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Top 10 Cosmetic Surgical Procedures to Look Younger*

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Plastic surgery has a long history —we have been looking for surgical procedures to help us look younger for many years! It is believed that a Hindu doctor rebuilt a nose using a piece of cheek before the time of Christ. And military physicians have been experimenting with nose and lip surgery for centuries (as these parts were most vulnerable to being sliced by swords and knives!). The term plastic surgery (from the Greek word meaning mold-able ‘Plastikos’) is more than two hundred years old.

Major advances of plastic surgery procedures really began with the development of effective anesthetics in the 19th century with the first nose jobs and facelifts being traceable to the post World War 1 period. Types of plastic surgery we are discussing in the Top 10 Cosmetic Surgical Procedures to Look Young, such as a lip roll, body lift surgery or a neck lift are not for everyone, for sure. These medical procedures, including thigh lift surgery and getting rid of eye bags are very targeted.

But sometimes going under the knife is the most effective way to quickly achieve anti-aging goals for the entire body. You see, even the legs, arms, stomach and buttocks show the signs of aging and in some cases may cause a poor body image and lead to poor self-esteem.

And that was me growing up!

But all that can be changed with the right information and the power of choice. Which is one of the reasons WHY I wrote Top 10 Cosmetic Surgical Procedures to Look Young.

I have researched and gone out and interviewed cosmetic surgeons from Miami Beach Florida to Newport Beach California to get the low down on old and new cosmetic surgery procedures to look younger all of which can make a positive difference in how both women and men feel about themselves at any age.

Knowledge is power. And it is up to you to decide what is best for you. So let’s review the Top 10 cosmetic surgical procedures to look younger.

And please make sure to check out number 6. There are some AMAZING before and after pictures of lip augmentations (lip roll). Check out number 9. You will LOVE the body lift before and after photos too! 1. Getting rid of Eye-bags- Nothing says aging like bags under the eyes.

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As number one on the list of Top 10 Surgical Procedures to Look Younger, blepharoplasty (nicknamed, ‘bleph’) is one of the most common procedures undertaken. Getting rid of eye-bags involves removing excess fat from below the eyes and tightening up skin around the eyes. The procedure usually takes a couple of hours on an outpatient basis, with scar healing and best results taking 6 to 12 months; There are a number of non-surgical strategies you can consider in getting rid of eye-bags like Hyaluronic fillers, Vitamin E or Almond oil, or simply getting more sleep! But if all else fails, blepharoplasty, the name for this surgery, may be for you. 2. Forehead Lift Surgery - Place both your hands on your forehead and eyebrows and lift up towards your hair line. Now go look in the mirror. Go on. Go do it. I will wait for you.

OK..back now? Good.

That is pretty much what a forehead lift is going to look like on you. You will look younger. Big difference isn't it. One of the great thing about a forehead lift surgery and why it is even on the list of Top 10 Surgical Procedures to Look Younger is that the end result is very natural looking, leaving you looking fresher, well rested and a younger version of you.

Check out the forehead lift before/after:

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Image from ljcsc.com

Benefits from forehead lift surgery can include lifting sagging skin on forehead which takes away the wrinkles; minimizing or removing the “11” between the brows; helps to remove or minimize the hooded look of the upper eyes leaving you with a much more open look; in some cases, a forehead lift can correct muscle sagging-similar to techniques in a face lift. 3. Facelift Surgery

The objective of a facelift surgery (aka, Rhytidectomy) is to give your face a more relaxed look to help you look younger than what the calendar says. It is important that your skin still have enough elasticity for the procedure to have maximum benefit so the procedure is generally recommended for those under 80, with exceptions. While there are a number of different surgical approaches, the common denominator is the removal of excess skin and tightening of the remaining skin so as to smooth away the effects of aging to the degree practicable.

A day or two in hospital may be required along with up to 6 months for scar healing. Keep in mind in your pursuit of looking younger that while a facelift can have a substantial effect, the effect will not last indefinitely and you should plan for a refresher periodically, or a redo perhaps 5 or 10 years down the road;

4. Neck Lift (turkey neck surgery) - sometimes the effects of aging are most apparent around the neck area (especially in the 50 and over group) and the most effective (time and cost) surgical approach to looking younger might be a focused procedure for the neck. This is done by a 2-3 hour procedure. Expect a bandage around your neck, chin and top of head. Plus a tube to assist in drainage of any excess fluids. The tube is typically removed in 1-3 days. The scarring effects typically are quite subtle and hidden.

Check out the neck lift pictures. Notice the turkey neck and the strong cording in the neck after. And then, VOILA! GONE!

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As all bodies are different, expect scars to fade within two to three months and can take as long as 6 months or more. 5. Liposuction – often there are areas of fat deposit on our bodies that no amount of diet and exercise seems to eradicate. While I encourage you to keep trying, it is clear that many find liposuction to be the most effective way to deal with their bulges and use surgery to look younger.

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Of the 12 million surgical procedures reported in the US recently, only breast enhancement exceeded liposuction in popularity. Lipo, as it is often called, can be used to remove fat in the abdomen, neck, thighs, just about anywhere unsightly deposits arise. Do your research if considering lipo! There are at least 9 competing procedural approaches, and a wide range of pre and post-operative considerations so do not jump at the cheapest or most convenient option; 6. Lip Augmentation Surgery – Cracked, discolored and thinning lips are a give-away of an aging look. Thinning lips are the by-product aging brought upon by a number of factors such as sun damage, loss of collagen and smoking to name a few. However, the end result is the same: receding lips.

