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Nitric Oxide: Secret Anti-Aging Hack for Immortality*

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Does Nitric Oxide Slow The Aging Process?

Yes. In fact Scientists have declared Nitric Oxide an “anti-aging molecule”. [1]Research has determined Nitric Oxide as a novel route for unwinding the clock of aging.

And this article will spell out the reasons why.

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Nitric oxide is NOT a grocery store tabloid story with shady evidence. Nitric Oxide is, in fact, scientifically backed by plenty of research that NO (nitric oxide) works! It has even been reported that every year thousands of of scientific articles are published speaking to the biological functions of Nitric Oxide.

Why do you get old?

It is pretty common knowledge that the reason you get old is becuase your body breaks down due to inflamation and oxidative stress.

Need some science to back that up?

In a study conducted at the Department of Immunology, School of Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran researchers concluded The reason you get old is because chronic oxidative stress leads to chronic inflammation lead to age related disease. The worst of which is death. You can read ann abstract of the summary in the US National LIbrary of Medicine here.

Oxidative stress is caused from such sources as cigarette smoke, car exaust, processed food, polluted air, sun, too much exercise, not enough sleep, and drugs.

Simply living life is slowly poisoning your body. .

For example....

Every time you eat food, approximately 32 trillion cells in your body are making energy to fuel your body. And like a machine in a factory spewing toxic exhaust, so too your cells release toxic exhaust or free radicals.

The level of this stress increases with time and speeds up your aging process.

That's why you need Nitric Oxide.

NO is an antioxidant that recognizes and gobbles up the damaging free radical scavengers like pac man.

Eye opening, isn't it. Please, continue reading! When I found out about Nitric Oxide’s fountain of youth effectiveness for the first time, it felt like hacking a secret of being immortal!! Oh that adrenaline rush and excitement!! How does it do it? Nitric Oxide is a molecule naturally present in your body.

Nitric Oxide acts as a messenger between your body cells. It also acts as boosting source for the mitochondria in your cells. The mitochondria are the power source of your cells and therefore your whole body.

The mitochondria (along with other “organelle’s” or tiny organs within your cells) generate energy out of food you eat. They also produce a nasty species of reactive oxygen (free radicals) during this process.

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These free radicals are known to be highly reactive and are notorious for damaging cell membranes in your body. These little tumblers disintegrate your cells, damage their DNA and push them to the hell of aging! To the rescue? Nitric Oxide! This is where naturally occurring Nitric Oxide enters into the picture and put a leash on these free radicals.

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Nitric Oxide also protects you from degenerative diseases especially associated with your heart.

With a brilliant energy flow going on in your body and cells in healthy contact with their neighbors, you get a secret potion for longevity in the form of NO supplement! Advantages of taking nitric oxide supplements: Now that we are done proving that NO slows down aging, let’s unravel some more benefits of it. Yes, it does have other advantages which will blow your mind off. Didn’t I tell you, it is a life saver? 1. It is your heart’s best buddy!

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Have you ever seen an angina patient keeping a pill under his tongue? That pill gives out NO and kicks out angina! Nitric Oxide acts on small muscles of your blood vessels and relax them. This opens up the capillaries and vessels a bit, and your blood flow improves. With blood flow under control, burden on heart subsides and your heart doesn’t have to work more than its stamina. That is why Nitric Oxide is your heart’s best friend! Nitric Oxide also decreases plaque formation in vessels. With advancing age, NO production decreases and you become more prone to vascular aging and eventual heart diseases. [2]Research shows that increased NO availability can reduce endothelial (cells of your blood vessels) aging. So, how can you achieve sufficient NO levels and avoid these aging give-aways? Of course by anti-aging Nitric Oxide supplements! 2. It boosts your immune system. Nitric Oxide forms an alliance with your body in war

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against foreign particles. So, with Nitric Oxide by your side, you don’t have to be scared. It boosts your immune system and arms it enough to fight viruses and bacteria entering to invade your body. Your bodily defenses become high for other diseases too. It protects you against tumors, degenerative diseases, and other infectious morbidities with scary names and symptoms scarier! So, one healthy addition of NO supplementation in your life will make you the healthiest person alive!! Who wouldn’t want that? 3. It makes you work out for longer time! As explained above, nitric oxide improves inter and intra-cellular signaling and boosts energy production in body.

This feature of NO makes it an attractive option for gym goers because it increases your stamina. It also enhances muscle mass building ability of your body! Not only body builders, if you hit the gym and want to work out longer, NO is the gym pal you need! 4. It spices up your sex life!

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Everyone is familiar with Viagra® for erectile dysfunction but what makes it so effective? Nitric oxide! There, I said it. Yes, Nitric oxide can be your bedroom partner and spice up your sex life! It ensures smooth blood flow to your genitals and improves you sexual activity!

5. Hypertension? Say NO to it! Effects of Nitric oxide on heart are no more a mystery for you, but here comes another vascular advantage. Decrease in blood pressure! If your blood pressure isn’t soothing your way, try NO way! Nitric oxide is a powerful vasodilator. It relaxes muscles of your blood vessels and blood pressure decreases.

Controlled blood pressure is a key to healthy life. It not only protects your heart, but also kidneys and other vital organs that become highly prone to damage with aging. So, NO supplements can stop aging as well as save your organs from becoming collateral damage of hypertension. Top nitric oxide supplements and how to get them? Plenty of supplements are available online and they have powerful NO boosting capability. You are just one click away from them! Get one now and unlock all the NO health secrets! There are several Nirtic Oxide booster you can purchast from the Vitamin Shoppe. BSN Nitrix 2.0 and Nitrulline are both amazing anti-aging supplement with NO Pump EXTREM is also an NO boosting formula with high efficacy. Available @ eSUPPLEMENTS.com.

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So, there you have it, scientific research waving the flag in support of Nitric Oxide slowing the aging process.

Not to mention being BFF to your heart, boosting your immune system to fight off tiny weenie body invaders, helps all you gym rats go the distance at the gym, gives your sex life a pick me up and takes the hyper and tension out of hypertension! Special Note: too much NO can be bad for you. So before you go off an self supplement, as always, check with your physician or health practitioner before starting any supplement plan, including nitric oxide. Say YES to NO today. With NO, you will be all set to become young again! NO is definitely your new best friend with total body benefits! Till next time, Kellie Olver Growing Younger Every Day!






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