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Gelatin, the World's First Superfood!*

Gelatin in Orange Peel by Kellie Olver

Gelatin is the world's first superfood with numerous health benefits including appetite suppression, weight loss, beautiful skin, acne control, stress reduction, sleep, reduction of arthritic pain and more.

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So, before you run out and buy the latest high-dollar medications or anti-aging for your joints, costly creams for wrinkles and special formulas for your brittle fragile nails and crepey skin, treat yourself to some free advice about something our grandmother from generation before generation believed in-- good old-fashioned unflavored gelatin!

Gelatin. Superfood?

Yes indeedie....First, let's go over some of the basics before we address 11 of the top reasons why gelatin ranks as a superfood.

Gelatin? You mean Jell-O?

Well, sort of yes but really no.

Kellie Olver Cubed Chilled Bone Broth Gelatin

Jell-O is made out of gelatin, plus a few other things that are listed in an article I wrote titled Top 10 foods that age you: eat these foods at your own risk. (Please check it out. I bet many of you are eating some of the top 10 now.)

Genuine pure gelatin is a protein. And considered an excellent source of protein meaning lots of grams of protein to calories consumed.

Which is why gelatin is listed #1 on my top 17 sources of protein.

Please download my cheat sheet listing top 17 high protein foods (which includes serving size and calories) by clicking on the box below.

17 high protein foods cheat sheet, Kellie Olver

Gelatin is a protein with a specific array of amino acids-the building blocks of protein. Please look at the chart below.

source:  Kellie Olver, Gelatin Amino Acid Profile

Notice the high amounts of Glycine, Proline and Hydroxyproline? These three amino acids represent nearly 50% of the entire gelatin compound and (glycine and proline composition) is 10-20 times higher than other proteins. In fact, proline, hydroxyporline, glycine and argenine are the amino acids necessary to trigger collagen synthesis.

I also think this is one of the reasons why so many people like myself rave about gelatin for skin.

Gelatin powder is collagen protein and a tried and true dietary supplement that provides real health benefits for healthy bones and joints, nails, skin, hair and cartilage.

That is another reason why I call gelatin a superfood!

Did you know gelatin has been cooking around for a verrrrrry long time. In fact, history's first reference to gelatin dates back to 1682 where the making and eating gelatin was considered a huge electric neon sign of success and wealth!

In Great, Great Grandmas time, she made a stew (bone broth) out of chicken, beef or whatever her hunter husband brought home.

She brewed the bones and then she and the family ate and drank the broth. And just as in milk, where the cream rises to the top, so it is with bone broth, where the gelatin—filled with health benefits and flavor, rises to the top and was the coveted part of the evening meal by the whole family.

Yummie Gelatin from Bone Broth Soup Kellie Olver

Great Grandma knew her broth was tasty, believed it kept her healthy and somehow knew gelatin had other health benefits that was responsible for her strong nails and beautiful skin. Science now tells us that Great Grandma knew best…….

Now to the gelatin benefits, or the meat of the matter!

Below are my Top 11 health benefits of gelatin, the world's first superfood! Many of these health benefits are some that lots of folks don’t know about... Some might even surprise Grandma!

1. Gelatin can actually help to curb the appetite and assist us in our weight loss goals.

Now you might be wondering, how can gelatin do this? Well, one tablespoon of gelatin in liquid swells to one pint. That’s a whopping 2 cups or 16 ounces of liquid in your stomach. I know I feel full after drinking my TRIPLE K. It feels like my stomach swells after I drink it. But what is really going on is the scientific facts behind it.

And feeling full can lead to less hunger pains which can lead to eating less, which means fewer calories. Fewer calories, a little exercise and the right kinds of food is just what you need to help you achieve and maintain your weight loss goals.

2. Gelatin can help you shed pounds. Yes! Gelatin is rumored to increase the bodies’ manufacturing of the Human Growth Hormone, which boosts metabolism. And as we just learned, Gelatin also helps make us feel full, so we don’t start grazing for calories after meals. Or before going to bed. Which was my problem.

And let us remember the high protein count. Gelatin is all protein. Collagen protein. It is common knowledge protein fills you up and keeps you fuller longer-which keeps hunger and cravings at bay.

3. Gelatin is a friend to our aching bones and joints.

Gelatin packs a boatload of amino acids which help to thwart the weakness and subsequent breakdown of joints and cartilage. Several of gelatin's amino acids, including argenine, sports anti-inflammatory properties, in reducing arthritis pain and inflammation.

4. Gelatin can help improve digestion.

Because of its natural binding to water, gelatin helps food move more freely through our digestive tracts. Naturally occurring amino acid glycine found in gelatin, supports effective digestion and a host of other health benefits.

