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Beauty Tips and Tricks for Your Feet: 5 Kitchen Items for Soft and Smooth Feet*

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FEET!! They take a lot of punishment. Think about it. Your two little tootsies are the only things supporting your entire body. Right now I would like you to take your shoes off, stand up and look at your feet right now. Wiggle your toes.

When you think about it, not much surface area down there to be supporting and carrying around that 100 to 250 pounds of flesh and bones on a daily basis, now is there?

What is needed to counter this everyday wear and tear is

some much needed beauty tips and tricks for your feet.

5 kitchen items for soft and smooth feet? Really?

I know, it must sound like the impossible dream right about now as you must be thinking "what kitchen items could be effective enough to provide soothing comfort to body parts that are typically the most neglected?".

The sad truth is no one seems to care about their feet. Why? Well I believe it is because they are typically covered up with shoes most of the year and sadly forgotten. So, how about your feet? Yes! Your feet are often missed when it comes to foot skin care. Skin care typically focuses on the face, torso area, hands, and legs because they are often times tagged as the most exposed parts of your body. You will come across hundreds of beauty tips and tricks for these body parts.

Not so with the feet.

I say FEET should be included in your skin care routine. And you don’t have to spend a lot on expensive foot spas or professional treatments.

You can treat your tootsies in your own home with these beauty tips and tricks for your feet. 5 Kitchen Items for Soft and Smooth Feet will end up being your new best friends forever.

1. Baking Soda – Treat your feet to a relaxing soak once in a while. The foot soak ratio would be 2 tablespoons of baking soda to a basin of warm water.

Baking Soda

Soak for about 30 minutes then scrub away dead skin cells and flaky skin. But please be gentle while scrubbing! Just because the skin on your feet is tougher than that of your face doesn’t mean you have to go at it real hard. Remember, baking soda softens skin. You might cause abrasions on it if you don’t scrub gently.

2. Olive Oil – It is not only good for the health but good for the feet as well. If you’ve heard of olive oil being a good moisturizer and anti-aging agent for the rest of your body then it should be good for your feet. You can extend that softness and smoothness by moisturizing with olive oil. Your feet will look and feel younger with soft and smooth skin.

Massage onto feet until absorbed by your skin. Or you can apply to feet before bedtime. Wear socks over them and take of socks to rinse the next morning. 3. Honey – Also one of the best moisturizing agents you’ll find (and one of my favorites in the 5 kitchen items for soft and smooth feet) honey can hydrate your feet as well as any product. It is antibacterial and contains skin antioxidants, 2 of the factors that make up the anti-aging process. Honey is also clarifying because it unclogs pores. Yes, feet have pores too.

Source: Homeveda - Home Remedies for You!

For dry and cracked skin on feet, add a cup of raw honey into warm water and let your feet soak for 15 minutes daily. 4. Milk – There is no question about this. Milk has long been incorporated in beauty products because of its health and anti-aging benefits. Again, a warm foot soak with milk will make your feet softer. Raw milk is best as a moisturizing agent. There’s also that whitening effect of milk on skin. Giving your feet a dose of milk will improve complexion.

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And finally, on to tip number 5 of 5 Kitchen Items for Soft and Smooth Feet: 5. Vinegar – Your regular commercial vinegar just won’t do. It is infused with chemicals so you might get chemical burns if you use it. One of the best beauty tips and tricks out there is to use organic products to look and feel younger. Organic options like cane or coconut vinegar will work as well. A cup of vinegar in a basin of warm water will be great as a foot bath. Soak for 15 minutes and no more.

Try out these beauty tips and tricks for your feet. With regular use of these 5 Kitchen Items for Soft and Smooth Feet, you’ll see the changes in no time. Till next time, Kellie

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