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Why High Intensity Interval Training Stops Aging In Its Track*

High Intensity Interval Training - Kellie Olver

HIIT brings on telomere protection, heart health, hormone help and helps stomp on oxidative stress.

Do a social experiment and ask some people if they love their lives. A few will be optimistic enough to say a loud “YES!!” Others will just tell you they are trying to survive. But if you rephrase your question a bit to see how many want to live longer, figures will surprise you. Because majority does! Even if life sucks. People want to live longer and experience it. That’s why anti-aging has become an obsession. Before you give up by thinking it’s just another marketing ad, let me clarify, I’m not here to market any pill. In fact I’m unraveling a 100% natural solution for you.

High intensity interval training (HIIT)- the new anti-aging potion! What is HIIT and how does it impact aging? High Intensity Interval Training is no pill you need to

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pop, or cream you need to apply. It’s an exercise but no ordinary one! It’s a type of exercise crafted to give maximum results in a short time. HIIT is designed by interspersing short bouts of intense physical activity with resting periods. Incorporate intense sprints of 30-45 seconds into your 30 minute jogging sessions: Walk or jog for 4 minutes at a rate you could continue for 30 minutes. Then go all out on a hard fast sprint for 30-45 seconds. Continue this pattern for 30 minutes. This can be done indoors on a treadmill or in the outdoors. Shake it up a bit by including an incline and changing the rate of your casual walking. You can also shake and shock your system by working up to 1-2 minutes of intense sprints within your 30 minute jogging session. Repeat it a few times and you’ve hacked yourself a perfect anti-aging treatment! Now as we have established HIIT stops aging, let’s take a look on how it does it! • The best anti-aging remedy- Release of growth hormone!

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Human growth hormone (HGH) released by pituitary is your best friend because it keeps you young! It increases bones density and muscle mass. But as you age, its level diminishes and you lose your pal.

An analogy of "somatopause" is often used to describe this decline of HGH with age. [1]Scientists believe that low levels of HGH lead to debilitating effects related to aging. While role of HGH supplements are still controversial, smart thing to do is to boost its release naturally! Of course there’s no harm in that!

What’s more benign than doing some physical activity and that too in a short time? Go for HIIT! HIIT lets you strengthen your friendship because it triggers the release of growth hormone. This growth hormone increases your vim and vigor and slows down aging! • Pulling out the big guns- Protection of telomeres! Don’t take it lightly; high intensity interval training goes

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beyond limits to unwind your aging clock! It plays at molecular level and protects telomeres. Telomeres are like protective caps at the end of your chromosomes- same like plastic caps at end of shoe laces that prevent them from unraveling! These telomeres shorten with each replication. So, your chromosome loses threads of its cap with each replication and once all is gone, your cells ages! But HIIT is like a grandmother who keeps your caps knitted! It’s not a vague claim; [2]science proves it that HIIT is involved in telomere protection. It does so by activating telomerase enzyme found in your body. So, HIIT does pull big guns while making you stay young!! • Canoodling with your systems- Protection of aging heart!

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Your heart is vulnerable to aging so while talking about anti-aging, its protection can never be taken for granted. HIIT knows this secret! So, it comes to rescue your heart too. High intensity interval training protects your heart by following strategies. It controls blood pressure and keeps circulation healthy. It positively impacts stroke volume and overall oxygen consumption of the body. HIIT boosts metabolism by using maximum oxygen consumption so, fat oxidation also increases. This fat metabolism not only loses weight but also trims down cholesterol levels in your body. So, with cholesterol levels down, your vessels are safe from atherosclerosis. This decreased risk of cardiovascular morbidities keeps heart young and healthy! • Leashing the free birds- End of oxidative stress! A theory in science endorses association of aging with

HIIT - Kellie Olver

high oxidative stress. With every meal you take, a bundle of energy is generated by mitochondria. These little organelles are like powerhouse of your cells, supplying them with fuels to work. But this little picture gets distorted with age! Free radicals are produced during metabolism. These free radicals are Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and they damage your cells, dragging them towards aging.

HIIT puts a leash on or wrangles these free birds. [3]Research says that HIIT is effective remedy against high oxidative stress which descends with metabolism. Yes, HIIT zapps free radicals by generating anti-oxidants in your body. So, without any doubt HIIT is a gateway to long healthy life!

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