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105 Things To do to Have Fun!*

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Let's have a little fun here! 105 ways to be exact! Fun activities with couples; fun activities with kids; and even fun activities to do all by yourself alone!

Now, lets get started! 105 Things To Do To Have Fun is coming up! And to show we mean business, let jazz up the font!...

Having fun is no joke! In fact having fun with friends and family and yes, even by yourself, is part of my anti-aging, ageless living lifestyle!

I think having fun turns us into adult sized kids again.

Seriously, study after study has shown the importance of breaking away from the normal stresses and strains of life; that’s what play can do. And did you know, absence of fun in childhood is strongly related to antisocial behavior! The therapeutic benefits of humor and having fun are well studied too. There is simply no easier, cheaper and more effective therapy you can prescribe for yourself than to let loose and have some fun.

I know how difficult it is to think of things to do to have fun, especially last minute. So to make it easy for you —and I am talking ZERO thinking required here.

I have come up with 105 Things To Do To Have Fun —activities with couples, fun with your friends and even fun with little ole you yourself alone.

Best part of all is that most of the 105 Things To Do To Have Fun don't cost a dime but are still filled with tons of FUN factor! And PS —having fun things to do for kids or your grandkids will definitely make you #1!

So jump right in and have fun!

1. Turn up the volume on your favorite oldies and sing at the top of your lungs!

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2. Play Air Guitar like a Rock Star, as if no one is looking.

3. Find a Drive-In Movie, bring the gang.

4. Get your bike out and go for a spin. No bike? No problem! Borrow one.

5. Take the subway to the last stop on the line, get out and wonder.

6. Make home-made pancakes with all the trimmings. And EAT them!

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7. Sit at the busiest coffee house you know and people watch

8. Picnic at the park, lake, ocean or grassy field. FEEL the experience

9. Be a baby cuddle-er! Volunteer at hospital and welcome newborns into world!

10. Run through a car wash. Without the car!

11. Try on shoes at the most expensive shoe stores in town. Walk away empty footed if you can!

12. Attend an auction.

13. Run after your dog like a laughing crazy beast! No dog? NO PROBLEM! Borrow one and bring the owner along for the adventure.

14. Watch re-runs of I Love Lucy! Free on YouTube!

15. Take the bus to nowhere and enjoy the ride.

16. Call your favorite Aunt —ask questions about her life and the family.

17. Figure out your family tree from the info you got from your aunt, plus a little on-line historical research, then create the family tree using internet software. Gift one to your aunt and rest of family research then create the family tree using internet software. Gift one to your Aunt and rest of family.

18. Pamper yourself with an Avocado Kale and Honey Collagen Boosting Masque. Get my free recipe here. Or firm your skin with an egg white facial! It will always do the trick.

Free Avodado Kale Honey Masque

19. Spend a day at the airport and guess everyone’s destination.

20. Plan your next exotic adventure.

21. Play hopscotch.

22. Snuggle puppies at pet store.

23. Walk dogs from the SPCA.

24. Stand on a street corner and say HI to everyone.

25. Play truth or dare.

26. Take a swim in the ocean or lake.

27. Play charades with friends.

28. Turn on the sprinklers and have fun.

29. Roll down a grassy hill.

30. Swing on a swing at the playground.

31. Toboggan downhill in summer on cardboard.

32. In winter, make snow men and then go tobogganing.

Image from www.britannica.com

33. Dance. All the time!

34. Have an uninterrupted conversation with your best friend.

35. Walk in the rain without an umbrella.

36. Go window shopping.

37. Visit a furniture store and take selfies with you and your new furniture. Post on FB!

38. Join Facebook and other social sharing sites such as InstaGram, Twitter, and Flickr.

39. Lots of lip locking and necking with the one you love.

40. Make Ice Cube Popsicles out of kool-aid, like you did, when you were a kid.

41. Read Gone With the Wind and War and Peace.

42. Learn how to juggle.

43. Head out to free Museums and Zoos.

44. Make a time capsule.

45. Have fun with Battleship and Monopoly.

46. Teach yourself to whistle.

47. Soak in the tub with bubbles, candles and bubbly.

48. Start a jig saw puzzle.

49. Start a blog on something that interests you.

50. Find a lemon tree and pick a few.

51. Browse the farmers market, eat all the samples you can.

52. Attend Happy Hours with free Hors d’oeuvres!

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53. Start your own vegetable garden.

54. Tickle your partner and your kids!

55. Listen to your kids laugh from their belly.

56. Plan a scavenger hunt with friends.

57. Have a progressive dinner party.

58. Master the art of taking the BEST selfie. Here's my tip: Stand in front of the mirror, pose, snap a pic, pose, snap and keep practicing till you find the best angle and repeat!

59. Take secret videos of people laughing.

60. Check out Pinterest —lots of things to do there!


62. Check out the local street jazz festivals!

63. Discover treasures at thrift shops.

64. Finally count all the stars in the sky.

65. Visit your parents (or kids) just because.

66. Make faces out of the clouds in the sky.

67. Have a Spelling B contest.

68. Make S’mores in the oven.

Photo by Evan-Amos at https://en.wikipedia.org

69. Make a fort out of blankets (then eat the S’mores in the fort).

70. Watch the sunset and sunrise, on the same day.

71. Head off to Whole Foods on a Saturday, people watch, and eat samples! Can you tell I like free food!

72. Spend time at the library and read a book.

73. Fondue? Do YOU?

74. Read headstones at the oldest graveyard in town.

75. Stop and smell the roses at a local flower shop.

76. Attend local high school football games.

77. Go camping, canoeing and fly casting.

78. Have an old fashioned Popcorn movie night with family!

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79. Learn a new language.

80. Walk the neighborhood and talk to neighbors.

81. Go site seeing in your own city.

82. Make your own kite then fly it.

83. Do Nothing.

84. Have a great cup of coffee and sit on the porch. Alone.

85. Contact college friends, plan a reunion and reminisce.

86. Catch up on Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones

87. Pitch a real tent in your back yard.

88. Give each other a foot massage.

89. Go antique hunting with your best friend.

90. Plant an herb garden in your kitchen.

91. Sloth day: bed, TV, junk food and pets lying next to you.

92. Hand write a letter to someone you care about.

93. Rifle through the gossip magazines at the grocery store.

94. Walk through the forest with your dog and a camera.

95. Find the MOST HANDSOME doctor and have him do your breast exam. ;-)

96. Have a wine tasting party: every bottle under $10.

97. Make peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies and eat the dough. Or not. Get my high protein, healthy, REALLY TASTY recipe made out of garbanzo beans here.

FREE Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

98. Spend the day sorting out photographs, scanning, saving and sharing.

99. Beach Day: fishing, wave riding, sand castles.

100. BBQ the fish you caught for dinner!

Final 5 for the Road!

101. Drive in a car rally with your best bud!

102. Drive with top down on convertible and sing to top of your lungs!

103. Sing Christmas carols, hang Christmas decorations before Christmas!

104. Have a popcorn making contest: biggest pops and best flavor.

105. Wrap yourself in your arms and say I LOVE YOU 10 times!

For more fun things or learn how to look and feel 10 years younger, send me an email at KO@Kellieolver.com

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