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7 Health Benefits of Cinnamon*

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It’s that heavenly scent that makes you think of Christmas baking, hot spiced cider, warm apple pie and other dreamy baked goods.

Did you know that this scent comes from a spice known to have multiple health benefits, including being the Achilles heel to cancer cells, boost brain power as well as able to satisfy that sweet tooth?

Plus one of the best weight loss aids out there?

Surely, you know I’m referring to cinnamon, right? Yes!

How much cinnamon do you need to get cinnamon's health benefits? I will tell you at the end of the article, so please keep reading.

Cinnamon is an ancient spice and like most ancient spices, health benefits of cinnamon are plentiful. But these days we want science to support the claims we make. So, let me share with you 7 Health Benefits of Cinnamon that has been tested and proven by medical professionals.

Anti-Oxidants Cinnamon is full of anti-oxidants and we all know what this means. Our body is sheltered from oxidative impairment. Not all people know this, but compared to other anti-oxidizing super foods such as ginger, anise, licorice, mint and vanilla, cinnamon comes out on top.

One of the most commanding anti-oxidants recorded is Polyphenols and cinnamon is abundant with it. Meaning, Ceylon, which is called the “real cinnamon” is best for your health. A lot of people are using cinnamon nowadays to be fit and healthy as there are countless of scientific and medical studies that proves it has a good effect on the body.

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Fight inflammation! Inflammation is when the body answers back to damaging provocations like diseases, irritants, and damaged cells. So what can cinnamon do here? One of the benefits of cinnamon is that it’s anti-inflammatory. It can reduce damage to cells and avert lingering swelling from coming back.

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Sugar! No, please! Maroon 5’s song should just be that, a song. Because pouring sugar into your body is not good for your health. It just might kill you!

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For one who has a high sugar intake on a daily basis, chances are, the reward is diabetes. And with diabetes comes all other harmful diseases like kidney and liver ailments and the like.

A friend with diabetes once told me that any added sugar is still sugar –whatever form they come in such as honey, maple syrup and even agave nectar.

Cinnamon supports blood sugar level management in our body therefore reducing the risk of high sugar induced diseases, such as diabetes. But take note that it’s NOT meant to use in place of diabetes medication. And cinnamon intake can be harmful to people with liver conditions. So people who are suffering from these illnesses should consider consulting with their doctor first before incorporating cinnamon in their meal plan. Dirt cheap cancer protection! Did I mention the anti-oxidants in cinnamon? Well, there’s one of your answers as to how cinnamon can protect you from cancer. It performs by dropping the development of cancer cells and the blood vessels development in tumors, and looks as if to be poisonous to cancer cells, instigating cell demise.

Since cancer cells are already in our body, it is wise to invest in the health benefits of cinnamon to support the prevention of cancer. Hey, why not?

And like I said, it is cheap and won’t make a hole in your pocket. Bacteria and fungus away! The benefits of cinnamon include antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. We’re all acquainted with bacteria and we are all familiar with fungus and it’s the damage it can cause. Cinnamon contains the chemical Cinnamaldehyde which combats bacteria and fungus. When it comes to microbes, cinnamon can even aid in tooth decay prevention and diminish foul breath. My heart, my life!

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There are so many factors that can cause heart disease. And sometimes these factors can’t totally be foreseen. But those factors that we can prevent from harming us, we must make a move to do so.

Cinnamon health benefits are known to lower inflammation and in turn can support the threat of heart disease. It lessens bad cholesterol content in the body and ups the good cholesterol levels instead. It also diminishes the body’s undesirable reaction to high-fat foods like storing excess fat in the body. Also, real cinnamon like Ceylon has a positive effect in lowering blood pressure. Brain power! There are a lot of degenerating diseases on record to this date. Cinnamon may help in fighting these brain diseases. The two most popular neurodegenerative diseases you’re probably familiar with are Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. These diseases cause the forfeiture of organization or purpose of the brain cells.

One of the 7 Health Benefits of Cinnamon is that cinnamon may prohibit the growth of the Alzheimer causing protein in the brain. Parkinson’s effect is to destabilize neurotransmitter levels and disrupt motor function. Cinnamon works to shield neurons from these effects. Whether or not you take cinnamon for better health, it is one of the most comforting and deliciously tasting spices in the world. Precautionary measures are still advised especially for those who are already addled by lifelong disease and are currently taking medications. The 7 Health Benefits of Cinnamon can only be gained if cinnamon intake is done carefully and properly.

Now, to answer the question of how much cinnamon do we need to consume to receive the health benefits of cinnamon? As little as 1g per day, or 1/4-1/2 teaspoon can add up to significant results, especially in reducing levels of blood sugar

So load up the cinnamon in your protein shake, add to rice pudding, sprinkle over chicken breast and add to your morning coffee and enjoy the added exotic flavor and the many health benefits that cinnamon provides. Till next time, Kellie

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