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Say Cheese! Look Your Best in Holiday Photos

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5 years younger in minutes

Tis the season for holiday gatherings with family, friends and business colleagues. But all that stress, sugar filled treats and running around that comes with this festive season can make you look tired and in some cases even, gasp, older.

Not the look we want when we want to look our best for ourselves and for the camera. You see the camera can spot and emphasize things we don't even see!

So before you say cheese for the camera, let me share with you some beauty tips and tricks you can use to help you look your best in this years holiday photos. Bow to the Brows One of the most important beauty tips and tricks you should (always) do is clean up those brows. Not only do your brows give define and structure to your face, they are absolutely necessary to look GREAT in pictures.

Eyebrows shape the face and when done correctly can also leave you looking fresh and young! And in some cases, erase 10 years off your face and take away 10 pounds as well. And yes, the camera will notice this instantly!

My recommendation is to go to a brow bar for a total overhaul. Leave designing your brows to an expert who has been trained in the art of the perfect brow! The cost? Anywhere from $10 and up and is well worth it for the kind of positive change this type of service can bring to your appearance.

Once your brows are shaped, you will need some terrific products.

For beautiful brows, here is a list of 7 eyebrow products you can't live without, that are affordable and effective.

If you prefer to use one of the most established brands in the market, try Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Kit. Anastasia is famous for carrying an extensive collection of colors, guaranteed to be the perfect match to your complexion and hair color. You can pick up Anastasia at your neighborhood Sephora store or online at both at Sephora.com or Anastasia.com.

Or simply use an eye shadow that is close to your current hair color. Typically a brown or taupe eye shadow works best for everyone.

Next, fill your brows in using short strokes using a fine angle brush. I am fair skinned with light hair. And that means my eyebrows are very light and sparse. Eyebrows are a must or I end up looking just plain weird.

My Secret Brow Tip to Looking 10 years and 10 pounds younger?

I use my brown or taupe or beige eye shadow or the Anastasia Brow Kit (do use the wax included in the kit to keep them in place) and lift the tail of the brow up, rather than down.

Then place a white finishing powder or eye-shadow over the top edge of your brow, tip to tail. This give you the illusion of an instant face lift by lifting the brow!

People will think you have lost 10 pounds by this beauty tip and trick. I see you smiling now. No need to “say cheese” to you now, is there? This beauty tip and tick can be used any time of year, not just the holidays! FLAWLESS SKIN MAKE-UP

The right make up can make your skin look flawless and beautiful in pictures.

Me, I like things simple.

If you want to look your best for holiday photos and parties, a few steps is all you need and the right make-up for all your holiday photo ops! Before you go out, first, exfoliate your skin. Next, give your face an ice cold water splash to tighten and firm your skin. Apply your densest/creamiest moisturizer. For a youthful sheer dewy look, follow up with Rimmel BB Cream and Almay CC Cream for additional youthful dewiness. Mix them together then layer on top of your dreamy moisture. Both available at Walgreens or CVS. Both around $10.00. You can also purchase it on-line at www.drugstore.com If you are looking for a more full coverage foundation that has a natural, no make-up make-up look, I recommend Liquid Veil, available at Sephora.com. Veil has anti-aging properties along with giving you a full coverage, bright, natural no make-up look. Cost is $60.00. A little goes a long way. My bottle lasted me almost one year! Well worth the price. SHINY HIGHLIGHTERS

One other thing you may want to use (economically) during holiday photos are shiny highlighters. From make-up to glitters to skin polish, they all make you look bigger and Brighter! (I say economically as they can be expensive.)

Here’s the thing: If you wear make-up all over our face with high reflection levels, chances are it will highlight parts that you want to hide. And could make your face look heavy. Choose the parts you only want to highlight and apply there and apply sparingly. This also applies to contouring products. To learn how to highlight and contour to create a more youthful look click on the box below

How to Highliht and Contour Your Face for a More Youthful Appearance

One beauty tip and trick is to use luminous skin products as an alternative to highlighters. I suggest you use"No Highlighter Highlighter" from Dr. Perricone. $60.00. Another option is NARS Illuminator. There are 4 colors to choose from: Copacabana (pearly white), Laguna (brown with golden shimmer), Orgasm (peachy pink with shimmer), Super Orgasm (peachy pink with gold glitter) $30.00 NARS. Available at Sephora.com. So get into the right make-up preparation before you say “cheese!” this holiday. Test out my pointers here and grab that camera for a test run before the big day so you can be Instagram ready at all times Doing a dry run will help you identify problem areas and help you adjust makeup application to look your best in holiday photos. Till next time, Kellie


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