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Top 14 Health Benefits Of Gelatin*

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People have been obsessed with gelatin (the top layer of gelatinous goop) on top of bone broth and soups and stews for centuries. One reason was that in the good ole days people could not afford to waste a thing, as food was scarce. Therefore every part of the animal was used to make the evening meal. And the gelatin at the top was like the icing on the cake.

But there was another reason. The health benefits of gelatin. People just seemed to stay strong and healthy when they ate the gelatin.

In today's day and age we have stayed away from NOT consuming the entire animal and focused on particular cuts of meat only: the breast of a chicken or the rib eye steak.

Others, have stayed away from eating meat completely (think vegan and vegetarian).

In both cases, many peoples skin and health and body health have suffered.

Luckily, many of us have recognized the nutritional value of gelatin and are consuming it with a frenzy.

The upside? Reaping all the health benefits gelatin provides including arthritis relief, weight loss, cellulite control, acne and allergy support plus many many more. In fact I am going to discuss with you 14 top health benefits of gelatin below.

Remember, as Hippocrates said: “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” .

But first.......

What is gelatin?

Gelatin is the original Jell-O, way before there even was a Jell-O.

Gelatin is the tasty, nutritious jelly type goop that sits on the top of soups and stews that accumulate once the pot has gotten cold the refrigerator overnight.

The History of Bone Broth and Bone Broth Recipe

Gelatin is also a powder.

Gelatin powder, unlike Jell-O, is flavorless, colorless and sugar-free.

Gelatin and gelatin powder contain 19 out of the 20 amino acids necessary for life. The only amino acid missing in gelatin is tryptophan which can be supplemented to your diet through eating turkey, eggs or other protein sources.

Gelatin contains high amounts of Proline, Hydroxyproline and Glycine. These three amino acids alone represent nearly 50% of the entire gelatin compound. Proline and glycine concentration is approximately 10-20 times higher than other proteins. And these three amino acids are critical to reboot and fuel collagen synthesis.

Gelatin has an amino acid profile, unique to itself, like a finger print, that specifically leans towards anti-aging benefits. Something that many other plant based proteins lack.

How is gelatin made?

In a nutshell, gelatin is made in the same manor our great grandmothers made it by brewing the entire chicken or chunks of beef (skin, bones, ligaments and all) for hours and hours gently releasing vital nutrients from the animal parts simmering in the broth. Only on a larger scale.

Enzymes (papain and bromeline) are introduced and used to help the process release collagen. The finer grades of gelatin then undergo a cleansing process to remove impurities followed by a dehydrating process to remove water leaving a gelatin powder made up basically pure collagen protein.

This article, Top 14 Health benefits of Gelatin will spell out 14 of top body benefits from consuming gelatin including arthritis support, stronger bone and joint health, gelatin for skin and a healthy gut, a good nights sleep stress relief and more.

11 grams collagen protein derived from gelatin

1. Gelatin benefits in losing weight

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Gelatin and weight loss go hand in hand. Yes, research has proven that gelatin is one of those proteins which increase satiety levels[1]. Satiety equals satisfaction. And when you feel satisfied, weight loss is a much easier task to achieve. Making gelatin a part of your daily diet could help you in cutting back on food intake. Gelatin also fills you up and helps you feel fuller longer. Why? One reason is called the Gelatin Bloom! Gelatin swells or expands when water is added. When you have a full tummy, one would typically eat less...

Gelatin for Weight Loss - the reasons why!

The other reason gelatin fills you up is because gelatin is an excellent source of protein. And it is common knowledge supported by science that protein fills you up.

Lastly, another reaon gelatin helps you in the weight loss department is Glycine. Glycine is one of the key amino acids found naturally in gelatin. Glycine detoxifies the liver and improves its functional ability of burning fat. All very necessary when wanting to loose weight. For an easy way to get gelatin, (you can drink it, add it to food such as milkshakes, bake with it and more) I suggest you try Triple K. I created this for my health concerns. I take Triple K every day. To learn more about it, click on the box below

Triple K is formulated with gelatin to support eight loss

You can mix Triple K and all its gelatin goodness in your protein shakes or create a tasty dessert out of it. In fact, gelatin dessert might be the only dessert that would reduce your weight while satisfying your sweet tooth. 2. Gelatin helps you sleep better Do you ever miss that deep, stress-free, baby sleep? If

Gelatin helps you sleep better - Kellie Olver

yes, you have a solution right here- Gelatin! Gelatin is one of the best natural sleep remedies. Research has shown that glycine present in gelatin improves sleep quality[2]. Daytime drowsiness reduces and in so doing, may also impacts your cognitive function. Enjoy a bowl of gelatin before bed time for maximum results. Or try Triple K’s bedtime buddy, a hot, steamy cup of Triple K, which is filled with 11g of collagen protein from gelatin. Your circadian rhythms will drive smoothly and insomnia will will have a hard time knocking at your door ever again. 3. Gelatin helps keep hormones balanced

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Gelatin is a girl’s best friend because it keeps her hormones balanced. (Why didn’t I hear about gelatin when I was growing up!) There is a delicate balance between estrogen and progesterone which ensures your reproductive health. But in some cases, little or no progesterone is present to counter the effects of estrogen. This condition is named as estrogen dominance and has considerable effects on women health. Weight gain, headaches, mood swings, infertility, imbalanced menstrual cycle and whatnot. But this is where gelatin enters into the pictures and saves you. It opposes the production of estrogen and increases progesterone’s impact on the body.


