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3 Reasons Why You Have Dry Skin*

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What causes dry skin? Lets face it, dry skin patches and flakey skin is not a good look to have. Nor is cracked and bleeding skin —a by product of extremely dry skin. And if you live in a cold climate, think about winter: wearing panty hose and the dry itchy skin that always flake away and gets left behind inside your panty hose.

Not very attractive is it. I know. Been there, done that and got the EXTREMELY dry skin looking like dandruff floating around in my pantyhose t-shirt. Especially when taking off the panty hose in a beam of sunlight!

You know what I am talking about!

And I also know what causes dry skin and have some fast fix solutions for you:

Not only that, extremely dry skin can lead to both premature lines and wrinkles and saggy skin.

It can also cause crepey skin. And, as many of you know, sometimes dry skin is uncomfortable as it becomes itchy.

Dry skin is the most common skin issue a lot of people have. And since skin damage affects not only the face but also our entire body, it can be a BIG issue. The solution? Identify the causes of dry skin and combat them through prevention.

Scroll down for my post –3 Reasons Why You Have Dry Skin to identify what to avoid. Plus, find the solutions and what to do if you get caught with dry skin, extremely dry skin or even itchy, dry skin patches.

Bubbles and Suds are number one on my list of 3 reasons why you have dry skin. Double check the soap you are using on your skin. You may not realize its chemical composition is harming your dry skin more than helping it.

All that sudsy goodness is not always right for your skin especially if it rids your skin of essential oils. You might notice that skin cleansers are generally drying out your skin after washing.

The solution, especially during cold weather, when skin can get extremely dry, is a skin cleansing product with excellent moisturizing properties.

I recommend dermatologist developed CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, perfect for face and body.

CeraVe-perfect hydrating cleanser for dry skin. Image source www.amazon.com

Filled with ceramides for your skin barrier and hyaluronic acid (which we know is good because I featured it in an article about non surgical procedures that work), which holds about 1000 times it weight in water, plus emoliants that moisturize and soften even the worst case of extremely dry skin.

Plus, it is affordable: 12fl oz ranging from $9.00 to $14.00

Available on line and at your favorite drugstore.

Change of Seasons is number two of what causes dry skin. I mentioned cold weather above. Sure, it’s great to snuggle in front of an open fire but it is definitely not healthy for your skin.

Heat from the fireplace causes dry skin.

Yes, think back on winter times and remember how your skin dried out during that season. That’s because a lot of dryness factors are present during cold weather. You have low humidity during winter, heaters are turned on taking more moisture out of the air, not to mention bitter temperatures.

When cold season approaches, make sure you are prepared with your moisturizing and anti-aging regimen. Preparing your skin, as well as proper care during cold weather, is the right way to go. For winter skin care products, I suggest additional exfoliation for the body, especially the hands, feet and legs as well as a body oil to seal in the moisture afterwards.

Kellie Olver's Home Made Sugar Scrub Recipe

Or if you choose to purchase your own sugar scrub. I suggest Glow Lustro Sugar Scrub: $38.00

Glow Lustro Sugar Scrub Beauty Counter source: www.wsj.com

Or, St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub —prices range between $5.00-$8.00.

For a real decadent treat, try Jo Malone Vitamin E Body Treatment Scrub, $98.00. Both St. Ives and Jo Malone are found on line as well as various department stores.

Joe Malone Vitamin E Body Treatment Scrub source www.allure.com

As for the body oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is one of my favorites. Try Trader Joe’s. Very affordably priced at approximately $6 per 16 ounces at Trader Joe stores. Know this, Trader Joe's has the best price!

Trader Joe's Organic Virgin Coconut Oil image source:  www.amazon.com

Another one of my favorites for body moisturizers are ones with Shea Butter. I have recently tried Molivera Organics Raw African Organic Grade A Ivory Shea Butter and I am quite impressed.

Price ranges between $13 and $20. Available on Amazon.com and other on-line retailers. And Lastly, Number Three: Hot versus Lukewarm Taking a hot shower may sooth your aching pains. It is also very much enticing to take a hot shower during cold weather. Long baths with aromatic essential oils are always tempting. And since you have the oil in it, one would believe that it help moisturize the skin and make it look younger.

Not quite. Did you know that hot water actually causes dry skin? Yes! Standing under that hot water for too long strips your skin of natural oils therefore leaving it dry. And in some cases, extremely dry and cracking.

What you need to do is take a quick shower and do it under lukewarm water. You’ll notice that your skin isn’t as dried out as when you’re using hot water. Add after shower care and you’ll be golden. I recommend Bio Oil for after shower care.

Daily bathing or showering (especially in hot water) may strip the invisible lipid layer which acts as a barrier to stop moisturize from escaping.

Bio Oil replenishes the naturally occurring lipid layer thus helping to restore the skins barrier properties of keeping moisture in. Say good-bye to dry skin!

I use Bio-Oil for my face as well. And, many women around the world use Bio Oil for stretch marks, acne and anti-aging. It is a winner!

Available on-line and at drugstores: price ranges from $10-$20.00. And of course, never forget the wonderful whole body benefits of coconut oil, especially for dry skin and even extremely dry skin. I use my Trader Joe's coconut oil after a bath, with extra effort put towards the dry skin on my feet, elbows and knees.

Great Beauty Tips and Trick that Coconut Oil Provides

I hope my article, 3 Reasons Why You Have Dry Skin, will prepare you for the changing season.

You will never have to worry about dry skin or even dry itchy patches because now you know what causes dry skin and the solutions to save you such as warm water showers, moisturizing body washes, home made sugar scrubs and good ole coconut oil to keep things smooth and silky!

Sticking to your regular anti-aging practice is a good thing but sometimes, you have to make a change in order for you to battle the seasonal factors to ward off dry skin.

Lets face it, dry skin makes us look younger. And feel younger. And isn't that our goal. Remember our mission, to grow younger each and every day! We are in this together.. Till next time, Kellie

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