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Anti-aging Foods – 21 Foods That Make You Look Younger*

Look and Feel Younger

There’s no denying it. Every time we see “anti-aging” anywhere, our minds automatically think of beauty products. Anti-aging skin care products would be the best example.

What some of us don’t know is that anti-aging products can be in different forms, like food.

Oh yes, it is tested and proven that there are anti-aging foods in the market that can help you steal back some of your years. So let me share with you some of what I consider the best and some of my most favorite anti-aging foods: 21 foods that make you look younger!

Apple – An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

And it’s the truth! You want to know why? It’s because apples are full of Vitamin C. It boosts the immune system and protects you from the diseases that attack us in life. Not only that, but apples are full of fiber which is very good for our digestive system. Having a clean digestive track is one key to make you look and feel younger.

Avocado – One of my all time favorites in the list of all time anti-aging foods.

Avocado can be eaten as is or in a salad or as a spread. Whatever way you choose to take it, avocados are anti-aging because of its fiber and potassium content, anti-oxidant properties and healthy fats. It has a high content of Oleic acid (Omega-9), a mono-unsaturated fatty acid, which can help with certain health concerns like diabetes, hypertension, and cancer. It may also aid you in burning fat.

Banana – Number 3 on my list of anti-aging foods.

Bananas are not just good for a dose of potassium but for a lot of vitamins and minerals as well. They are low in salt which lessens water retention in the body, thus reducing bloating. They also aid in digestion, gently removing toxins from the body, and are natural antacids. Since bananas are high in anti-oxidants so they help in cancer prevention and prevent early signs of aging on skin making you look and feel younger.

Check this out! You can also use the inside of a banana peel to make your teeth whiter.

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Beans – You need protein but if you don’t want the add-ons you’d normally get from meat, where else can you get it? Of course, from beans.

Beans are power packed with anti-aging properties because it’s a plant protein, meaning it doesn’t always come with cholesterol or added fat. A lot of older folks are concerned by the level of uric acid in beans but that’s easily washed out by drinking plenty of water. Beans intake with a supplement of high water consumption, you will not only get the protein your body needs to build lean muscle but you will also get a well hydrated skin.

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Berries – Blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, or strawberries. Any berry you pick has very high antioxidant content than most fruits.

Anti-oxidants are very important when you want to look and feel younger because they halt the damage that free radicals cause to our bodies on a daily basis. When it does this, it also put a stop to augmented aging. Combining berries in one meal is very much advised because you get more anti-oxidant properties into your system in one sweep.

Lets continue with our list of 21 foods that make you look younger! We are not even half way through yet!

Broccoli – We have all heard chowing down on broccoli is good for us since we were knee high to a grasshopper. And we should continue to do so —eat it, broccoli that is, even when we are older. Broccoli is a cholesterol patroller and a powerful anti-oxidant.

Did you know broccoli is rich in Vitamin K and Vitamin A? Plus it has anti-inflammatory properties, detoxifies and alkalizes your body. In beauty, the high level of Vitamin C in broccoli helps in collagen production and is therefore anti-aging.

And that is why broccoli is on my list of anti-aging foods. 21 foods that make you look younger may seem like a lot, but really, 21 is just the tip of the iceburg, lettuce that is.

Which leads us to another one of my anti-aging food favorites.. CHOCOLATE!

Chocolate – Take note now: I’m talking about the dark kind. Dark chocolate that has at least 70% cocoa content is good for your health and beauty.

In health, it lessens risk of heart diseases and lowers blood pressure. In beauty, cocoa fights of aging by reducing stress. And stress as we all know, is a major player in skin breakdown and wrinkles. Of course, too much of anything can’t be a good thing. Since this is chocolate we’re talking about, it is advised that you stick to a healthy portion.

Source: Mercola

Cucumber – Aside from good hydration, cucumber is great for the body because of its silica content. Silica helps in the development of the body especially with bone and joint growth. The abundance of silica in our body is what makes our skin soft and smooth, our hair shiny and silky. Having great hair and beautiful skin will certainly make you look and feel younger.

Eggs – Eggs, with yolk and all is a good source of protein hence it is very much good food for children. But as you get older, it is still advised to avoid eating the yolk if you can as it is where the bad cholesterol lies.

So what anti-aging benefits would you get from eggs? Eggs are packed with amino acids that supply the skin with the nutrients it needs to keep it looking great.

Green Tea – Have you ever wondered why green tea drinkers have noticeably soft and smooth skin? Yeah why is that?

Green tea is considered the ZEUS of anti-oxidants, chock full of benefits with a long list pointing them out. Another question. Why do so many people sing the praises of the antioxidants from green tea over others? The answer is that green tea’s anti-oxidants are powerful enough to combat both water and fat soluble oxidants. That’s hitting two birds with one stone. An accomplishment very few other antioxidants can claim.



Anti-bacterial and anti-allergic, I think most Moms know about this already. A dose of honey a sick day will help getting you back on your feet again. It also does wonder to your skin and hair. Honey with lemon in water early in the morning will aid you in losing weight. For anti-inflammatory properties, ingest a spoonful of honey daily as this will slow down the aging process of your body. To look and feel younger, stick with raw honey though so it isn’t stripped of all the essentials like the processed ones are.

What do you think so far? Have I hit your sweet spot for some of the anti-aging foods I have spoken about so far? Pretty amazing about honey and chocolate and cucumber, isn't it? But there are more to come!

As we are now half way through our list of anti-aging foods, 21 Foods that Make You Look Younger, I want to tell you rejuvenation through food is not some pie in the sky wishful thinking.

The anti-aging foods we have spoken about thus far have known health benefits. Incorporating these yummie foods into your daily diet can reap a world of difference not only in your health and wellness but also even in supporting all of your anti-aging activities.

