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17 Powerful Tips to Boost Self Confidence*

17 Powerful Tips to Boost Self Confidence - Kellie Olver

Nothing outshines your personality better than confidence. Yes, not your looks or habits but confidence is the foremost character that will put you in the front row!

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Confidence can and does make your personality glow brighter and can turn the ugliest of ducklings into a Miss Universe.

Me? I know where I shine and know what needs polishing.

I own it like a champion! That’s why I walk head on always, independently and confidently! But this glorious positive habit didn’t come easy to me. I’ve been into that rabbit hole of zero self-respect and

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negative self-image on more than one occasion. Then I realized I was being unfair with myself. I was sabotaging my life with negative self-talk and low self-esteem- which of course led to zero confidence and a trip to the bottom of that rabbit hole I spoke about. Here’s the truth: I wasn’t born insecure. None of us were. The fact is all of us are born perfect! Insecurities emerged with growing up. Yes -thanks to our surroundings and other people's opinions, these fears develop afterwards. But there’s a positive side of it (oh those silver innings!). You can build self-confidence because low-confidence isn’t inherent! Here are some powerful tips to boost your self-confidence. THEY ALL WORK! Pick up the ones that you suit you best and learn to keep your head up! 1. Dress up nicely!

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The way you dress has a lot of impact. If you wear something that brings out your prettiness, feeling good about yourself becomes obvious. So, PERK UP YOUR LOOK! Dress up nicely! No need to go out and buy a whack of clothes and accessories which may make you feel bad about your budget afterwards. It can be anything that suits you. If you wake up in morning, wear your favorite outfit, apply a little makeup or shave. The effort you put into YOU is a front row ticket to feeling confident. 2. Kill your inner critic! Do you know who your biggest enemy is when it comes to self-confidence? YOURSELF! Yes, that nagging voice inside your head that keeps picking up on you always is one that is sabotaging your personality. “I’m not pretty enough”, “I can’t do anything” and “I’m immature” these are the phrases that voice tells you! These are what set you back. Kill that voice and your life will be easier! Appreciate yourself because YOU’RE GREAT! Even [1]science tells you that positive self-talk boosts confidence! Here’s another nice tip. Write three good things about yourself every evening and read them often! 3. Broaden your imagination!

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Creativity boosts self-confidence. Use your imagination and make something out if it. Paint something, write a poem or knit colorful gloves! These beautifully crafted products of your imagination will improve your self-image. 4. Stop worrying about judgmental people around! Negative things people say about you lessen self-confidence. It’s perfectly understandable but don’t worry! You can sort it out! All you need to do is to understand that the reviews other people give about you don’t matter. It’s only what you think of yourself that matters! So, stop worrying about criticism because believe me, you can be the sweetest peach in the world and there will be someone who won’t like you! So, don’t care about judgmental people and do what you love! Life will be happier. 5. Work out!

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It seems like exercise is the solution of every problem coming in your way. Well, for most of them, yes! Working out gives you confidence! Breaking some sweat daily keeps you physically fit and mentally peaceful. And a peaceful mind is where optimism sets in! 6. Buy something you love! Who loves shopping? Everyone! And I’m talking about girls and guys both here. But shopping does something more than happiness. It enhances your confidence! Spending money on yourself makes you feel better about yourself. But again, it’s not necessary to overspend! A cute little key chain worth a few cents can give you a big smile and swollen head! 7. Do something kind for others! Most powerful way to feel good about you is helping

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others! It’s a super effective and my personal favorite. Feed a hungry animal, donate for a homeless kid or help your mother in daily chores. Do anything kind for others and your self-confidence will skyrocket! 8. Add a constructive habit in your routine! If you’ve been thinking about changing your eating habits, making a workout routine, improve your sleep hours, or anything like this, this is the time to do it! Introduce a healthy (no matter how minor!) habit into your routine and see what it does to your self-image! 9. Smile and click!

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Smile, click a selfie (yes, we live in selfie age!) and appreciate your beautiful grin! There fades away your negative thoughts about yourself because you’re unique! 10. Listen to fast music! Music helps in improving self-image but avoid sad tunes. They do nothing better for your confidence. Hear something lively and your life will fill will optimism, confidence and happiness! 11. Perform a pending task! It’s surprising how satisfied you feel after finally getting done something you’ve been delaying for ages. I experienced this yesterday after finally cleaning my messy wardrobe. GOSH! WHAT A RELIEF! And how confident I felt about myself! This definitely works in improving your self-image! 12. Wear your weaknesses like armor! This habit is an ultimate confidence booster. Embrace

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your weaknesses because they are pretty little flaws of your imperfectly beautiful personality! They are nothing to be ashamed of because no human is perfect. Embrace them and wear them like armor, trust me, no one will ever be able to make you feel bad about yourself! 13. Speak up! Speaking up and giving your opinion in groups of friends or a public platform do amazing! It enhances your confidence and makes you feel in control. Public speaking is a big confidence booster! 14. Practice optimism! Thinking worse case scenarios in your head will act as self-fulfilling prophecies and your life will be crippled with negativity. You’ll feel unmotivated and discouraged due to failures! So, drag your brain towards thinking positively. [2]Science shows expecting success affects outcomes! That will lead to a positive life and ultimately a positive personality! 15. Expect Miracles!

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Believe! Faith is the belief in things unseen. At the end of the day, things have always worked out for you. And they always will! When things appear dark, know it to be a temporary phenomenon. And it will pass. This gives you the confidence to keep on keepin on!

16. Set a realistic goal and achieve it! It’s predictable how an achievement will boost your confidence. It hasn’t have to be a big one like graduating or winning a Nobel Prize. You can pick a small daily target and complete it timely. Even that would work! So, schedule up now and work for achieving it. 17. Stop comparing yourself with others! Comparing yourself with others pushes you into a pit hole. You never find yourself enough because there’s always someone else to overshadow you. Eliminate this habit and start living for yourself. You’ll see a positive change in your life! There you have it! 17 Powerful Tips to Boost Your Self-Confidence and they are easy! So, apply them now and come to the front row! Till next time Kellie Growing Younger Every Day

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