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11 Best Non-Surgical Treatments that Work*

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What do all us anti-agers want most? We want to fight the calendar every day with a minimum of cost and pain, of course! If we don’t have to go under the knife, we sure do not want to. We want our skin, hair and body to shout: youthful appearance! You can’t guess how old they are! There are many many tools available to us but we are all different too. So here is a highly diverse selection of options for you to consider, which are among the best of all of the non-surgical treatments that work! 1. Collagen Replenishment– The most obvious visible sign of age is sagging, sunken skin on the face, especially around the eyes, cheeks and lips. The reason for this is collagen loss. Collagen, the stuff found under our skin and throughout our body that keeps our skin looking plump, firm and youthful, has diminished through the years and needs to be replaced. And we need to get our bodies to start making more.

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In the old days collagen was injected to the face to decrease volume loss and smooth out the appearance of skin. Although PERHAPS still in use, I believe there are better injectables that deliver better, longer lasting results. (See #11 - Fillers.)

In my opinion, supplementing with collagen, is one of the best, safest and healthiest ways to tighten saggy skin, rebuild lost collagen and kickstart your body to make more of it.

Collagen drinks are an easy, fast way to get your collagen.

27 Collagen Boosting Foods for Youthful Glowing Skin by Kellie Olver

2. Fraxel therapy – Fraxel lasers treat the skin using a CO2 laser that penetrates the skin fairly deeply. Fraxel is highly targeted so is supposed to produce better results than some other lasers with fewer problems afterwards.

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Skin resurfacing as well as scarring from other sources than age, is a typical use. The FDA has okayed the treatment, which usually takes about half an hour, plus prep time, and is repeated multiple times for best results;

3. Hyaluronic acid – Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the connective tissue in the body (about half an ounce in a typical person). An important component of the skin, hyaluronic acid is involved in skin repair due to sun damage. It is also involved in skin inflammation and is therefore key to wound reparation. In short, hyaluronic acid plays a major role in our skin health. And it has earned a major role in cosmetic treatments: products with hyaluronic acid have been perennial best sellers for many years;

Kellie's Secret for Growing Younger Year After Year

4. Botox – Botox is a classic treatment that has been used for many years to treat a variety of things, in addition to removing fine lines and wrinkles. Other uses include alleviation of sweating and of severe headaches.

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Botox is actually made from a highly poisonous neurotoxin but is safe in the very small doses used in cosmetic treatments. It essentially works by blocking the pathway between nerves and muscles where injected, thus creating a ‘frozen’ appearance that mitigates unsightly facial lines; 5. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) IPL uses rapid pulses of light from a Xenon bulb to penetrate skin and react with Hemoglobin and Melanin. This produces heat damage that can reduce the appearance of unwanted veins. Cold is applied to offset the skin heating which results from the treatment. Uses include collagen production and general rejuvenation. IPL is also used for removal of unwanted hair; 6. Vitamin C – Vitamin C is found throughout the layers of our skin. Over time, the effects of aging, smoking and the environment can reduce the levels in our skin and cause problems. (Worst case, scurvy!) This loss can be offset by non-surgical treatments ranging from topical application of through a liquid or cream to oral supplementation from food or vitamin supplements; 7. Microdermabrasion – This is essentially a ‘buffing’ treatment. The idea is to clean away dead surface layers of skin using a technique a little like sandblasting – when done professionally, tiny grains are blasted against the skin surface with a machine that simultaneously vacuums up the resultant skin debris. Usually several sessions are required. There are also home treatments that do not use machines but replicate the process with the application of skin cleaning creams; 8. Olive Oil

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Olive oil is truly a wonder food. As it is rich in antioxidants including Vitamin E, olive oil is reputed to have many anti-aging benefits, as well as being protective against high blood pressure, diabetes, and perhaps even heart disease and cancer. Olive oil does not clog skin pores; regular application to the skin can moisturize and restore health glow and the appearance of elasticity;

9. Aromatherapy – Sometimes what our skin and body needs to look its best is to truly relax. We do not know how tense we are or how to ‘untense’ until we actually experience the process. Aromatherapy can infuse the senses with health giving smells while telling our minds to just let go. So while the infusions of scents and sensations we receive from aromatherapy treatments do not change our skin, they can cause our muscles to just let go, and thereby reduce the wrinkling and tight feelings we hardly knew we had; 10. Fillers – Lets focus on Sculptra –

Sculptra is one of the newer filler on the market, and fully approved by the FDA. Its original intention was to support atrophy or lost volume in the faces of AIDS patients and later used for soft tissue contouring.

Sculptra is distinguished over others because of its long lasting effect.


It is an acid designed specifically to be compatible with the body and is applied with very fine needles. Over time, the substance acts as a frame around which the body can grow collagen, thus creating the fill in effect we might want. Several treatments over the course of a few months are the ideal approach; minor swelling can be easily handled with cold packs and topical treatments; 11. Meditation – Our mind can produce results that no medicine or treatment (yet) can. How do we tap into that power? That is what meditation is for.

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If there is any mental process most tied to accelerated aging it is stress, and meditation is the best non-surgical (and non pharmaceutical) approach known to help us manage stress.

When we are at peace with ourselves, we maximize the potential of our bodies and minds and project an aura of agelessness and confidence. This is a powerful tool in the anti-aging tool kit!

And there you have it! 11 Best Non-Surgical Treatments That Work. And they really do! If we inventory our aging ‘strengths and weaknesses’ – skin tone, hair sheen or strength, low energy or confidence – we can identify the one or two best non-surgical treatments to try out, with little inconvenience or cost. Send me your favorite ideas, and tips that have worked for you – I would love to share them with everyone.

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