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11 Everyday Things That Make You Age Faster*

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Sure, there are things that can make you look and feel younger. We often discuss them as a lot of us gals are constantly searching for innovative and cheap ways for anti-aging. Personally for me, focusing on the positive side like benefits is more of a motivation. But there are some people who need to get to know the consequences to wake them up. And for those people, here’s a list of 11 Everyday Things that Make You Age Faster.


Stress is absolutely number 1 of 11 everyday things that make you age faster. And I am sure other experts would agree.

You age more slowly when you smile a lot and you age more quickly when you frown a lot. That’s the basic beauty rule we learned from our childhood —smile when you want to look and feel younger. Quick explanation is because we use more muscles when frowning than smiling. It is no different with stress.

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The scientific explanation is that when you’re stressed, cortisol hormone is released by the body that causes a thickening in the mid-section!

Cortisol also causes excess oil production in the skin. And we all know what THAT excess oil can result to: breakouts, clogged pores, and many other skin conditions! Also, the mind and skin are deeply connected (sometimes more than we want them to be) that it is possible for your emotions to show on your skin.

In other words, the more you tie yourself up in knots over something, the more your skin will suffer as will your tummie. So for an anti-aging remedy, try not to stress.

If mind over matter doesn’t work, take a break.

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Give yourself room to breathe no matter how hectic your daily schedule is. You don’t have to act on impulse and run off to some exotic vacation but just spend time to relax for a few minutes.

Take your exotic vacation by watching a video you took while on vacation. And if you don't have such a video, you can watch one of mine! This video below was taken a Crystal Cove, near Laguna Beach, CA.

So, when I am far from home or need a little STRESS reduction, I fire up my laptop or click on the video on my smart phone, take a few minutes, and immerse myself in the relaxation of the water and the waves. I highly recommend it! Take a peek yourself right now. I think you will enjoy the mini-vaction break!

​When you make your daily schedule, don’t fill up your calendar without minutes to spare in between engagements. Make sure you designate some time in between to get a breather.

Not Enough Sleep

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Number 2 on the list of everyday things that make you age faster is not enough sleep.

Just because children need more sleep than we do, doesn’t mean we are entitled to stay up late whenever we want to. This is a big no-no! One of the causes for teen skin breakout is because they tend to stay up late. It really is just not the entirely because of puberty, mind you.

You can read it everywhere; sleep deprivation causes all kinds of skin problems like eye bags, dark circles, pimples, and skin pallor. These are not appealing traits of the skin thus making us look haggard and older. To look and feel younger, you need to get a decent amount of sleep. And according to the National Sleep Foundation, adults who are 26 years old and up should at least get 7 hours of sleep every day. And yes, sleeping at an appropriate time (that means night-time) helps heaps as well.

Top 10 Foods That Age You: Eat These Foods at Your Own Risk by Kellie Olver

Eating Sweets is number 3.

If you are one of those people who have a sweet tooth, then you may age faster than people who don’t! One of anti-aging tip is to stay away from sugar. Why? Because sugar just loves to bond with collagen and do away with it! If the amount of collagen in your body is not enough, this will cause your skin to go dry and brittle.

Sinking your teeth into that sweet stuff will not only wreak havoc on your waistline (or on your cheeks, on your arms, on your thighs…), but it will also be devastating to your health.

There’s a reason why parents warn their kids off sugar. First, it is bad for the teeth. Brushing your teeth, gargling, and flossing can only do so much if you eat sweets in excess. Looking younger can be difficult if you don’t have a good set of pearly whites. Also, sugar induced illnesses like diabetes can be your new best friend. Now that kind of friendship is genuinely FOR LIFE!


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The government warning in the packet says it all. If it can harm your health, how much more will it hurt your skin? Health concern is stressed in the packaging because first and foremost, free radicals are released into your body when you smoke, increasing your risk at cancer.

When it comes to your skin, it accelerates aging by damaging the skin’s elasticity. You’ll notice that people who smoke have more lines in their face that people who don’t. Smoking causes connective tissues in your skin to break down leaving you sagging and wrinkled skin.

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If stress can cause falling hair, so can smoking. Damaged hair follicles means thin hair then therefore results to breakage. It is proven that smoking is one of the major causes of baldness especially in men. Not only that, your hair will look dull and limp. These are testaments that this bad habit makes you age faster!

Inconsistent Exercise is number 5 of 11 Everyday Things that Make You Age Faster.

I think it’s safe to presume that we’ve all been there –there’s a wedding to attend or a New Year’s resolution perhaps so you need to lose a few pounds to fit into that gorgeous get up. And there’s only 2 months to lose weight!

So you rise and shine at dawn, put on your running shoes, and run 3 kilometers –every day. At the end of each day, you do yoga for an hour and a half. Nice! You’ve just graduated to 3 sizes lower than what you normally wear.

And after the event, you just stop exercising altogether. And in 2 weeks’ time, you gain back all the weight you lost and then some. Yes, I believe this is understood by most women all over the world!

We only think to exercise look and feel younger for a certain instance and not for the good of our future self. We think short term instead of long term benefits.

