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Holiday Eating: Keep Your Mind, Don’t Lose It!*

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The NY Times states that the average person gains 7-10 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas! OUCH! I know this to be true because I have gained that much during several holiday seasons myself. As soon as Thanksgiving rolls in, there’s no stopping the feasts. And between Christmas and New Years the availability of cookies, cakes and chocolate are in overdrive.

And once the sugar and champagne kicks in so do the cravings and it can be diffucult to make the best food choices.

Truth be known, conquering holiday eating can be big hurdle.

But I have found a way to have my cake and eat it too during the holidays. I follow some simple gidelines that I would like to share with you:

  • Give yourself permission to eat and enjoy yourself.

  • Dont use Christmas as an excuse to dive in and eat everything you see.

  • Stick to your healthy eating plan of choice as much as you can

  • Start your the day with protein.

Yes, nutrition is important. Getting a healthy dose of nutrition during the holiday season can help to counter the byproduct of some of the fesitve overindulgences we make including bloating, farting, puffy face, not to mention high blood sugar spikes and the sugar fits.

And of course the fact that your pants might be tight in the waist because of all of the Christmas nutrition!

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Now, I am not your Mother, so if you want to go crazy and eat everything, do it! Go whole hog! Enjoy every bite GUILT FREE. BUT, for those of you who want to be in check this holiday season and don't want to moan and groan come January 2, please read on as I have some simple, non-nagging advice for you. So, let’s begin. 1. Be aware of what kind of food you are eating.

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2. It's ok to leave food on your plate. There will be more tomorrow.

3. Get a bite size, not a plateful. A taste of multiple treats is enough to satisfy the yearning.

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4. Awareness means planning. Don’t just “wing it” when it comes to holiday eating. You have to set up a plan on what to eat and when to eat it to get you through the season. Lay out a plan of the treats and meals you know you will have with the amount of calories for each food. Don’t let counting calories take a vacation with you just because it’s the holidays. Calories do add up. 5. Keep a food diary.

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Good nutrition during the holidays needs more effort and awareness. It will require a bit of your time after every meal but it will help you keep on track and recognize any problem areas in your day. You can even record your moods when you ate something so that you can identify and prevent the unhealthy outcome whenever you feel that certain emotion. I hope you take these pointers to heart and it will help you get through the holidays enjoying your holiday treats with ease and grace as you slip into your skinny jeans come Jan 2. Holiday eating need not be an excuse to sabotage your health. Your nutrition should never take a back seat just because you want to enjoy the season.

And you really are what you eat. Till next time,


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