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HOME-MADE SUGAR SCRUB: DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe with Double Sugar*

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My home-made sugar scrub recipe will make your skin feel as amazing as something magical. Good news is you can DIY right at home with ingredients from your pantry, and saving plenty of money in the process.

Even though this home-made sugar scrub is good enough to eat, DON'T! Why? Because eating sugar AGE's us. But on our faces, sugar beautifies us.

What am I talking about? My ‘patented’ (not really, I am willing to share!) DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe with double sugar! And you can get my homemade sugar scrub recipe ABSOLUTELY FREE by clicking on the box below! REALLY!

DIY Double Sugar Sugar Scrub

As a home-made sugar scrub, this double sugar recipe —as I use brown sugar and white sugar, can’t be beat for taking off that top layer of dead skin that can make our faces look dry and lifeless to unveil the moist and youthful layers below.

And you can mitigate the appearance of acnes and blemishes, as well as the appearance of large pores. Even fine lines and shallow wrinkles seem to instantly disappear with my sugar scrub. And the more you use it, the more the cumulative affects continue to build. Why? Number 1- Exfoliation. Sugar gently sloughs off the top layer of dead, dry skin, revealing fresh, young looking skin. And when you do this, the new, fresh, younger cells are able to absorb the topical nutrients you are feeding it, which helps to keep your new skin looking younger longer!

Photo courtesy of Zenspa1 at https://www.flickr.com

Number 2- The AHA’s (alphahydroxys acids) that sugar naturally possess.

It was reported in the US National Library of Medicine that AHA treatments actually increased skin thickness by 25%. An increase in collagen density was observed plus elastin fibres improved in quality.

Why spend tons of money at the derm when you can whip up your own home-made sugar scrub that delivers great results? Especially with my DIY sugar scrub recipe that delivers anti-aging benefits! And as a bonus expect to feel fresh and re-energized —all in return for a trip to your kitchen cupboard. Here’s how it works.

We use a combination of brown sugar and white sugar in a one third/two thirds proportion. Both are useful as exfoliants as both consist of small grains that are gentler on the skin than salt, which is also sometimes used.

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Because brown sugar has molasses added (that’s where the color comes from), it also has Vitamin B, a natural protectant from sun damage. I find a combination of the two works best for my home-made sugar scrub recipe. So what are the rest of the ingredients in this magical mixture? Here is the whole recipe:

  • Coconut oil – ½ cup of the semi solid variety

  • Olive oil – 2 teaspoons of the extra virgin sort

  • Vitamin E oil – ½ teaspoon (or squeeze it out of a Vitamin E capsule if easier)

  • Almonds – ½ cup, finely ground

  • White sugar – 1 cup

  • Brown sugar – ½ cup

Place in a bowl and mix well —that’s it! To use this concoction, simply apply a small amount to your damp face, in circular motions. Splash your face with warm water, then wipe with a warm wet cloth, then splash with cold water, then pat dry... easy! You can store the remaining scrub on your counter, in a leftover coconut oil jar with lid and it will keep for weeks. Special tip for super sensitive skin —put your sugar in a blender to grind it a bit finer before combining with the rest of the sugar scrub recipe.

There you go —now you have my home-made sugar scrub. Your very own DIY sugar scrub recipe with double sugar for maximum anti-aging benefits. Please let my know how much you like the sugar scrub! Until Next Time, Kellie

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