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11 Reasons Why Older Women Should Date Younger Men*

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11 Reasons Why Older Women Should Date Younger Men could be summed up with one statement: Why Not?

But before we start talking about the meat of the matter, as to why older women should date younger men, including a happy vagina and looking 7 years younger, let's start off by disucssing the mating rituals of the wild kingdom and keeping the species alive.

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Since the beginning of time life has been about procreation and continuing the species; basic drives planted in our DNA to ensure the continuation of life. The Big Guy that pushed the start button of the universe designed the male and female species in such a way as to ensure this. Imagine animals in the wild: the strongest, most handsome males strutting their stuff, competing with other males for dominance with hopes of proving to the finest female in the herd that HE is the best choice to sire her children. This natural selection of breeding partners is a sure way to give Mother Nature a helping hand with a good gene pool in producing strong, desirable offspring to keep the herd thriving. The peafowl is a perfect example. The male, commonly

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known as the Peacock, opens his tail feathers (otherwise known as a “train” or “fan”) in order to display his strength—which in this case is the grand show of color in his tail feathers to attract the finest female, also known as the Peahen.

I bet you might have even known a few peacocks in your day. I know I have.

After breeding, the peacock loses his beautiful feathers and his luster. Uhuh. Thats right.

The peahen produces strong offspring to keep the ostentation (group) of peahens and peafowl growing and strong in numbers. What about us humans? Well, evolution has designed us in the same way: to keep the species alive. Typically this means older men being attracted to younger women. The reason is that younger women have more potential for producing children. An older man appears to have money and power which can be translated on an evolutionary level to the younger woman as strength and protection for both her and her children. But modern humans have turned the tables! They have gained more control over their lives and pushed these evolutionary boundaries. Now there’s no age limit over dating life and people are open minded about this. Older women or should I say mature women benefit from this trend immensely and I have come up with 11 Reasons Why Older Women Should Date Younger Men. Check it out below!

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1. It empowers you and gives control over relationship! Mature women are more experienced and they know their needs. Young men know this and in fact they totally love this approach! So, they let you gain control over relationship. Being in the driving seat not only empowers you, it boosts your self-respect. That negative voice in your head bugging you for dating a young man gets silent and you feel confident about your age. After all, what’s age to do with love life? 2. Sex is amazing! We have come a long way from stereotypes that after certain age you can’t be adventurous. No, you can’t kill your spirits just because you have a label of age setting you back. Older people have every right to stay as adventurous as they want and enjoy their lives, and this includes sex too!

Dating younger men gives an opportunity to grown-up women to fulfill their sexual fantasies. Younger men are open to experiences and trying new things so dating them keeps you connected to an adventurous life! A healthy sexual life leads to a healthy body.

Moreover, younger men have more stamina and they can please you without popping a Viagra every time. Moreover, I think you would be familiar with the saying "better the sex, happier is your day”. 3. It slows down your tic-toc aging clock ! Having a healthy sex life with younger men who are

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open to new experiences manipulate your body’s aging clock. [1]Research claims that sex has amazing anti-aging effects and it can make you look 7 years younger than your age! Wondering why? Because it secretes human growth hormone. This hormone has an ability to maintain elasticity of your skin and make you look younger. Not only this, there are other impacts of sex on your body which slows down the ticking bomb of aging and this article will explore them all. 4. Your hormones stay right in place! With a healthy sex life your body fills up with oxytocin and other soothing hormones. These hormones give you a little more than elation and pleasure after sex. They reduce stress and lift your mood, making you a satisfied individual with a positive outlook towards life. They also increase levels of growth hormones, thus slowing the aging process. Your estrogen and testosterone levels stay balanced and that ensures a life safe from so many diseases. So, isn’t it a complete recipe for hormonal health?

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5. You make a way towards happier vagina! In "Sex and The City", Charlotte freaked out because her gynecologist told her that she had a "depressed vagina". I want to make sure that you never face such a situation and the solution is regular sex! Sex is an exercise for your pelvic muscles and it makes your vagina happier. It increases vaginal lubrication, elasticity and blood flow. Sounds like a plan for healthy vagina, isn’t it? 6. It’s a sweet remedy against pain!

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Sex can do funny things to your head. You may feel you’re in love when you’re not. Why is that?

Because of a love hormones that surges in your body during sex. Yes, oxytocin that is. But this hormone along with some endorphins does a little more than this. They manipulate your brain cells into not feeling pain and you feel relieved.

Even hugging or kissing your partners releases these hormones and you know young guys! They are passionate and just love cuddling. That’s why mature women should date younger men more often and find a sweet remedy for pain! 7. Your heart stays healthy! Do I need to tell you that your heart loves sex? It’s time you find out the reason. [2] Research has proven it that estrogen keeps your heart healthy by releasing Nitric Oxide and keeping blood flow healthy. Your blood pressure also stays under control due to NO and aging process slows down. So, sex makes sure your estrogen levels are sufficient enough to benefit your body! It also reduces the risk of heart attack by maintaining the ever so fine balancing act between testosterone and the female hormone estrogen. 8. Morning glow never fades! Don’t you love that morning glow which sneaks in after a

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wonderful night? That’s because your body is filled with estrogen and this estrogen makes your skin glowing and soft. Interesting tidbit. According to Dr. Perricone, sex also helps with wrinkles! so may I say, drop Botox and cling to sex? 9. It perks up your immune system! Hold your breath because I’m about to tell you an amazing treatment for your nasty flu. Sex! And don’t you grief at all if you think you’re a little overage for having lots of sex. You can still date a younger man and he will make sure you have enough of it. [3] Sex boosts up levels of an immunoglobulin A, which helps you in fighting against infections. So, ward off common cold with sweet lovemaking instead of bitter antibiotics! 10. It’s the best lullaby for you!

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Cuddling your partner or making love acts as a sweet lullaby and you enter into a comfortable sleep. It is due to production of stress reducing hormones. They make you feel relaxed and induce deep sleep.

11. You can throw your gym membership away! Sex isn’t a joke, it’s a complete exercise. According to WebMD, it increases your heart rate and burns calories. Sound like a weight loss package, isn’t it? So, just throw those clichés away and spice up your dating life by flirting with younger men!

You will have a lifetime of fun along with all the health benefits given above including a healthy heart, a release of the love hormone oxytocin, and confidence

Plus, wiping away wrinkles and looking 7 years younger is a good reason to try something young!

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