Hipppocrates sure was correct: "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food."

But I digress. So let's move on to another one on our list of anti-aging foods.

Nuts – Vitamins, flavor, crunch, protein variety and antioxidants are what make nuts such a wonderful choice to include in your diet. Plus a healthy dose of fiber and good fats. Getting a high dose of Vitamin E from almond for example will do wonders for your skin and hair. With shining hair and supple skin, it will take off years from your age.

Oats – The best to lower cholesterol levels in the body, oats is also one of the anti-aging foods you should consider adding to your nutrition. Also, oats contain a soluble fiber called Beta-glucan found in oat kernel’s cell walls. It is said to treat fine lines and skin disorders and it is effortlessly absorbed by the skin. It’s no surprise that you get all these products in the market with oats in them!

Olive Oil – Decades ago, researchers concluded that olive oil is good for lowering the risk of heart diseases and cancer. And it is quite a talk because olive oil is, well, OIL. That can’t be good right? But it has long been proven that it is good for the health and good for beauty as well. It moisturizes the skin, it is hypo-allergenic, and is rich in natural fatty acids.

Maintaining that youthful glow can be done with the use of olive oil. It helps with the skin’s elasticity, helps regenerate skin cells, and protects the skin. And that is why olive oil is on the list of anti-aging foods.



Oranges are well known as great sources of Vitamin C and with this comes a huge anti-aging benefit. Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen and collagen is what we all know makes our skin young and soft and smooth. Children are mostly given routine doses of Vitamin C (and other vitamins and minerals) to boost their immune system and keep diseases away.

The side effect of this is the steady flow of collagen in their body thus giving them a more elastic and smoother skin. As we age, we tend to forget to take our vitamins. Coupled with unhealthy eating habits, we end up accelerating our aging process.

Red Wine – It has alcohol therefore it can’t be good for you, right? Well, in this case, it can be wrong.

What's the big deal? Resveratrol. High dosages of this powerful anti-oxidant derived from the skin of grapes. What it does is it protects the skin from damage, firms and soothes the skin, and maintains healthy skin cells. But since it has indeed alcohol content in it, it is advised to drink it in moderation.

A glass of red to wash away your food would be good for you. Finishing a whole bottle by your lonesome (at one sitting!) is definitely NOT a good idea. And, a glass or two of wine a day might cause you to gain a few pounds or so at the end of the year so this should be seriously taken into consideration as well.

Salmon – One of the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is a good option to add to your nutrition. Omega-3 helps in keeping your skin elastic and moisturized, making you look and feel younger. If you’re adding that to your list of super foods, wild salmon is always better than cultured salmons. For those with existing health issues though, salmon contains mid-range amount of purines. You might want to consult with your doctor if you can eat this kind of fish or not.


Spinach Salad

It’s no wonder Popeye gets a power boost after spinach consumption. It’s jam packed with all the goodness you need from a green leafy vegetable. It’s full of vitamins and minerals, not to mention the mighty group of anti-oxidants Polyphenols –known for its superb anti-aging effects. Eating spinach actually helps you build new skin cells. It decreases skin roughness and dryness and enhances elasticity. Because it is an anti-oxidant, this similarly means that it fights off free radicals that can cause life threatening diseases.

Tomato – Tomato is the best source of Lycopene and it is considered majestic among anti-oxidants. The higher amounts of lycopene in your body, your skin has a higher chance of fighting off environmental exposure damage. It also helps in making skin smooth, eliminating roughness in continued intake.

Best sources of lycopene are tomato products. If you choose to stock up on these, go for tomato juice as it has higher lycopene content as compared to raw tomato, ketchup, or tomato sauce. But please be advised to consume only a certain amount of tomato juice per day. Best to consult with your physician especially if you have existing health conditions you want to supplement with lycopene intake.

Watermelon – Most anti-aging centers I am aware of all put watermelon high on their list of anti-aging foods. Why? Besides watermelon being refreshing and tasting good, watermelon is high in anti-aging properties. Really! You would think that all you’d get is hydration but there’s actually Lycopene and Citrulline.

I’ve discussed the benefits of Lycopene in the point above so what about Citrulline? It’s an amino acid that you’d get from the rinds of watermelons. Citrulline detoxifies the body, ups your metabolic rate, and balances acidity in the body. It’s an anti-oxidant too so it conditions skin making you look and feel younger.

Check out the one of the best ways to pick the best watermelon in the patch!

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Yogurt – Though it’s the last on the list of anti-aging foods –21 Foods that Make you Look Younger, it is not the least!

Yogurt is great for digestion and is also full of nutrients for anti-aging like Zinc, Lactic acid, Calcium, and B vitamins. All of these nutrients make for a healthier body when ingested.

When applied directly to skin, it makes it brighter, makes pore smaller, lines disappear, and treatment of acne. It is practically cheaper than most cosmetics brands and is always readily available in your local grocer.

And there you have it. Anti-aging foods! 21 foods that make you look younger.

These anti-aging foods are sure to help you look and feel younger without the chemical effects of commercial beauty products. But before you step out and stock up on these foods, I advise you again to check with your physician especially those with pre-existing health conditions. I know, I can’t stress this enough. It is ALWAYS better to be safe than be sorry! With expert advice, you can always try to incorporate the anti-aging foods slowly into your daily food intake and see what your body’s reactions are. Take notes or make a journal. It is an advantage to know what’s good for your body and what’s not.

If you are certain you don't have a reaction from or side effects from these foods, by all means, go ahead and include them in your daily nutrition. We want to achieve better health and body and not cause it harm. And best of all, you need to enjoy what you are putting into your body!

Remember, you job, and I know you have decided to accept it, is to grow younger every day!

I truly believe these anti-aging foods will help to make it so! Till next time, Kellie

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