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7 Ways You Can Use Cinnamon For Weight Loss*

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7 Day Jumpstart to Reverse Aging Kellie Olver

Cinnamon for weight loss? Really? Yes, really, cinnamon for weight loss really works. When it comes to weight loss solutions we are overwhelmed. We have come across hundreds upon hundreds of weight loss programs that claim to work magically. Some work, but most fail to do so.

Not only were these magical weight loss solutions expensive but many are also chemically enhanced. And I know a lot of us, myself included, want to stay away from chemicals as much as possible.

That is why I want you to try cinnamon for weight loss.

Cinnamon is natural, inexpensive and oh yeah, tastes good too.

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Friends have asked me how I stay so thin and keep my stomach so flat now that I am in my mid 50’s. One of my secret weapons is cinnamon. It is and has been a part of my daily diet and healthy eating plan for many years: in coffee, on watermelon and cantaloupe, protein shakes, oatmeal and even on top of chicken breasts.

And after you read this article, I hope cinnamon ends up being part of your weight loss/healthy eating plan too.

Read on below for 7 Ways You Can Use Cinnamon for Weight Loss! Sugar Breakdown Boost

Burn excess fat and prevent fat from accruing in your body, by cinnamon intake: this is I believe one of the best benefits of cinnamon for weight loss. Excess sugar causes fat because this sugar is converted into fatty acids by the liver. Cinnamon gives your blood sugar breakdown a boost. That is, sugar is broken down for better absorption by the body.

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This is why cinnamon and diabetes control go hand in hand. This spice can help regulate blood sugar levels but always discuss variations of your diet with your doctor. And that also means discussing your new intake of cinnamon and the role of cinnamon in diabetes management with your doctor. Cinnamon Helps Burn the Belly Bulge

You will experience more fat loss in the abdominal

area compared to other parts of your body

because that part of you is more receptive to this

uber spice cinnamon's effects. I bet you didn’t

know it’s one of the cinnamon benefits, did you?

But just because it blocks fat from being stored in your body doesn’t mean you can have a party and eat unhealthily.

Cinnamon intake with the proper diet will give you the best result for weight loss. And with a proper workout regime, you can get that flat and ripped abs look in no time! Another way you can use cinnamon for weight loss is for Satiety: Satisfy your Sweet Tooth!

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Often times we feel like eating every hour or so. It’s either we have a really high metabolic age or our stomach is just bored. Or emotional eating. Either way, hunger leads to cravings and mostly this takes you in an unhealthy direction. Usually in the form of sugar.

Another benefit of cinnamon for weight loss is the sweet satisfying after-taste in your mouth! Without adding any sugar. Which is why I sprinkle cinnamon on top of my oatmeal, watermelon and cantaloupe!

Satisfying that sweet tooth is one way to kill the cravings. No binging means no extra calories. No additional sugar means no extra sugar to turn to fat! Cinnamon Turbo-charges Your Digestive System

Having a good digestive system will increase your propensity to lose weight. The better your digestive system performs, the better the results.

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Cinnamon aids in better digestion. It also aids the body in efficient dispensation of carbohydrates and less fat storage which also results in weight loss.

If you use cinnamon for weight loss, there is a better chance you will get more nutrients into your body. This will cut down the amount of food you would usually eat to get the full RDA of nutrients for your body to function properly. Burn More Calories, Without Even Knowing!

When your energy level is up, you have the desire and energy to move more throughout the day. And when this happens, you are bound for a more active lifestyle. And a more active lifestyle means more calories burned.

Cinnamon supports that little extra pep which in turn supports healthy weight loss.

Even without a formal exercise program, constant bodily movement can equal to exercising unknowingly. I’m talking about the natural activities that we do during the day like walking, standing up from long time sitting, and the like.

I have a couple of friends who aren’t able to sit still for long periods and their waistline is at 27 inches! But don’t get me wrong, this is most effective if paired with healthy food intake.

Cinnamon’s health benefits can only do so much if you don’t give cinnamon the support it needs. Grow Those Anti-Toxins

Since cinnamon has shown to be a potent anti-bacterial agent, it aids in ridding your stomach of bacteria that can cause obesity.

It also rids your tummy of weight gain causing toxins. Stomach antitoxins help keep your tummy healthy and free from all the bad things you would normally get from eating high fat and low fiber foods. Real cinnamon intake can improve your gut health, getting you in a leaner body. Cinnamon Helps Turn Back the Clock on Your Metabolism

Finally, besides being filled with anti-oxidants, another health benefit of cinnamon is that it is loaded with vitamins and minerals needed for an amazing metabolism. Another reason why cinnamon is good for weight loss.

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Have you ever wondered why it’s easier for most teenagers to lose weight than older people? It’s because their metabolic age is younger and therefore their metabolism is faster. Indeed, there are some cases in obese teenagers where there is an irregularity in their metabolism but, more commonly, it is lifestyle induced.

With an increased metabolic rate, you get to burn more fats, decreasing the amount of stored fat in your body, hence the weight loss.

That is why I blather on about using cinnamon for weight loss. And for the taste!

There are so many ways you can incorporate real cinnamon in your daily food intake. In general, you can sprinkle it, take it in liquid form, mixed in your food, or in supplements.

Note: If you want to try cinnamon for weight loss, take small amounts for starters. As word of warning, though – too much cinnamon can be toxic.

So again, like all of the other things we put inside our body, consult with a health professional so you can get the best benefits of cinnamon. It is not wise to self-medicate with alternatives when you have an existing illness like diabetes. You should not give up proper medication provided by your doctor in replacement of alternative treatment. Please keep in mind that not all benefits of cinnamon have the same effect on everybody. Someone who would be using cinnamon and has a consistent exercise regimen at the same time will have a different result than a person who sits in the computer all day. (Remember —BEWARE THE CHAIR!)

Beware the Chair Kellie Olver

So there you have it, 7 Ways You Can Use Cinnamon for Weight Loss. I hope I have enlightened you on how it can give you great weight loss results. So what are you waiting for? Spice up your life with cinnamon now! Till next time, Kellie

PS: FYI, Cinnamon is an ingredient of my all natural, collagen protein enriched Triple K Beverage Blend for all the reasons I have mentioned above, and more! Check it out!

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