Exercise is one of the best anti-aging solutions and it should be done regularly and consistently. The yo-yo effect will not help you at all but will definitely leave stretch marks on your skin. I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t know the benefits of exercising. Getting it into your daily routine will not only help you look and feel younger but it will also extend your lifespan.

Occasional Sun Protection

One environmental factor that makes you age faster is UV damage. I have stressed this out repeatedly in some of my blogs, daily sun protection is very important. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of guilty women out there who only use sunscreen when they take a vacation to sunny places. And trust me, I have had my fair share of those guilty moments!

7 natural Sun Protections

UV light causes multitude of damaging things to our skin – dryness, sunburn, discoloration are only few of these skin conditions resulting from sun damage. UV light attacks our skin’s elastin so it causes our skin to not bounce back once it is stretched. It’s one of the major reasons for bruised and sagging skin.

Alcohol Intake-number 7 on the list of 11 Everyday Things that Make You Age Faster.

Daily dose of excess alcohol is not good for your skin. Sure, a lot of medical studies have shown that there are benefits to having a glass of wine daily. But anything more than that, can shorten your life instead of prolonging it. And even daily glasses of wine adds to your weight.

Alcohol steals hydration from your body and therefore steals hydration from your skin. When your skin is dehydrated, it damages easily. Flakiness and lines appear. Not only that, but alcohol also deprives your body with vitamins that are essential in cell regeneration and revolution. To look and feel younger, we all need to be wary of our alcohol consumption.

Too Much Make Up

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Yes oh yes, too much of anything is not good for you! This goes the same with makeup! There’s really no purpose to wear disproportionate make up on a daily basis. You can certainly do so when there’s a specific need for it like a costume party on Halloween. But please don’t think that covering fine lines in your face with inch thick make-up is an anti-aging solution. If you pile on too much make-up every day, your skin will have no room to breathe!

Contour: A Guide for a More Youthful Looking Face by Kellie Olver

Make up even in small doses has a tendency to clog your pores. This may already by a cause for breakout or skin irritation. And most women use commercial beauty products that are laden with chemicals. These components may strip your skin of its natural oils causing dryness and flakiness that leads to other signs of aging.

Unhealthy Fast Food is number 9 on the list of everyday things that make you age faster.

I had to be specific about it. Nowadays, not all fast foods are burgers, fries, and milkshakes. Gone are the days when the colors of fast food are only specific to red, white, and yellow. Now, green is in!

Plus, nowadays, you don't have to sacrifice all your favorite treats to be healthy! Check out my recipe for peanut butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites below. They are high protein and make with garbanzo beans and very yummie!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites by Kellie Olver

A lot of small food business owners have chosen to offer healthy options when it comes to food. You may well be surprised how many food trucks or small restaurants that cater to healthy “fast foods”. You can even order healthy meals on-line and have them delivered to your doorstep and it doesn’t cost as much as you think it does either! So one way to look and feel younger is to make good food choices. Eating fast but in the healthy way is the right way.

Pillow Face

Sleep is one guaranteed way for our body to heal and gather some anti-aging benefits. Some of you would think you can just flop down on a flat surface and have some ZZZs and you’ll wake up with beautiful and glowing skin. Nope! There is actually a correct way to lay your head when your sleep. And that is NOT to stuff your face in the pillow. Now who would’ve thought that this makes you age faster?

Dr. Dennis Gross, a NYC Dermatologist says that sleeping with your face in the pillow causes trauma to the skin”. Collagen cessations can create permanent wrinkles in the long run. Circulation also plays a good part in keeping the skin healthy and by pressing it into a pillow, this blights the process. Best on skin when sleeping is to lay on your back and use of satin pillowcases if possible to lessen abrasion.

And last but not least, number 11, of 11 Everyday Things that Make You Age Faster: Low on Water

You can ask every skin expert or every skin professional and they will all confirm that water is good for your skin.

Hydration is almost the key to everything skin. Why?

Body fluids are maintained to a healthy balance when you drink a lot of water. Since more than half of our body is essentially made of water, getting hydrated in the right level will help proper bodily functions. The benefits of water are endless when it comes to our overall health.

On skin, it is clinically an anti-aging instrument. Skin looks dull and flaws are more projecting. In some cases, lack of proper hydration to the skin can cause acne and other permanently damaging skin conditions. This is because when skin is properly hydrated, it decreases oil production of the skin. And we all know what excess oil on skin will result to! And who needs an expensive moisturizer when you have the most effective and cheapest product handy anytime, anywhere.

To get the proper hydration for your skin and body, take the time to drink separate glasses of water in separate times within the day. This will allow the water to carefully flow through your system and be suitably absorbed by the body.

Drinking too much water too fast is not an ideal way to get hydrated. And don’t use a straw! Yes, little did you know that the sipping process causes wrinkles around the mouth area. If you’re the busy body type, keep water within your reach and set an hourly alarm on your most used gadget to remind you to hydrate. Over time, you won’t have to use an alarm to reach out for that glass of water.

Flat Belly Water by Kellie Olver

So there you go! I hope you’ll be mindful to avoid these 11 Everyday Things that Make You Age Faster. Filling your life with anti-aging treasures not only fight premature aging but also extends your life span.

Putting into practice a healthy daily routine is a life-worthy investment!

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