5. Gelatin helps rid our bodies of toxins.

Glycine helps the liver to remove poisons from our systems.

6. Gelatin supports shiny and strong hair.

Gelatin contains vital nutrients and minerals that today's society may be lacking due to soil fatigue and over processed foods. Gelatin delivers easy to digest sulfur, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous and trace minerals known to support shiny hair as well as strong nails and beautiful skin.

7. And let’s talk about Gelatin for skin! Gelatin has been shown to improve skin softness, elasticity and appearance of wrinkles.

You heard it here folks! Gelatin supports skin beauty. Taking gelatin will improve the appearance and feel of your skin in a whole different way than how collagen infused creams (which can be hard to absorb) do. Gelatin is chock full of Proline and Hydroxyproline both necessary for collagen production.

Proline is your best friend to assist in minimizing the sagging and wrinkling of skin, the by product from way too much sun exposure and the normal aging of the skin.

Ingesting Hydroxyproline has been shown to hugely moisturize the skin—even in winter as well as decrease appearance of superficial lines, tighten up the skin and help to maintain that spring or bounce of a plump skin filled with collagen

And lets not forget Glycine— the amino acid necessary to repair damaged skin— inside and out!

Put these three amino acids together (plus Argenine and the rest of gelatin's amino acids) and you have the equivalent of Glinda the Good Witch herself delivering gelatin health benefits in the form of skin beauty and more.

8. Gelatin helps to de-cellerate the aging process!

This is where one of our amino acid friends, Glycine, takes the stage again. WE all know inflamation is one of the main culprits of mind and body aging. Glycine, another best-kept anti-inflammatory secret, is a primary defender against inflamation and it aging effects.

9. Forgot something? The amino acid Glycine found in gelatin also supports keeping our memory healthy!

And the hits just keep coming:

Note: If you are like me, you migrate to the kitchen at night in search of something guilt-free. You can’t go wrong with gelatin, folks!

10. Forget the sleeping pills.

Gelatin can also help you get your ZZZs! Not only do we sleep when we have a full stomach, which gelatin provides, but we also sleep better when we consume the amino acid glycine. Recent studies show that gelatin also helps us with better cognitive function and no more of the 2:00 pm “slump”.

11. Believe it or not, Gelatin is a good source of protein.

Anywhere from 6g to 11g per tablespoon! Mind you it’s not a “complete protein” as it lacks Tryptophan, but it does provide the collagen protein and amino acids—including Glycine, Proline, Hydroxyproline and Argenine-all necessary for collagen production. (Plus Lysine­, essential for calcium absorption).

Note: This is why gelatin is an ingredient for homemade baby formula—because it helps our little ones digest milk proteins.

To make gelatin a complete protein, make sure to eat complete proteins throughout the day such as cottage cheese, steak, chicken, eggs and or fish.

12, Gelatin is nutrition’s friend. If added to food and drinks, gelatin helps us better absorb nutrients.

So, now how do you get the goods?

Commercially available unflavored gelatin is basically dehydrated bone broth powder made out of the gelatin that rises to the top of the soup.

That’s the part filled with all the good stuff like protein, collagen, amino acids and minerals. Either or, it’s your choice.

You can make a bone broth and drink it like Grandma did or, you can chose powder, pills, or Triple K collagen protein enriched, all natural instant beverage blend. Triple K is also a high protein supplement and in fact an excellent source of protein with only 60 calories and 11 grams of collagen protein. Triple K is an easy way to get your gelatin and all its wonderful collagen protein and it's incredible health benefits.

I start my day with Triple K first thing in the morning and right before I go to bed. I can go for hours without being hungry and sleep like a baby after drinking my Triple K Collagen Protein drink in the evening. And yes, I have noticed all sorts of gelatin benefits including firmer more beautiful skin, feeling fuller longer, keeping my weight stable —not gaining any weight, my nails and hair are growing like weeds, to name a few.

So, now you know the Top 11 reasons why gelatin ranks so high as a superfood. . And wouldn't you agree with me, after reading this article, that gelatin really is a true bona fide SuperFood?

Gelatin is a faithful friend that keeps on giving goodness to our bodies.

Grandma would be proud of us!

Till next time


***I have given you a ton of “FOOD FOR THOUGHT” in this article. I am not a doctor nor is my intention meant to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. My comments are based on my personal firsthand experience and years of research. Use your own intelligence, intuition and investigative skills for yourself and do what is in your best interest: mind, body and spirit.

And always check with your doctor.

Through exercise, proper nutrition, rest and a healthy mindset, may we all start feeling 10 pounds younger and feeling 10 pounds lighter.

Stay tuned for more amazing skin anti-aging miracles to eat, drink and bathe with in my future articles!

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