.

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7. Sooth your chapped lips with coconut oil. At room temperature, it will be in a semi-solid state. Grab an empty lip balm container and fill it will coconut oil for ready use any time of the day.

8. Pregnant women would love coconut oil. It’s one of the best stretch marks prevention products in the market. You can even use this for scars, just to avoid blisters and dark spots from forming.

All right. We have now passed the half way mark. Are you a believer yet?

Did you ever think coconut oil had so many beauty tips and tricks? 15 Amazing Uses of Coconut Oil is just the tip of the coconut tree when it comes to such wholesome goodness. And with so many coconut enhancing beauty benefits, can it get any better?

Yes it does. Please, read on.

9. You won’t need shaving cream when you have coconut oil. Sure, it doesn’t lather, but it will facilitate shaving the same way a shaving cream does. Not only that, it will leave your skin moisturized instead of dried out. 10. Tired and need a rub down? Simply grab your jar of coconut oil and you are ready to be massaged with what I call pure heaven. You can even warm it up by placing the jar in a pan of hot water for a few minutes for a better feel. 11. Hair frizz is a goner with coconut oil. Just a small amount will go a long way. It acts as a smoothing treatment to frizzy hair and will also give your hair the shine boost it needs.

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12. Get into a nightly coconut oil treatment for your hair. It will give your roots the moisture it needs and help prevent dry scalp and dandruff. Give your scalp a bit of massage when applying to oil. In doing so, it encourages hair growth. 13. No need to purchase deep conditioning products. Use hot coconut oil before washing hair. Apply to hair and leave it in for at least an hour for a moisturizing treatment then wash. 14. If leave on conditioners is what works for you, then coconut oil will also do. Apply to wet hair to seal in moisture.

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15. One beauty tip and trick that you may not have known is that coconut oil can revitalize cracked cuticles. Cracked cuticles are not a sight to behold. A coconut balm at the base of your nails will fix this.

BONUS TIP! Better Sex! How? Replace your AstroGlide or Trojan Lube or any other chemical laden romantic lubricant with organic coconut oil. Why? Coconut oil is all natural and contains no chemicals. Plus it has natural moisturizing elements which is great for the vaginal wall. Yeast infections may be a thing of the past because coconut oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties - YEAH. Plus, cocconut oil tastes great. For more info please read here...

Well there you have it. Beauty Tips and Tricks: 15 Amazing Uses of Coconut Oil is sure to start you on your way to a world of natural personal care and beauty products.

From coconut oil eye creams and face moisturizers, to body softeners and teeth whiteners, to stretch marks and cuticles, the amazing uses of coconut oil seem to go on and on. Did I forget to mention hair? Ok, there I said it!

Let me know when you have tried some of these coconut oil beauty tips and tricks yourself. You can reach out to me directly at KO@kellieolver.com or leave your comments below.

And please, share this article with family and friends. Turn them into a coconut convert as well!

And lastly, your mission, and I know you have decided to accept it, is to grow younger every day! Remember, we are all in this together!

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