Your lips recede or roll backwards, inside your mouth. When this happens, the distance between your nose and upper lip has the appearance of becoming greater —making you look older. Ever hear of the term long in the tooth? Lip Augmentation Surgery is a solution and there are choices...one is called a Lip Roll. And a lip roll is definitely one of the Top 10 Cosmetic Surgical Treatments to Look Younger. Lip augmentation surgery option number 1: Cutting directly under and along the underside of the nose then lifting and pulling the skin-between the nose and the upper lip UP —towards the nose, surgically removing any excess skin, reattaching the skin, causing a rolling-lifting action of the upper lip. This rolling and lifting reveals more of the vermilion (exposed lip area) making your lips look fuller and younger.

Lip augmentation before and after:

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Lip augmentation surgery option number 2: This procedure consists of cutting the vermilion border (the line of demarcation between the lip and the skin between the nose and the lip), slicing off a few millimeters of excess skin and then re-attaching the shorter piece of skin to the lip line-initiating a rolling and lifting of the lip. An exceptional surgeon will leave no tell-tale signs. The bottom lip may be done at the same time.

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There are many lip plumping and moisturizing treatments available but the most efficacious are invasive, generally involving the injection or implantation of substances ranging for your own skin (autologen or dermalogen), collagen from bovine sources, Alloderm (from cadavers, yes it is true), Hyaluronic acid, and synthetics like Radiance, and implanted strips (Gore-Tex based).

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Depending on the approach, you can expect results lasting from 6 months or so for fillers to many years for surgically implanted materials. For a quick fix to get full voluminous lips without surgery, check out my video below:

Kellie Olver

7. Tummy Tuck – also known as abdominoplasty, the tummy tuck is the ultimate way to deal with loose and sagging skin as a legacy of weight loss or having children.

Unlike the simple liposuction procedure, which simply extracts fat by suction through a narrow opening, in a full tummy tuck, the surgeon will cut right across the lower stomach to access excess skin within the abdomen, remove it and resew the remaining skin to the muscles.

Sometimes lipo is used as well to access additional fat deposits. There are a number of variants of the procedure as well as combo procedures wherein other body areas are addressed at the same time. You can expect at least a month of recovery and half a year for scars to fade. 8. Thigh Lift Surgery

Thigh Lift

Have you ever pulled up knee sox that have fallen down to your ankles? Or readjusted panty hose that have fallen down from your waist and are now sagging on your entire leg and pooling at your ankles? You can imagine what that looks like, RIGHT?

Now imagine pulling your socks and lifting your panty hose up higher. Well, a thigh lift gives you the same effect as if you have pulled up your socks. Only the pulling up in this case is a surgical procedure performed to rid you of excess skin on the thigh area. Note: a thigh lift surgery is not a procedure to remove excess fat. Lipo can be used simultaneously at the time of the thigh lift to sculpt and contour.

Check out my article on how to get rid of loose skin on legs by clicking on the box below. I talk about thigh lift surgery procedures. There are a lot of thigh lift before and after pictures plus videos of surgical procedures including liposuction and thigh lift surgery in the article!

How to Get Rid of Loose Skin on Legs: 7 Surefire Techniques That Work by Kellie Olver

Let me discuss the procedure. A surgeon places an incision on the inner thigh, from the groin to a specific point on the leg from mid-thigh to near or the above the knee. The length of the incision is conditional upon the amount of lose skin on the body to be removed. The skin is then pulled away from the thigh, the excess skin removed and then the skin is sewn back together. Recovery is approximately 8 weeks with minimal movement. Pictures I have views and feedback I have received from patients who have had the procedure are elated with the results. The most common response I received from patients I have spoke with was I should have done this sooner”. 9. Lower Body Lift – A lower body lift targets lose and saggy skin in the tummy, derrière and thigh area. The surgical technique is similar to that as a thigh lift except for the placement of the incision and where the pulling or lifting takes place.

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The incision for the lower body lift is almost a 360 degree cut starting from the lower back-on both sides of your butt crack, up and around and over the hip, where your bikini bottom strings would sit (side-hip area) and continuing down the front of the hip and finishing in the groin area.

Please look at the image below. Notice where the gal has her thong. Under the thong is where you will find the incision lines from the lower body lift. (Note: Different surgeons may use different placements.)

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Lower body lift is perfect for men and women who have experienced excessive weight loss, yoyo dieting, and sun damage, have made poor lifestyle choices and or genetics that have resulted in loose and saggy skin.

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See the image above? The excess skin around her mid section. So if you imaging her putting her hands on the sides of her body or her stomach and pulled up, everything from the stomach to the thighs would lift up. That is the effect of a lower body lift.

Now, you try it. Please refer to image below.

Put your hands on your hips, grab hold of any excess skin and pull up. Do the same to your abdominal area. That is what a lower body lift can do for you. (PS...This is something I do! I go to the mirror and pull up my loose excess skin as if I am pulling up my sox, just like the picture below! And it really does look like the picture below...try it yourself and see! lol)

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10. C02 Skin Resurfacing – C02 skin resurfacing can be used to tackle the damaging effects of the sun on our attempts to look younger.

Your skin is made from layers of collagen and depending on the depth of the damage, you can get scarring, pitting and generally unpleasant and age accelerating effects. Skin resurfacing is done using a range of chemicals (from mild to not so much) to penetrate to the appropriate skin layer for our particular situation. Chemical peels and dermabrasion uses such chemicals. An ablative full CO2 laser can also be used. Anesthesia is required.

Fully ablative C02 skin resurfacing removes top skin layers immediately without bleeding and produce a smoothed and pleasing appearance. Fine and deep lines go away, as do acne scars, plus there is a tightening of the skin. Results will vary depending upon the strength of the laser, how deep the laser goes and how many passes the plastic surgeon makes over your face.

Many surgeons recommend an ablative CO2 in lieu of or to postpone a facelift!

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