When human growth hormone increases, weight loss is sure to follow. Thyroid function improves and metabolism speeds up, leading to a balanced hormonal production. So, one healthy habit of taking gelatin in your diet and you’re all set to enjoy a healthy life. 4. Gelatin has an anti-inflammatory effect Gelatin tackles inflammation and bumps up your immunity because it has large supplies of proline – an amino acid with immune boosting superpowers!

5. Gelatin improves bone and joints health Gelatin is an ocean of collagen and collagen is your

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joints’ hero! With advancing age, collagen reduces, bones weaken and synovial fluid between your joints drains off. Gelatin wards off these aging effects and stimulates collagen production. Your joints become stronger and younger again. It also has plenty of minerals to increase your bone strength. So, gelatin being part of your daily diet keeps kicks joints issues out of the picture. 6. Gelatin helps in treating ‘leaky gut’

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Leaky gut is related to inflammation of villi (finger like projections which absorb food) present in intestines. It leads to absorption of toxic substances into blood flow followed by serious consequences. Many medical practitioners suggest that gelatin and leaky gut are associated- in a positive way of course.

Yes, eating gelatin dessert or drinking bone broth can save you from leaky gut. You can also use gelatin for constipation because it increases bulk of stool. So, you have just hacked yourself a secret of a healthy gut! 7. Gelatin detoxifies liver efficiently Gelatin contains a powerful amino acid named glycine which forms antioxidants in your body. These antioxidants ward off toxins and protect your body and liver from their harmful impacts. This healthy relationship of gelatin and liver detox ensures you a toxin free life on this polluted planet. 8. Gelatin promotes radiant skin and aids in reduction of wrinkles. Gelatin is a wrinkle reducer because it provides sufficient collagen to your skin. With advancing age, collagen synthesis reduces and skin loses its elasticity.

gelatin supplementation tightens saggy skin

Gelatin comes to your rescue by stimulating its production. It has abundant amount of collagen peptides. Research shows that collagen peptides improve growth of fibroblasts and density of collagen fibrils[3]. Resultantly, collagen production boosts in no time!

Radiant Skin - Kellie Olver

Research has shown its efficacy in boosting elasticity of the skin[4]. Along with these, gelatin promotes radiance of skin and makes it more glowing than ever!

You might want to try Triple K, an all natural, collagen protein enriched instant beverage blend. With only 60 calories per serving and 11g of collagen protein derived from gelatin, you now have a beauty treatment in a cup that tastes delicious! Plus a weight management aid all in one!

Triple K All Natural High Protein Supplement Drink Mix

Here’s another tip for you.

Make a paste with gelatin powder, lemon juice and water. Apply it on your face and rinse it with warm after a few minutes. Use it thrice a week and you will be surprised with the results.

9. Gelatin helps reduce appearance of cellulite

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It has already been established that consumption of gelatin and anti-aging effects are interlinked. But undoubtedly it will be amazing to find out that you can use gelatin as a cellulite treatment as well. Collagen present in gelatin helps in repairing damages done by cellulite. It also increases replacement of old skin cells, helping in cell renewal. Toxins present in your body contribute in formation of cellulite. However, gelatin has a detoxifying antidote, glycine. Glycine produces antioxidants in your body and these anti-oxidants do their best detoxifying to go after the appearance of cellulite. Gelatin has collagen also which provides elasticity to your skin, thus lessening the appearance of nasty cellulite! 10. Gelatin improves hair texture

Your hair is nothing but protein and gelatin supplies

Fabulous Hair - Kellie Olver

abundance of it. It is like a sea of proteins so making

gelatin a part of your daily diet improves your hair texture. It also contains minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorous which provide hair with adequate nutrition. These minerals also improve health of your nails and teeth as side perks. 11. Gelatin eases arthritis Arthritis is a painful disorder of joints characterized by swelling, inflammation and reduced mobility. But how does it relate to the Top 14 Health Benefits of Gelatin in Your Diet? Because it lessens the tell-tale signs of arthritis. Click anywhere on the box below for greater detail.

gelatin for arthritis pain relief

Gelatin and arthritis are associated due to many magical powers of this super food. Gelatin has collagen which strengthens joints and increases mobility of the patient. It also acts as an inflammatory agent and eases arthritis. 12. Gelatin keeps you anxiety free

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One of the top 14 health benefits of gelatin, adding gelatin to your diet leads to mitigation of anxiety. Yes, gelatin and anxiety can’t exist together.

The reason behind this is abundance of amino acid glycine which acts as a happiness transmitter in your brain and central nervous system. So, if you feel dizzy more often, gelatin is the antidote for you. Make gelatin a part of your daily diet and live peacefully. 13. Gelatin alleviates allergies What relates gelatin and allergies is ability of this super food to alleviate them. Since, most allergies are consequences of a ‘leaky gut’ gelatin can tone them down effectively. It also has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. These are the reasons gelatin has gained popularity as a supplement that conquers allergies related to food. 14. Gelatin improves digestion Besides treating leaky gut and constipation,


Gelatin improves digestion - Kellie Olver

supports better absorption of nutrients. Why is that? Gelatin has a unique power of binding water. So, when you take gelatin with your diet, it attracts water and passes through your gut smoothly. It thoroughly improves your digestion and guarantees you a healthy gut!

There you have it! Top 14 Health Benefits of Gelatin.... Maybe gelatin is the superfood you were always looking for! Try it out today and explore gelatin benefits for yourself.

And please, let me know about the results you are getting…I would love to hear from you and I am sure everyone else reading this article would love to know as well. Till Next time, Kellie

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