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Spinach Nutrition – How Spinach Packs a Healthy Punch*

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“I'm strong to the finish, 'cause I eats me Spinach, I'm Popeye the sailor man!” TOOT TOOT!!!! – Popeye

We’ve seen Popeye’s eye opening moves, and we’ve witnessed his muscles grow… but since he’s a cartoon character, who would’ve believed that the result is applicable (in a sense) to real life? Do we know everything else that spinach does for us?

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Of course it’s green and leafy so we all know it’s good for the body, right? Well, there’s much more to spinach nutrition —and the real health benefits will put the cartoon to shame. So read on below to know how spinach packs a healthy punch.

The greener and fresher it is, the more nutrients you will get from spinach.

Research has revealed that a higher concentration of Vitamin C is found in spinach leaves that are greener —and that vitamin content is what preserves the Phytonutrients in the leaves.

Not only that, Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins for improving our immune system, protecting us from sickness and other ailments.

Source: Foods4Health

The green coloring of the spinach also indicates the high levels of chlorophyll in the leaves. The high chlorophyll content in turn indicates that the leaves are filled with Carotenoids. And what are carotenoids? Good question. These are plant pigments —they are responsible for giving color to plants. They are essential to plant photosynthesis, among other things.

And how does this spinach nutrition relate to human health?

Well, carotenoids are anti-cancer agents, and anti-inflammatory. They also aid in preventing eye diseases. Now, do you understand why when you were younger, you were encouraged to eat vegetables like pumpkin for better eyesight? It’s because Carotenoids like Lycopene, Beta-carotene, Lutein, and the like, are anti-oxidants… and anti-oxidants rid the body of free radicals that cause cancer and other illnesses.

Although exaggerated, there is some truth to Popeye’s muscle burst.

Photo courtesy of Matt Hawkins at https://www.flickr.com

Spinach health benefits include:

  • energy renewal

  • an increase in vigor

  • improved blood quality

What exactly causes this? Iron, one of the many nutrients found in spinach.

Iron aids in oxygen conveyance all over the body. It also aids in DNA amalgamation and the making of energy.

What’s more, spinach makes for stronger bones.

Having all that muscle and energy would be useless without healthy bones.

One nutrient that is vital in maintaining great bone health is Vitamin K. It is hard to find produce that has higher Vitamin K content than spinach. Vitamin K1 aids in prevention of bone breakdown and Vitamin K2 fuses the calcium particles within the bone.

These health benefits are not unique to spinach but these leaves pack a higher nutritional content than most fruits and vegetables.

I hope that what I’ve shared here in Spinach Nutrition – How Spinach Packs a Healthy Punch will encourage those non-vegetable eating people to give spinach a chance. There are so many recipes out there that you can try out!

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