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5 Top Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training-Faster Fat Loss and More*

High Intensity Interval Training - Kellie Olver

3 years at the gym and STILL not getting the results you want? High intensity interval training (HIIT) is your answer for more fat loss, anti-aging plus fabulous whole body benefits in a shorter amount of time! As a busy working woman, I am always looking for ways to spend less time at everything I do and get better results, especially with exercise. As an anti-aging expert I am always on the lookout for anything that can turn back the clock on aging on my face as well as my body. With High Intensity Interval Training, you get it all!

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In the article below I will give you the 5 Top Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training plus my personal, DIY HIIT cardiovascular workout along with resources for both on line and offline facilities specializing in HIIT. But first, what is HIIT?

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HIIT is like an emerging celebrity in exercise world! But there’s no reason you should miss out. HIIT is a type of exercise in which you use your whole body stamina to “give it all” for a few minutes followed by resting period. By repeating these alternating activity and rest sessions, your body is all set to stay fit! Is HIIT Easy to do? I will be honest, HIIT might not be easy, in fact it kicks most everyone’s butt, myself included, but it’s effective for sure! Nothing worth having comes easy anyway, does it?

When you hear about the Top 5 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training, you will agree with me that the UBER powerful benefits are well worth the effort!

So, what's so special about High Intensity Interval Training?

• It takes less time With HIIT you don’t have to spend constant long hours dragging yourself on treadmill half heartedly. HIIT gives magnificent results in short time! In fact, on average, you can burn anywhere from 500 to 1000 calories per hour. I burn anywhere from 500 to 550 calories per workout when I partake in OrangeTheory Fitness, an international HIIT workout center located in 9 countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia, Israel and more.....

Check out my typical work-out results below!


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Brief intense bouts of physical activity followed by resting sessions make sure you achieve maximum output.

In a shorter time, you yield more than what, long hours of, steady state workout gives you.

HIIT can be performed anywhere, anytime with or without any equipment so these are just like extra toppings on a creamy dessert! But this extra topping actually loses your weight!

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• It balances 3 weight management hormones

I’ll talk about three key hormones here which manipulate your body in maintaining weight. 1. Ghrelin - a hormone that endorses weight gain. It releases in response to stress situations. Now you know why you’re ravenous during your exams! This hormone is the culprit for your midnight cravings! But this is just one side of the picture. 2. Another hormone present in your body that loses weight is leptin. 3. It’s like a police man leashing a strayed dog (ghrelin) in your body. It gives you a feeling of satiety, manipulating your brain into feeling full enough not to eat further. HIIT promotes a delicate balance between leptin and ghrelin ensuring proportionate body weight.

• It burns extra fat Fed up with sagging fat? HIIT is your solution! Yes, forget this usual mantra of ‘the more, the better’. HIIT has arrived to cut you some slack! You can get extra fat loss without long, tiring running session. Check out my personal routine below:

HIIT - Kellie Olver

[1]Be creative and design a HIIT schedule for you because it melts more fat in comparison to steady state cardio.

How it does that?

The intermixing of crucial and moderate exercise


sessions induces extra fat burn by a process called EPOC i.e. excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.

When you push your limits, performing intense exercise, your body gets starved and respiration shifts to anaerobic side. EPOC constitutes increased consumption of oxygen in resting period to erase the oxygen deficit by speeding up your metabolism. That’s why resting period is equally important! When you’re resting, your body is actually consuming that oxygen to melt extra fat. It feels like an after treat? Isn’t it?

EPOC - Kellie Olver

• It keeps your cardiovascular system healthy

HIIT guarantees promising outcomes related to your heart health. It’s like a perfect package with pearls hidden inside it to keep your heart happy! 1. [2]Research proves it has positive influence on oxidative stress, inflammation and vascular health. 2. It also lowers incidence of atherosclerosis by cutting back on cholesterol levels. Yes, [3]HIIT is a gateway to brightened up lipid profile. So, lipids levels down, heart health up! 3. Besides these, high intensity interval training also controls hypertension. Yes, with a carefully crafted exercise session, blood pressure can be controlled. 4. HIIT also impacts stroke volume positively and increases rate of oxygen consumption. Incidence of stroke decreases and heart attack risk fades away

With all these health puzzles right in place, an exceptional cardiovascular health doesn’t seem a farfetched dream!

• It slows down aging

Hold your breath; I’m going to unravel the best anti-aging HITT pill! HIIT, there you have it. Yes, High Intensity Interval Training unwinds your aging clock.

1. It activates telomerase, a natural anti-aging enzyme present in your body. It boosts up this enzyme’s activity so, longevity becomes a guaranteed outcome! p53 is also suppressed- a protein in your body which contributes in premature aging. 2. Besides oxidative stress reduced and cardiac morbidity marginalized, incidence of premature aging diminishes to minimal level. 3. It also triggers secretion of growth hormone which contributes effectively in trimming down aging wreck. [4]That’s why science also endorses direct relation of physical activity with amplification of life expectancy. 4. HIIT also reduces stress, impacting glow of your skin. So, with no prescription and no spending, anti-aging falls right into your hands!

So, what do you think? Are you motivated? Does burning fat faster appeal to you? Or is it the anti-aging benefits, cardio vascular benefits or the balancing of 3 weight management hormones that got your attention?

I love the fact that you can spend less time and get more results!

All 5 Top Benefits of HIIT are sure fire ways to get in shape and stay in shape! So, start incorporating HIIT sessions in your daily routine and unlock all these perks today!

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