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5 Anti-aging Supplements that Work*

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5 magical, real life anti-aging supplements that will help unwind your aging clock significantly and get rid of aging giveaways.

Eat your way to younger skin - Kellie Olver

I am a firm believer in an anti-aging lifestyle, including anti-aging collagen boosting foods, all of which can help us grow younger every day.

Anti-aging Collagen Boosting Grocery List

My great grandmother and both my grandmothers, unbeknownst to them, followed an anti-aging lifestyle eating real food and got real anti-aging results: beautiful flawless skin, a strong body and the brightest smiles on their faces into their 90's and 100's.

My 95 year old Uncle Doug is still going strong also enjoying his anti-aging eating lifestyle! Who wouldn’t want to cherish life for this long? But sometimes food is just not enough. Especially in today’s toxic, stressful environment with over taxed nutrient deficient soil growing our food supply.

And not everyone proves to be as anti-aging lucky as my relatives. Aging is variable from person to person. Lucky for us things have changed during the last 100 years as we now have science on our side unraveling the secrets of anti-aging and living longer. How can you slow down aging? Aging is inevitable and no one can escape it. It’s a natural clock inside your body ticking every minute, leading you towards end of life. Worried? Don’t be, because I’ve identified 5 anti-aging supplements that really work to help tame your internal clock and tweak it in the right places to give you a few extra sunrises. Top Five Anti-Aging Supplements That Work are listed below: 1. NO to aging! - Nitric Oxide, a molecule of anti-aging

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Although nitric oxide (NO), isn’t called laughing gas, I propose it should be. Why? Because nitric oxide has a powerful anti-aging effect and you would agree it’s nothing less than a happiness potion!

Research calls it a "molecule of anti-aging"[1]. Nitric oxide is found in our body naturally. It’s a messenger that communicates between your cells and coordinates various biochemical reactions in your body. Those hypertensive people, you see popping pills in their mouth, are taking nitric oxide too. It has an incredible power of vasodilation, managing your heart effectively. It deals with cardiovascular system and protects it from damages.

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It controls neuronal activity in your brain, playing vital roles in your body. But how does this perfect picture gets distorted? That’s the real question. With advancing age, oxidative stress in your body increases. These free radicals reduce NO production. Deficiency of NO makes you vulnerable to aging manifestations. Cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, disturbed sleep wake cycle and whatnot! All these changes contribute to aging. Research has shown that NO reduction is notorious for appearance of these changes[2].

However, consuming supplements that contain nitric oxide reduce these changes and keep you young. Out of all the NO anti-aging supplements available, Pterostibline is recommended. You can buy it Amazon for $157.97. It contains 180 capsules per bottle. So, 180 magic pills in your pocket right away! 2. Stay young with red wine! - Resveratrol:

An all-star favorite! I hope it is one of yours, if not, it should be!


Resveratrol - Kellie Olver

always a person in your distant family who drinks wine without worrying about his health. Well, he might know a secret you are never told about! Red wine is a promoter of longevity of life! Red wine, grapes, and nuts have a special polyphenol "Resveratrol" which acts as a potent anti-aging supplement. Resveratrol constitutes powerful anti-oxidant power so it scavenges free radicals in your body. Research says that this free radical clutter is responsible for pushing your cells into damages and aging[3].

Resveratrol curbs these little tumblers and protects your body! Resveratrol also interacts with a type of proteins called sirtuin to unwind the clock of aging.

How is that?

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Sirtuins controls many metabolic pathways that affect cell aging and Resveratrol increases its impact, thus slows down the process. So, a moderate amount of red wine is a prescription for staying young, isn’t it?

Moreover, Resveratrol keeps your cholesterol profile brightened up and reduces possibility of cardiovascular problems. With your heart at right place, and free radical leashed, aging stays at a safe distance from you! You can buy Resveratrol 100mg at Vitamin Shoppe. For less as $59. Yes, it will take only fifty nine bucks to save you heart! 3. Rejuvenate your cells! - Alpha-lipoic acid:

Swanson Alpha Lipoic Acid

One of the most effective anti-aging supplements available, is alpha-lipoic acid. It is a fatty acid present in your body naturally. Obviously, it won’t sit idly there so, alpha-lipoic acid takes part in anti-oxidatory mechanisms of cells. It’s like a member of police force of your body, boosting defenses of cells!

How about reinforcing the police with some extra inductions? That will enhance your defenses, making you immune to damage of free radicals and other problems which lead to aging! Alpha-lipoic acid rejuvenates your cells and especially affects your skin. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory substance, protecting you against degenerative disease. So, it’s like an anti-aging bomb and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be a part of your diet! Alpha-lipoic acid supplement is available at Swanson Vitamins at a discounted price of $9 approx. Nine bucks for anti-aging effects? Sounds like a plan to me! 4. Energize your mitochondria - Ubiquinol coQ10: Mitochondria are little powerhouses of your cells. They

produce energy, providing fuel to your cells for proper functioning. It’s like chefs of your body who cook food for it! But sadly, chefs age too! They wear out with advancing age due to free radicals produced in your body! With these mitochondria wearing out, cells don’t get sufficient food and diseases get an opportunity to surface.

These damages increase; cells age and lose their ability to function properly. But, not so soon! Ubiquinol coQ10 has arrived to rescue you from infliction of aging! coQ is coenzyme Q which is anti-oxidant in nature and protects mitochondria from oxidative damage. So, supplementation with coQ will gear up your mitochondria and slow down the aging process. What else do you need? One simple anti-aging supplement and your fear of old age will stop haunting you! Get Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 with BioPQQ® from Lifeextension.com. $36.45. An affordable price in exchange of a healthy, young body! 5. Paint your life with carotenoids! –

Astaxanthin Astaxanthin is a pigment that gives vibrant colors to marine species like algae, krill and salmon. But, it can paint your life with colors of youthfulness too!

Astaxanthin is a killer anti-oxidant (meaning really amazing), found in nature, and can reduce the damage of free radicals in your body. Its anti-inflammatory effect alleviates aging discomforts. It also reduces wrinkles and sagging of skin.

So, Astaxanthin is like a magic pill gifted to you by mother nature itself! Seems like it also wants you to live a bit longer! So, grab this colorful anti-aging supplement now and save yourself from aging. You can purchase natural astathanxin at Puritan.com Only $22!

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