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Beet Juice Recipe-#1 Go to Super Juice

Kellie Olver Beet Juice Recipe #1 Go to Super Juice Kellie Olver

What makes this beet juice recipe super blend so "super"’? Besides beets nutrition, well pretty much everything —it is easy, economical to make, fantastically healthy, and it tastes terrific. What more can you ask?

Beet Juice Recipe #1 Go to Super Juice Kellie Olver

Oh, and there is almost 13g of protein in this super juice recipe! Yeah Baby!

We use lots of super ingredients in our #1 Super juice but none more important than beets that help give it its beautiful red beet color.

The health benefits of beets and the benefits of juicing beets give us a cornucopia of nutritional value including great sources of Folates, Manganese, Fiber, Phosphorus, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and on and on. But it’s the health benefits of all this goodness that matters. The phytochemicals in beets (the natural chemicals that plants create to manage their own environment) have been shown to provide health benefits in many areas: 1. Enhancing the function of the liver and its ability to bolster the quality of the blood – detoxifying this critical organ;

2. Lowering blood pressure without drugs!

3. Improving heart health through fighting

inflammation and increasing the suppleness and quality of blood vessels;

4. Perhaps even fighting certain forms of cancer!

5. Healthy insulin levels.

So we all want and need beets in our diet. The thing to know is, the best way to eat beats is eat the whole beat, including the beet greens, and cook it as little as possible. This is what beet juicing does best!

You may want some glowing skin food in your beet juice recipe to smooth out and manage the flavor so that it suits your taste buds. Good news is additional fruits and veggies can give you even more benefits. In our Beet Juice Recipe - #1 GoTo Super Juice, we go all the way with a whole host of fantastic items to blend with our beets. Here they are, in no particular order: • Cucumber – hydration, anti-oxidation, supportive of collagen production and skin quality;

Photo courtesy of nzfisher at https://www.flickr.com

• Kale – Vitamins C and K plus Sulfur – perfect for collagen enhancement;

• Purple cabbage – Vitamins A and C – collagen support plus anti-oxidation/anti-inflammatory benefits;

• Red peppers – super high in Vitamin C – slows down aging!;

• Parsley – Vitamins C, K, chlorophyll, minerals, it never quits;

• Cilantro – detox from heavy metal;

• Asparagus – the alphabet of vitamins – A, C, E, K, folates, chromium, fiber;

• Celery – diuretic and inflammation fighter!;

• Lemon – Vitamin C, detoxifies, helps with skin damage, rebuilds collagen;

• Garlic – does it all! – besides fighting free radicals and inflammation, garlic boosts the immune system and its sulfur enhances blood flow and the appearance of skin;

• Cayenne pepper – for digestion, detox, weight loss, cayenne is terrific. How do we put this all together to make our #1 Super Juice?

Kellie Olver's Beet Juice Recipe #1 Go To Super Juice

And guess what, preparation couldn’t be easier:

Beet Juice Recipe #1 Go to Super Juice Kellie Olver

So, there you have it! My personal best beet juice recipe.

To get your own copy of #1 Go To Super Juice Recipe, I have created an Infographic with ingredients and directions. You can access it from the box below!

#1Go To super Juice Recipe with Beet Juice Kellie Olver

I know you will love it, and your body will love it to...please drop me a line to tell me your thoughts on my favorite beet juice recipe! Till next time Kellie











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