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After Holiday Health – 4 Tips to Balancing Blood Sugar*

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How balancing your blood sugar can help you regain good health including lose the holiday weight gain

All the goodies came out during the holidays as eating yummy food is part of the joyous celebration! And that’s oohhh so good for your taste buds! However that can also be oooh so very bad for your health.

That is why after holiday health especially balancing your blood sugar is so important! Balanced blood sugar is also one of the fastest ways to keep your weight management goals on track. But now that December is done, and January is on its way out the door, most of us are now taking stock of the consequences of over-indulging. And to the young and old who suffer from conditions like diabetes, the effects can be life threatening. Never fear, Kellie is here bringing to you After Holiday Health – 4 tips to Balancing Blood Sugar to help you regain good health. Balancing Carbohydrates = Balancing Blood Sugar

I know desserts have been overwhelming during the holiday season. No matter how much apple cider vinegar nor medications you take, sometimes it’s not enough to battle the surge of sugar in the body. Including the nasty aging side effects of eating too much sugar!

Is sugar bad for you - Kellie Olver

Balancing blood sugar is your key to health success.

So to start over, go back to real wholesome foods: purple cabbage and pumpkin; celery and red peppers; grapefruit and berries plus a little sweet potato and kale. Since you’ve stretched out your tummy during the festive season, you tend to consume more food. Why? Your stomach is larger and gets empty quicker! Eating complex carbohydrates along with fiber rich and

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water-full foods are the perfect remedy.

High fiber and water dense foods fill you up fast without adding empty calories or unnecessary sugars! Plus they do everything to cleanse your system plus remove extra build up in your intestines. Complex carbohydrates aids in a balanced energy level in the body making you feel fuller for longer.

Side note: don’t touch the grains for this will only add more sugar to your body. Balancing Lifestyle = Balancing Blood Sugar

Sleep - Kellie Olver

In balancing blood sugar levels in the body, you need a balanced lifestyle. One of the factors to achieve this is the right amount of sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause destruction to the body. And after all the parties you’ve been through the past month, I’m guessing your body is begging for a good rest. Make sure you take care of your after holiday health by having quality sleep every day. Balancing Food Intake = Balancing Blood Sugar

A balanced blood glucose level means balanced wholesome, natural food intake.

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Eat meals with a balanced amount of fat, protein, and complex carbohydrates – in healthy portions.

These 3 are essential in balancing blood sugar as the fat slows down glucose absorption to the bloodstream, protein helps convert sugar into energy, and complex carbohydrates do not cause inflammation Go organic if possible. Consider natural alternatives to sugar like honey instead of artificial sweeteners. Avoid foods that are processed or refined. They are full of artificial ingredients that can cause not only imbalance in glucose level in your blood but can also cause other health conditions to flare up like hypertension and allergies.

Source: Dr. Oz

Balancing Breakfast Time = Balancing Blood Sugar

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they

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say. It fuels the body for whatever lays ahead. And during the holiday break, most of us went straight to lunch because of staying up late the night before. Although it may seem like a good idea at the time but NOT eating regularly and skipping meals, our blood sugar levels valley. Meaning drop. Low blood sugar is almost as bad as high. The blood sugar peaks and valleys do us no good.

Our after holiday health is not at its peak at this point.

That’s because stress hormone production is highly increased when we skip breakfast. You blood sugar needs to be balanced at all times.

Avoid this by eating a healthy and balanced breakfast every day. So, there you have it. After Holiday Health-4 Tips to Balancing Blood Sugar. We spoke about how both high and low blood sugar can cause serious health conditions. The goal is to keep your blood sugar stable. The key to balancing your blood sugar is consistency in all areas of your life: A balanced diet including fiber rich and water-full fruits and vegetables; a balanced lifestyle including getting enough sleep; balanced wholesome, natural food choices in the appropriate portion size for your body; and lastly, a balanced breakfast time-meaning, eating something in the morning (a small wholesome protein or low glycemic fruit) to raise your blood sugar after your long fast during sleeping. I hope my article After Holiday Health – Balancing Blood Sugar will aid you in getting your blood sugar level back on the right track. And remember, balancing your blood sugar and keeping it balanced is part of an anti-aging lifestyle, keeping you looking and feeling younger as we grow younger each and every day! Love to know your thoughts.. Till next time, Kellie

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